theCHIVE’s Twitter Machine no longer sucks (24 Photos)

For months, check that, about two years, our Twitter Machine has sucked pretty bad. I think for a while we had it set to auto-populate whenever we posted a new gallery. Each Tweet might as well have read, 'You should have probably gone to theCHIVE and saved yourself a step'.

In our defense, we're not a corporation over here, just a few idiots in a room and we finally have a new town idiot, Alec. Alec is now in charge of theCHIVE's Twitter Machine. We'll be bringing you behind-the-scenes photos from theCHIVE offices, our best posts of the day, and great retweets from theCHIVE community. Life here has always been a little warped, now you'll get to see more of it.

theCHIVE's new and improved Twitter Page.

theCHIVE’s shiny new Twitter Machine.

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