The rare and bizarre ‘Cappuccino Coast’ phenomenon (32 Photos)


  • bighill

    Who jerked off the whale

  • Michael

    I grew up in San Diego. We called it "rootbeer", and knew better than to play in it.

    Pure filth, and a weeping skin rash waiting to happen.


  • WirelessCable

    Someone spilled alot of beer that day… That's what it looks like to me 😉

  • Ally

    Yuck that has to stink

  • MatthewC

    Someone didn't shower before getting in the hottub.

  • turdferguson

    Whale barf, and I bet it smells like ass.

  • Gallus

    #1, 26, #30 – " … impurities in the ocean, such as salts, chemicals, dead plants, decomposed fish and excretions from seaweed …" and these people are playing in it! Smart. Really smart.

  • mark

    You and your fake science! It was JESUS!! On the 3rd day, he became very excited. VERY, very excited.

  • colimar

    Technically its from the sewer

  • Ryan

    I'm pretty sure it's genetic material from a mass spawning event.
    Have fun with that folks…

  • Rebecca

    That's no sea foam…stay-puff marshmellow man went on vacation and had lots o' sex.

  • @FightingNavyman

    So this is how God's cum looks like? damn

  • shawverg

    does it smell?

  • Chris

    Not sure if Chuck Norris joke or just whale mating season…

  • solomon

    what sorcery is this

  • Eder

    It's just Poseidon cumming…

  • Canucks_Rule

    #6 #13 – eww sea cum. it's like the end of ghostbusters.

    bc chivers/chivettes. –>

  • Smashy

    Bukkake coast

  • Jordan

    "I'll take a half double decaffeinated half caf, with a twist of lemon."

  • loverboy

    I'd say mother nature is throwing her garbage at us because we started the fight….

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