Its Wednesday, reward yourself with some humps (50 Photos)

  • Mark

    #8 #12 #16 #43 find them please

    • Anonymous

      I know #16. Lol

  • Beev

    #15 Sweet glorious Alberta humps

    • Just Wondering

      is "Chivette" pronounced 'Shiv-ette' or 'Chive-ette'?

      • Kristen

        It's pronounced 'whore.'

        • AB Chivettes Rule

          wow…find the jealous bitch in the crowd

          • Chh


        • Bleed Green

          It's chive-ette but now we know who didn't make the day of humps ^^

        • triplecap

          I got a good laugh out of that Kristen. I agree… any girl who shows her entire ass (minus a square inch or two) to the world is basically a whore… if not a literal whore than at least an attention whore. Don't get me wrong – I like looking at them as much as any other guy, but I certainly as hell wouldn't date one.

          • Chocofishez

            I have a feeling none of 'em would date you either. Everyone's a winner.

          • thisguy

            There's at least 3 inches covered lol

          • Amber

            How is she any kind of whore? People enjoy making other people happy. People enjoy knowing that they are hot, or whatever. She probably cracked a big, gorgeous smile when she saw that her picture made the cut.

            Besides, many people are exhibitionists (at least to some extent) and this is a perfect outlet to release any pent up desires. Just because someone is having some fun you think they're a whore? No, a whore is so someone who has sex with many people and/or does it for payment.

        • Scottie


    • albertaGuy

      Canadian girls kick ass. Being from Alberta this girls humps makes me proud to be from here.

      • Jäger

        I'm sure more than a few guys in Alberta are proud to know this view of Lacey personally lol

        • Trey

          Haha tru that can't say proud and def not first but had dat view of her an more haha

    • Doesntaddup

      How do I see more pics of #15?

  • im down get me

    first mofos!

    • Dan

      to say first when you are in fact second is worse that saying first when you are first…i there for reward you no points and may god have mercy on your soul.

    • Never Learn

      In this sea of ass, there is always a dumbass. Congratulations on being that dumbass.

      • im down get me

        You and dan are haters. that's probably yall's occupation. hating is unhealthy bro. then again your name is never learn. obviously youre the dumbass.

        • Dan

          not exactly hating. i am not hating on you or what you did. you clearly came through this gallery to simply put first….therefor skipping over all of these wonderful behinds….you sir are a gay.

    • echogeo

      #2 #8 #19 #32 #40
      Profile Humps have taken this Hump Day.
      Yeah, I know, 46 & 48 too.

    • Rumers33

      You sir are a douche bag



    • Rumers33

      You sir are also a douche bag

    • Woodchuck

      Dumb & Dumber ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • r@f

    #50 Yes please

    • hpph00

      Things that bounce, please!

    • tee

      this post get better and better. righteous boner.

  • Dan

    #43 Please sir can I have some more

    • Mak

      Baby Vegan

      • Lebowski

        I would hug you for that find sir… Thank you… thank you sooo much.

    • Chazz_B

      baby vegan booty, wow

      • hellojello

        Conqueror of ass.

    • NavyMarine1978

      Moar Please….

    • Amber

      I love her panties, but the 'kink' in her side in the top picture kind of creeps me out, i dunno lol

  • Happy Panda

    #50 Bootylicious

    • nate33uc

      #1 #5 #14 #38 #39 – gonna need MOAR!

  • @dbumbaco

    #43 seen her before and I dont mind at all

    • It's true....

      Baby Vegan. Her tumblr is a sensory array that is perplexing. Save the animals, but punish the shit out of my kitty. No arguments here.

    • Notknowing

      THAT is the most amazing hump I've seen yet.

  • Pandamancer

    #37 or #43 Decisions decisions~!

  • Bryan

    I like butts.

  • clenis

    That escalated quickly, #12.

    • Fog Ducker

      So did I…

    • Oilfield trash

      Sooo hot, want to touch the hienny. I'd love to be her chair right meow

      • david

        I might know who this is….if it is her then yeah everything on her body is amazing

        • david

          including her cock.

  • Soo hot


  • Jesse

    #36 to answer your question: all women. Boobs are superior

    • Jared

      So, you have small boobs, I dont believe you, show me !

    • Shoeless34

      I would have disagree, don't get me wrong I love me some boobies, but if she doesn't have an ass to go along with a nice pair of tits it's a waste. Boobs are just icing on the cake for me, a nice ass is a must before boobs.

      • dutch

        yeah, but she doesn't even have a nice ass

        • gunner

          I agree with dutch. So yes she does need big boobs

          • Jesse

            ahh, but boobs are incorruptible. I've never seen a rack with cellulite.

            • guest

              I've never seen an ass sag down to the belly button

        • Guest

          Ha…I was about to say the same thing to her…."Who needs tits with an ass like this?"……um…you do….? Is this rhetorical?

      • Underbaker

        I respect your priorities Shoeless34, but I must be your polar opposite, I like a nice hump, but without some bewbs it just ain't happening for me.

    • ...

      humps rule

    • Fog Ducker

      Great ass > great boobs. Women can buy boobs, you must be gifted with a nice ass. Besides, usually a nice ass means nice legs and waist.

      • JamesMoravia

        I disagree. You can't buy awesome real boobs, but you can workout to make a fine ass.

    • anervusguy

      I disagree. Boobs are not superior. I'll take a small rack and a great back every time.

      BTW, very nice ass!

      • JMAKK

        Either Way I'm F*ckin…. Either Way… 🙂 Lol

    • Reptile

      You are all gay.

    • EdS

      Jesse, you are absolutely CORRECT!!! Especially since her ass is average at best.

  • HOOK

    #2 if a photo had to describe the word 'Spectacular'. This would be it..Oh my

    • m.c.

      I bet she looked pretty good before her ass got shopped.

      • HOOK

        I know…they also shopped out her man bulge and that kind of pisses me off. I would love to see her with her cock in my mouth.

        • Punisher

          Either you live in Long Beach and work at Ripples, or you're a Dick Farmer from Saskatchewan.Guaranteed I find out.Fuck off Douche bag.

          • Punisher

            And when I find you, I'll suck your cock.

    • John

      With the smarmy look and the $100 bill phone skin, narcissistic is the word that comes to my mind.

    • SmoothAsEgss


    • biggles

      If a photo had to describe a word, it would come before shop.

    • helpful stranger
  • chicago

    #16 hello – firm little hiney you have

    • SteelHorseCowboy

      The force is strong in this one….

  • pa'ver

    #12 goddam woman!

    • Damian


  • james

    #29 #30 #49 y'all just effed up all productivity for my day! Thanks!

    • Med

      I like how dude in the background spotted the ass from 50 yds out

      • Jizzinmypants

        #29 and #11 are the same chick

  • kayden

    by far the best hump day ive seen in a while!! holy ass!

  • Joe

    Oh Hump Day Making Wednesday Worthwhile..

  • pingpong

    #11 nice coin slot

    • Ace

      is it just me or can you see her boob in the mirror

    • ryankarisma

      google "Teagan Presley" to see all the hump….and more

    • gregorypb

      I believe we have a mirror nipple sighting….

    • Fun_with_Numbrs


      Same Tat=Same beautiful ass

  • Grrregg

    #1 I took a minute to get past this. #14 Love it. #23 My favorite of all. Awesome Hump Day post, Thank you.

  • Dan

    #36… i'm going to have to say that you do.

    • Craig

      was going to say same thing but in all fairness it just maybe a poor choice in underwear wouldn't object to her proving us wrong with a few more shots in various types of underwear and a tighter shirt too

  • Ned_Z

    #48 all day!

    • HOOK

      …is how long I would suck on her tranny cock.

    • HatBomb

      Thank you, my god that pose is perfect.

    • Scaggnettii

      best hump on here in weeks

      • mojo77

        Too bad its a horrible 'shop job. Look at those fence rails!

        • Orukal

          I really do hope that there's some sarcasm hidden in that one.

        • J-balls83

          Look at the fence through the back of the chair. It looks to me like the fence is intentionally designed with bent rails, and the photo is not shopped. However, I do think it's possible that the woman has scoliosis.

          • DrGarnicus

            This was friggin' hilarious!

          • Oblivious

            I think the chair was shopped in as well. Look at how the curve of the rail mirrors the curve of her thigh.

    • Kimmy.

      dogy stile…standing up…love it!

    • yup

      I fell in love at first look (at least thats what I would tell her)

    • jws

      oh buddy that chick can arch like a porn star.

      • Trinitiger

        Shit you're telling me jws!!! Thats a hot pose, sexy !!!! And I dont think its shopped either.

    • SOhioChiver

      #48 that is the nicest shelf/beer holder I have ever seen! Reminds me of Brianna Love, but not sure if it is her.

  • mike

    I would like to just say MOAR! please find! #11 #29 #45 and #37

    • macpearce

      #29 is Teagan Presley a pornstar

      • kun

        #11 has same tattoo as 29…

  • Jeremy

    i love hump day

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