• Funky bunch

    I hear some daft punk, Madonna, etc in there, and but what's this mix called?

    • Asiantastic

      madeon- pop culture

    • JD Fichtner

      It's a combination of twenty something songs I think

      • wimpy

        39 different songs…

    • kryvian

      the name of the song is written on the CD he puts in the player ffs.

      *downloads it*

      • Heatlump

        Here you are:

        • Pat C.

          Madeon is a fucking Genius. and he's 17

  • Sarah Berthiaume

    Its Madeon "pop culture"… love the video and think you should youtube it 🙂

  • this guy says

    his wall paper is from donkey kong

  • Steve Masterkock

    There was not enough boobs. There's never enough boobs in these videos. Who cares for dance? I am disappoint.

  • cpl Alvarez

    not sure if mind blown or still wondering where are claimed boobs. nevermind thoughtis complete. where are said boobs? covering them up does not count.

    • truth

      Not sure if too much clothes or not enough boobs. Oh great….I think I just fapped to a Winnebago.

  • bwaggger

    She looks like she would be super fun to party with. Beautiful, great dancer, not afraid to show a gentleman's amount of boob.

  • Mattman

    Interesting choreography + great cinematography = can't…. stop…. watching

  • ABCdario

    definitely… way much better

  • Vadim

    She lost her hair @ 2"13…

    • flippy

      I saw that, too. Her stunt doubles' wig fell off.

      • Tom

        That was Nathan Barnet, the guy who plays Kieth Appicary.

    • kryvian

      trololo ginger dude double *no racism intended*

    • Toot

      Derp?! Im not the only who caught that!

  • Bill Brasky

    Idk about you guys but this chick is hot as hell….don't believe me? Click on her name.

    • Spelling Police

      Um, no. She really isn't. Skip to 1:34. You're welcome.

      • nic

        I think you like dudes. She is appealing

  • Tyler


  • Timothy Peverley

    Love Keith and this girl is pretty hot. Perfect video.

  • Juice

    Effin Gay!!!

    • monocogger

      FLAG! Stupid girl…

  • temujin1234
  • sinners way

    Help, I have been robbed of 4:01 of my life. Someone call the authorities!

    • John

      I 2nd that

  • Mudmonkey

    What a surprise, that song sucked too.

  • Dave

    Meh…. Don't care for the skitsofrantic beat.

  • Mike

    Normally I'm of the opinion "boobs make everything better" but in this case I think I have to give it to the original, his longer slender body just seems to work better for these moves, although she's a great dancer I enjoyed watching I just prefer the original.

    • captainmalcolm

      I agree with your comment, Keith (Nathan) definitely nailed it in the original video, however huge kudos to Lindsay for recreating it.

      • hoosierdadvitar

        now kiss

  • Jeansol

    F-Yeah French Touch

  • SeanFzL

    Best part 1:50… Overall good video though!

  • Ken

    I can't believe that Kimberly Cole actually used Keith in her music video…plus the top comment made me laugh on youtube…


    Half the time it's a dude. Wig even falls off on the backflip

    • Nick

      HALF the time? Don't be such a downer… It was a girl for about two seconds, for the backflip shot, only.

  • meat.

    Boobs? Where?

  • Hank Hill

    In what world are there boobs or awesme dancing in this video?

    • A BiPolar Guy

      Well, my world for one. Also nice editing, excellant choice of locations.

  • Max

    Close your eyes and you will see exactly how many fucks I give about this video. Ugh.

    • Jayspare Fyend

      Infinite fucks? Holy shit you love it that much?!!!

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