• justin

    GOD DAMMIT MAC!!!…just sayin'.

  • Verbal_Kint

    Cute vid… I think i need to build and launch some rockets with my boys this weekend…

  • Bustanut

    ……. And 300-miles away a dolphin swallows the balloon and dies

    • penguin slayer

      i would do a dolphin right in it's blow hole! we all would!o.0

    • 5280Blazin

      Weather balloons are biodegradable, stick to what you are good at bustanut

    • Duuuuuuude

      If you noticed the ballon was still attached to the box

    • The Wambat

      I don't think a balloon fragment would travel 300 miles if the train only went 27. Also, considering that it was in a corn field probably means it was in the mid-west somewhere, which means it is probably more than 300 miles from any place that there are dolphins….. just saying.

    • Mike

      I never liked dolphins much anyway. All cocky swimming out there in the ocean…

  • Red

    Fucking. Cool.

    That is all.

  • Boldspoo

    Really cool… until you realize that if that hit somebody it would have killed them. Thomas the tank-engine would have been tried for murder along with the father.

    • Alex J

      Pretty sure it had a parachute or else that train and camera would be in pieces when it hit the ground.

      • Shane

        That's Stanley, not Thomas. GOD! GET IT RIGHT!

    • Sarge

      Was wondering that too, but it looks like he had some sort of parachute as well.

    • RhuarcWoT

      That is a weather balloon and yes they do have a parachute.

    • 5280Blazin

      Jeeze with all these negative replies. KCCO

    • Alan Garner

      i don't know much about anything, but i do know that it had to have some kind of parachute or it would have broken into little pieces when it hit the earth at like 400 billion miles an hour. or so. i'm just rounding up.

    • BillyBib

      I seriously doubt the terminal velocity of that box falling while streaming the remnants of the balloon would have been enough to kill someone. I doubt it even had a parachute. The whole thing probably weighed less than 5 pounds.

    • Guam's Derek

      Ever do an egg drop for school? Same theroy at play here. Terminal velocity is not much for a styrofoam box with a small camera and cell phone for GPS. Also watch the video closly. There is a disc attached for drag and to ensure it falls right end up or the entire video of it falling would be toppleing through air. KCCO man. Let a father and kid have a good time. Better than him throwing the kid infront of a TV all day. Good job, Father of the year vote from me.

      • Simon

        This. And the fact that when they tracked it on screen, it looked like a whole lot of nothing out there. Chances of hitting anything but earth were very small, leave-alone anything living.

  • nerd

    This is a stupid waste of time.

    • Alex J

      Your time seems much more well spent.

    • a-nom

      Never have children…this isn't a waste of time for the parent or his kid.

    • dingo

      obviously you have no kids.

      • nerd

        I have two and I would know better than to potentially lose their favourite toy ever in a stupid internet publicity stunt.

        • 5280Blazin

          And your kid will one day lose his favorite toy anyway, life goes on. This kid will go the rest of his life with this memory and probably cherish that toy for the rest of his life as well. But hey youre right, stick to the lazy way why not.

    • 87eddiemac

      Says someone posting on a website…

      • nerd

        Says the guy commenting on someone who posted something on a website…


          Well, you're entitled to your opinion. My opinion is that your opinion sucks and that you are a cold-hearted, short-sighted parent. Separately, I think it's really awesome that the dad did this and even attached a GPS to the train/box combo so they could retrieve it.

    • Mike

      Go line up for a few hours to get an iphone, then.

    • Red

      That's what you mother said when you were conceived.

    • Dave

      You are the ruiner of all things good in this world!

  • Chin

    Cool man real cooo!

  • POP

    I lost my shit the moment the balloon popped. I only wish the train would have gone insane and started shouting obscenities as he violently plummeted towards the earth.

    • Balerion Dread

      LMFAO – exactly what I was thinking.

    • fed

      if you look closely, there is a moment of sheer terror in its eyes

      • Anonymous

        …. that's in the unrated version.

    • 5280Blazin

      oh man I would have LOFL

  • Parkview

    That was really cool me and my brother use to do that with hot wheels

    • chicken clapper

      mac posts the video or it didn't happen

  • adg


  • Brent


  • ReneUreta

    Awesome video. No matter how you look at it, that's a great dad.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Being a Dad is a *great* excuse to not grow up!

      "I'm doing it for my kids, y'know"……yeah, right!

      • ReneUreta

        You are dead on.

  • mdubs

    That's one hell of a dad right there. Well done sir.

  • jRf

    So what if that box actually landed on someone?

    • Crazy_Jake

      Then WE would never have seen this video and never knew someone got hit… unless they died and then it would be all over the news how BUSH in his time off managed to kill someone with a toy dropped from 18 miles up.

    • Pill

      they may have gotten a bump on the head OMFG NOOOOOO

  • Trout90

    Father of the year. Great video.

  • cjohnson0927

    I did this, they don't go terribly far and the university of Wyoming has a balloon tracking forecaster thats pretty accurate… http://weather.uwyo.edu/polar/balloon_traj.html

    • dragon2777

      I actually am working on one of these for a while now and thanks for the link will definitely add that to my list of balloon resources

  • BigManJones

    I wanna be that cool of a dad.

  • Loadedcarp

    Judging from the terrain (high prairie and cornfields) he launched it from, I'd say the odds of him hitting anyone were pretty freaking slim. Stop looking for the downside of everything and just enjoy….

  • Unfkngblvbl

    Hey, was I high, or was Thomas the Train alive???

    • MN dude

      Yes and yes.

    • mittens

      You are freakin' out, man.

    • Tank Engine

      You sir, are very high. That was Stanley, not Thomas.

  • Homie

    That was amazing!

  • nodon

    In alternative universe, the kid is scarred for life because the train landed in a manure lagoon.

    That was a cool concept – kudos to the dude.

  • JBBooks

    Awesome Dad is Awesome.

    • Lisa

      Couldn't agree more!

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  • Steved24

    Just me or were those eyes moving?

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