• Tatar

    Way aq!

  • onder

    Yeah Turkish Movie. There is lots of scenes like this. For example watch this

  • Ahmed

    legend says he is still screaming

    • Ivan

      On quiet nights in the Turkish hills, you can still hear him sometimes…

      Wait. Is that him I hear or someone else? And who's this hot chick with a gun?


  • Jaskee

    I don't think death scenes can get any worse than that.

  • Party and b. s.

    Why should the harmony of the everlasting chords not touch my voice with music so that when I speak my words heal the wounds of creation ?

  • efr

    shooting people with guns is funny.

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    […] By far the most hilarious death scene in a movie (Video) […]

  • Jose

    Sometimes you wait out an entire movie to see a villain die. they taunted you the entire time and you can't wait for that 1 moment for them to die.then it happens and it's always to quick.never satisfying.THIS is how every bad guy should die! Five minutes of satisfaction

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