• Aaron

    The end was the best part!

  • Lonestar_Sapper

    Was that supposed to be cool? Hipster cool maybe..

  • vandinz

    And the point is? Without Keith doing it, it's not funny. Get to fuck.

  • EGR

    anyone see the wig come off around 2:13. there are no boobs because it's a dude.

  • Ciera

    i want to hang out with this chick all day, forever.

  • Jon Howe

    This "Girl" is absofreakingamazing.
    She's also a dear friend!!!
    Chive on L-zog!!!!

  • .Krookz

    Im guessing no one saw the wig fall off?

  • flakjacket

    for all the dummies who think that this is a video of a dude because of the wig thing haven't heard of a cameo! Keith did the flip and appeared at the end. you really think a chick with over a dozen well edited videos on YouTube would let something so obvious slip were she trying to pull a fast one?


  • JLinsley

    ha, the guy from Party Down

  • Josh

    YES!!!! Thank you girls!!! That's definitely what's been missing. That was effing awesome. Not to drag credit from keith what's his face, but, yes. Thank you. Keith, you had your time, I'll give you that. And I did see your video when it came out, credit definitely to Madeon and his mixes. Keith had your time with Madeon, now, we kindly ask you to share the limelight with some fellow artistic, pretty girl, dancers. Now, make a compilation. peace.

  • dingdong

    The difference between the one with the chick and the one with the dude:

    The one with the dude isn't shit.

  • Tyler

    Madeon is the shit!

  • Andrew

    After viewing the video for upwards of 30 seconds I realized that you made an error in your description. You accidentally must have supplemented the word "pretty" for "bony". Honest mistake but powerfully misleading.

  • happyviolence

    I have a huge girl crush on her

  • Buckethead

    fake, no kitchen

  • LordofTheApes

    And now I have to listen to Daft Punk…

  • TheDeadHavRisen

    god bless you sweetheart, I just wanna see what those people staring have to say when you finish, particularly the friggin construction workers.

  • August Christopher

    Is that the girl from the Missy Elliot video all grown up?

  • dfunct

    She must use a good sweat deoderant…. No sweat marks 😉

  • cristobol

    I don't get it either.

  • Anonymous

    funny… and cool ;p nice soundtrack 😉

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