• iChive

    I stepped on a lego yesterday and had a very similar reaction.

    • wantomas

      Ha. I though it said most hilarious death scream. Which still works.

      • notchucknorris

        I can say this I've been shot and its exactly like that

    • Sick350Z

      Wait.. Was that real?

    • Nicole

      Hahahaha awesome

    • ab dirty

      Best comment ever. Gold star for you

    • mcdonal68

      Ummmmmmm Huh.

    • Pinky

      Up the bum.

  • anus

    jesus h christ!!

  • sam

    haha what movie is this? I must see it

    • AllanA

      Perfect movie to watch when you're high

    • ol76er

      According to youtube it's "From Turkish movie 'Kareteci Kız 1973'"

      • 6655321

        Netflix doesn't have it. Fuck 'em, I am done now.

  • voonoo

    where the hell did he get a gun?

    • Bojo

      I dunno, but if he spent more time shooting and less time yelling he might have been able to avoid a few of those bonus rounds

    • Bojo

      Actually, it was under the pillow.

    • T White

      The same place he got the sponge soaked in fake blood… Movie land!

  • full of nguyen

    ching chong bing bong

  • john

    man oh man, that was some killer acting

  • Jacqueline

    Difficult to spot the first time, but if you watch this a few times, you can see that he's definitely overacting.

  • Ishbar


    • Aaron


  • Black6dog

    I am literally offended by the acting in this movie, just like whenever I watch a Ben Affleck movie. Or maybe it's just His mustache.

    • Anthony

      Dude, yes!

  • Ishbar


  • dryfus

    you can see the blood pack in his hand lol

  • rob

    Dude has a hell of a stash

  • TheMastamind

    There should be a Price is Right Fail Horn at the end there. That would top it off.

  • Duncan La Croix

    your mom is the most hilarious death scene in a movie

  • Bowisi

    Lmaoo it's a Turkish mmovie

  • twoedges

    just die already! why won't you die?

    • Applefish

      Must be a relative of Rasputin.

    • Histidine

      because he is an idea, and Ideas are bulletproof.

  • NorCal420

    well, that took a while

  • @NorCalChiver

    am i tho only one who thought this was a porno?

    • sfb101

      Nope, I thought the same thing.
      NorCal rules!

    • simtafa

      Interesting you say that. He used to be a porn actor. Then he moved on to the regular movies, you know with plot.

      • simtafa

        His name is Bulent Kayabas.

  • Ryan

    I see your hilarious death scene and raise you Hard Ticket to Hawaii. Please enjoy.

    • @NorCalChiver

      man he must have been smoking some heavy doobies

    • FoolOfATook

      Hard Ticket to Hawaii, awesome!

  • noegod

    I need to know the name of this fucking movie!!! I know what I'm doing this weekend now!

    • @alexeiivanovich

      It's from a Turkish movie. I'm looking for it too.

    • @alexeiivanovich

      I found it,
      Karateci Kız, means karate girl in Turkish.

  • Livin' Legend



    • simtafa

      SON means the end, btw.

  • Boykin

    If you look really closely you can see that it was fake blood.

    • Anonymous

      If you look even closer you can see that there aren't enough bullet wounds for how many shots he reacted to.

      • Cab


  • Jon

    I'm most offended by her shooting form. You wouldn't be able to hit the broad side of a barn if you shot a pistol like that. Her kick/karate chop was more believable than her shooting.

    • tdr

      You're right … everything else in the scene was so realistic and accurate that her bad shooting technique stood out … Bozo

  • blazindave

    what the #$%@ did I just watch?

  • Ishbar



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