theCHIVE’s view of the wonderfully warped Venice Boardwalk (29 HQ Photos)

The boardwalk on Venice Beach, CA is a crazy place. There's never a dull moment outside theCHIVE offices. As the river of insanity drifts by, you'll often find us out on the porch, camera's in hand, snapping away.

Here's a day in the life of the Venice Boardwalk…

  • @jordfranks

    God I wish I could talk down right now!!!!

  • mat in tha hat

    whoever that is in the number 10 on the far left, he f'ing rocks!!!!! my morning jacket is the freaking shiz. saw them at bonnaroo '11… amazing!

  • Revlis1

    So much of whats right and wrong with America all on parade. Kinda cool.

  • Bill

    #14 because men are fucking pigs.

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