theCHIVE’s view of the wonderfully warped Venice Boardwalk (29 HQ Photos)

The boardwalk on Venice Beach, CA is a crazy place. There's never a dull moment outside theCHIVE offices. As the river of insanity drifts by, you'll often find us out on the porch, camera's in hand, snapping away.

Here's a day in the life of the Venice Boardwalk…

  • Toxic

    Need a project manager? Tired of the midwest…

  • Ted

    #4 is awesome. I wonder which local Hindu temple sponsors it (perhpas the Malibu one?)…

  • Dreski03

    #27 New apparel preview for fall season? I likie.

  • John

    Looking at a pic of #14 from their website, the ones without tape have fake nipple pasties on, so the pics that we think we see nips are only plastic pasties.

  • warlock

    you missed one, teehee #14

    • John

      Technically they missed non, those are plastic pasties made to look like nipples go to their site and look at the pics it obvious whenits an actual high quality pic

  • turdferfuson

    #25 check out the guy pulling off the glasses to check out the butt..classic.

  • coons

    I love cock! I love cock!

  • sam, mon

    #3 hahaha thats awesome

  • Blake

    I'm still trying to figure out what #29 is.

  • john Wayne

    #14- Did anybody else notice Dolph Lungren with long hair in a white sports bra?
    I thought he was dead…

  • FarmBoy

    #6 Was the girl on the left named Rachel by any chance?

  • Andy

    Man i wish i worked at theChive, then i would finally have a career i'd enjoy:/

  • Evan

    #14, come to canada! you can go topless all day

  • tall friends

    #3 Hey, if you are tåll or like táll people, go here –TaΙΙchat.Č○Ṁ –, a nice club for tãll singlés to date each other, wish you like it and date your girls or guys there.

  • Direthol

    I would throw a steak at them 😉
    GO Carnivore!

  • NP1972

    Do you have any jobs going?

  • BGum

    #29 Thanks for the nighttime picture, guys. This land-locked chiver hasn't been able to get to the ocean in over three years. This is the kind of thing I use for a desktop …

    I don't supposed you'd do a series of beach pics from around the US, would you …

  • I Eats Bacon

    #21 Blonde girl is a winner in my book

  • LostBroncoFan

    they for sure are not bored at work

  • Zim … thats a brilliant idea #14 … stay topless, lady´s!

  • Bogey

    Nice to see a fan of MMJ working at the KCCO offices.

  • billyjack13

    #14 Nip slip

  • Bobby Hudson

    FUCK YEAH!!! #2 GO CUBS!!!

  • Anonymous


  • tim

    #6-I see 4 nipples
    #13-see numerous nipples

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