U.S. Navy Divers, risky business but the perks are nice (30 HQ Photos)

The Navy Diver's job isn't an easy one. They work in the most extreme conditions, performing various underwater tasks ranging from underwater ship repair, underwater salvage and special operations/special warfare type diving. Because their area of operations are so varied, they can be required to utilize any type of diving equipment for use in any depth or temperature in any part of the world. Basically, they're badasses.

One diver tried explaining the ethos of a diver to me. He said, "We come in all shapes and sizes, we're always around when you need us, on land, at home, or in the water. We spend our lives drifting somewhere between childhood and adults."

  • Nick

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    • Had to

      I've been a loyal Chiver for years, have fallen in love countless times with soooo many Chivette's, but TODAY, on this particular pic, I fapped. And it was good. Damn, now I'm going to take a nap.

    • Mounds

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      • OmahaDude


      • Another Fancy Watch

        That makes quite the shirt collection. (Figuratively speaking)

    • ScubaSteve

      Looks like my gf's ass…

      • Abc

        Sorry Steve she asked me not to post this but.. I said come on… He's a scuba diver he earned a blue and gold too

    • Steve777

      I think I saw a puddy cat….

  • Mn dude

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  • Unfkngblvbl

    #21 My cousin is a U.S. Navy diver and he……wait, what was I talking about?

    • eddy

      #27 I can't remember

      • Unfkngblvbl

        #8 Oh yeah, so he's out diving and he……..fuck…….

        • 88 cents

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      • chbeers

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      • maboze1x

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  • Girlmagnet

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  • MrMav

    #8 nice position

  • Charles

    As a professional diver, I thank you Chive.
    I don't think anyone really understands the physiological stress the body goes through doing what these guys do.

  • Ryan

    Go to YouTube and type in Surviving the Cut and find the one with Special Forces Divers. These guys go through some crazy training. Mad respect to them

  • http://s1336.photobucket.com/albums/o642/janeyqueen/ janeyqueen

    We spend our lives drifting somewhere between childhood and adultery.

    I'm pretty sure you meant adulthood. I think adultery is quite frowned upon in the military.

    • Abc

      No. We mean adultery. It's just a small excerpt from about four paragraphs.

    • shirt nonsense

      trust me with your life but not your money or your wife

    • Ryan S

      no, we meant adultery.

  • MrMav

    #23 needs to be shown from the front

    • Ace


  • tv_paul

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  • sjd

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    • Unfkngblvbl

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    • Scott

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  • tv_paul

    #8 These are the kind of bends I can handle.

  • The Dude

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  • Tiber_Septim

    #8 #21 #23 #27 I would love to dive deep on anyone of these charming gals

  • Central-Scrutinizer

    #13 WOW!

  • http://informedguy.com/2012/09/25/u-s-navy-divers-risky-business-but-the-perks-are-nice-30-hq-photos/ U.S. Navy Divers, risky business but the perks are nice (30 HQ Photos) | Infomormed guy | Only what matters!

    […] Read More: U.S. Navy Divers, risky business but the perks are nice (30 HQ Photos) […]

  • demo man

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        • DeepSea

          Your name really is wtf, your dumbass comment doesn't make sense

    • Sean Med

      Damn it feels good to be a gangsta!! haha

    • DEEP SEA

      You know the hardest part of EOD school?
      Telling your parents that you are gay.

  • Steve

    awesome post!

  • deuces_sk

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  • MED

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  • Johnny Bongo Drums

    So you decided to make a post about military badasses (great idea) but you choose Navy Divers? Navy Fuckin Divers?

    How about Navy SEALs? Army Rangers? Marine Recon? Not Navy Divers!

    "Come on, Man!" – Chris Berman

    • USA

      you mean "come on man" – Micheal Irvin

      • BaltoTruckie

        The SEALS were already done a short while ago either here or the Brigade

    • Helmet

      Suck it none believer and beat off to Act of Valor.

    • Buzz

      Navy Divers suck and are pussies.

      • John

        Someone was not hugged enough as a child. Hurry up, mommy's tit is waiting…
        Show some respect and just enjoy the post jackass!

        • John

          Just FYI to everyone… I, John, the man who wrote this post I am replying to, am homosexual. I just wanted to let everyone know.

      • http://www.facebook.com/ricky.nevar Ricky Nevar


    • abc

      You can always tell which guy isnt in a "community" because he talks up all the ones he dreams of joining or failed to make the cut with. Have fun riding that surface fleet dick.

    • DRTYchez

      I agree man…. Divers are effin pogues.

    • Tony

      who the fuck are you to be talking??? Respect!!!!!

    • Deepseadiver

      Your just made because a diver probably fucked your girl and you didnt make through the program you wanted.

    • Joe Ellis

      To the random nobody who thinks they matter,

      You can go fuck yourself. Navy DEEP SEA DIVERS are the most dedicated, selfless, respectable men that walk the world on surface and under the sea. Perhaps, if you could sack it the fuck up and do something as difficult and as important as we do you might understand. Unfortunately, I don't think you could handle the pressure as all you can do is share a bullshit opinion on a subject that you more than likely have no business in giving in the first place. Instead of talking shit about a highly respectable, difficult, and demanding job in the military… perhaps… you should get off your ass and make something out of yourself. Just like every HOOYAH NAVY DEEP SEA DIVER has done with themselves!

    • DEEP SEA


  • Buzz

    Never even thought of being a diver until just now, Thank you Chive!

  • bz1

    #23 Amazing!

  • jamieC06

    some very very sexy diver girls, or girls just wearing the shirts…but DAMN!!!

  • BRAD


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