If you like tattoos get in here (36 Photos)

  • irni

    #9 Chive, please please please FIND HER

    • Zeus

      Christy Mack. Porn star

      • Irish Chive

        She loves her some anal

        • Idiots abound

          Cause she gets paid to do it numb nuts

    • E-dub

      Christy Mack.. Porn freak! Enjoy

    • Sheepdog

      She's #22 also

    • kamp

      CChristy mack..she's a porn star

    • Sccrbrady

      she's a pornstar, Christy Mack

  • SweetGinger

    I love girls with tattoos…

    • skoalbucs

      I do not get it (sorry)…..I can not stand women with tattoos…..some I just want to throw-up

    • sam

      these girls are super sexy, but in the long run it's just going to look like shit. give it 10 or 15 years.

      • HalfFast

        We all end up looking like shit eventually. Might as well enjoy our youth while we can.

        • TXstrong

          not true. only the lazy look like shit. my old mans 74 and still runs eight minute miles and benches near 300. He has got the heart of a lion and the looks of a 50 year old. Ink does not make someone beautiful, their effort and dedication does.

          • HalfFast

            Beauty is subjective, and age catches up to everyone.

      • SweetGinger

        it kinda goes without saying for any woman who doesn't take care of themselves. In 10-15 years half of the Chivettes will have 3 kids stretch marks and ugly sweat pants…might as well enjoy it now. tattoos or no tattoos.

    • soph

      I. LOVE. YOU. #5

    • whiskaleafa

      I was thinkin that this entire time!

    • Devilscry

      i liked these very much…..very much

    • CashMoney

      Tats are so played out!

  • https://www.facebook.com/chris.quagliata.5 Chris Quagliata

    This right here is a fine selection of holy shit they hot!

  • JSJ

    I dont get it

    • Guest

      Same here. The girls that are hot with tattoos, were hot without them! Just saying

      • Underbaker

        You don't have to like the Tat's, just enjoy the canvases.

    • Phoenix

      You're FIRED!! GTFO Now!!

    • Kp1000

      That's fine, more for me then.

    • NavyBoyTate

      Just like pussy

    • NIXem

      just like respect and pussy and all the other things you dont get 😉

      • JSJ

        Yeah, I don't get respect from someone on the Internet. Life is over!

        Like Guest said, The girls we're hot before the tatoos. People will regret them when they're old, nasty, outta style and your grand kids are wondering if they can draw stupid shit on you too.

        • Wayne

          You're probably 29 and still listen to your parents advice. Live your own life, make your own decisions. If you want a tattoo, get one.

        • Guest

          Yea JSJ, we've had it wrong all this time. Guess we can go down to lower Broadway and find some skank, run her through the tattoo parlor and BAM….we have a girl just like the ones here. 🙂
          Ask someone that's had a tattoo over 25 years if they are glad they got it.

          • liv

            Im 29, had tattoos since I was 18. No regrets! Also Fuck U! If you don't like them, thats your opinion, just don't call other ppl out for getting them. At least they have a set of balls!

            • jade

              Both of my grandpas have tats, we asked them about them all the time when we were little. Great storys, the both loved em.

    • Sick350Z

      "The only difference between tattooed people and non-tattooed people is tattooed people don't care if you are not tattooed."

    • vapor

      these broads are the ones you take home for a night and then steer clear, these chicks are frigging crazy!!!! I mean a chiwawa wearing a dress on you forearm, yeah that's a good life decision. I like tattoos, but come one, LOOK AT ME !!!! ""LOOK AT ME!!! ", yeah I already was. Just saying.

  • jake

    God I love gorgeous, tattooed women

  • _DoC_

    #36 oh dear….

    • Bella

      I know…Same reaction and I'm a straight woman….

      • Peasoupdoughboy

        Oh my Bella….

      • http://s1336.photobucket.com/albums/o642/janeyqueen/ janeyqueen

        I on the other hand am not a straight woman, and hereby approve of your reaction.

        • ctanzer08

          I am a straight man, and on behalf of all other straight men I approve both of your reactions.

    • miles.v

      Suicide girls Annalee and Gogo. Some other pictures there (NSFW) http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/annalee-suicide?befo

      • _DoC_

        Great…I'm going to have to wait 8 FRIGGIN hours to get home from work to look at those…

      • DarthM

        Good gawd that tumblr set is hot! Love the piercings!

      • ctanzer08

        You sir are a gentleman and a scholar.

        • Aztec1

          Miles.v …. bless u sir !!!!

      • quailman8907

        You may have just won the internet today.

    • Willie

      I know right!!

    • Steve

      Well it's cool that they have all chosen Barista as their permanent career choice at such a young age. But at least they look hot and have the trendiest "tats" for now…

      • _DoC_

        Well it's cool that you have chosen narrow minded dick head as a permanent life choice, but at least you will not be getting laid by any of them.

        Girls like this do not want to work in boring offices. There are plenty of high grossing jobs in design, gaming, fashion and modeling (just to name a few). Plus, you say "Barista" like it's a bad thing…someone has to make my delicious cappuccino in the morning and I praise the ground they walk on.

        • whiskaleafa

          i agree with you, that fool is just a jealous chump

      • whiskaleafa

        You're a twat

    • http://www.thechive.com AdamBaldick


    • Twigfinger

      How the hell do you post this pic on The Chive and then BAN it on Tapiture???

  • RHarris

    #30 is Minding the Gap.

  • ermagerd

    #29 find her do it now!

    • KCO617

      Remove chest tattoo…there can only be one highlander!

  • mikeymike75


    I have zero tattoos, but goddamn I love a woman with some ink.

  • Musthave

    Must. Have. #8

    • http://twitter.com/deanandval @deanandval

      A girl with tatoos and a LOST fan. I. MUST. HAVE. HER.

      • Mr_Cellophane

        Fulfilling Multiple fantasies….except one.

    • mee

      If I believed in praying it would go something like this.. I hope you live near Santa Barbara, CA.. a beaut..

  • Adam

    #33 ummm yes and moar!!!!!!

    • CashMoney

      No More, she looks like crap

    • Brent

      Adrienne Laine I believe…

  • KingThing

    #2 #36

  • Mike D

    What a waste. Soooo much hotter without tats.

    • This Guy

      Obvious troll is obvious.

      • Chuck Finley

        This post is for people who like tattoos. GTFO!

        • Ichive

          Hey chuck,
          Fuck You.
          Not original, but effective.

        • CashMoney

          I wanna look like a moron and get some dumb tattoos and think I'm cool

      • CashMoney

        Go back to your trailer! Tattoos are so not keel anymore! Why is everyone getting them removed? Cause they realize how stupid they look!

    • Cory1992

      100 agreed, tats looks like garbage.

      • ...

        The post is called "If you like tattoos get in here" why would you come in if you don't like tats….unless boobs??

      • Matty

        To each their own…that is all

    • Vnice

      You know, a lot of strides have been made in rights for gays in the past few years. The day is rapidly approach when you won't have to hide who you are anymore.

      Stay strong…don't let that closet define you any longer.


    #36, if i could see faces…this would be the best pic ever posted on chive…

  • mike


    • Juan

      Would love to see #5 let em loose

  • http://www.facebook.com/clt.chiver Clt Chiver

    #36 Dear God!!

  • Sweets

    #5 and #9…….please MOAR!!!

    • Brock_Landers

      #9 is christy mack, you should check out her twitter machine.. did I mention that she is a porn star…

      • cccc

        did I mention that she is 21 OMFG

    • BCBC

      How is #5 not getting more love? Fiiiiiiiiind!

      • Juan

        Her tits are amazing!!!

  • Bear

    Hot chicks with ink!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nothin more sexy

    • DeSean Jackson

      They look like shit with those stupid tattoos

  • chicago

    #3 #11 sexy wild look
    #19 firm back lines leading down to lace and luscious tush. plus tatt's. dreamy.

  • http://s1336.photobucket.com/albums/o642/janeyqueen/ janeyqueen

    #23 Mesmerizing!

  • dtree12

    #5 #11 and #36 amazing

  • wkdfrog

    <img src=http://cdn.uproxx.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/anchorman-well-that-escalated-quickly.jpg>

    • R-Dub

      Ok, enough of this already. We get it.

  • macpearce

    I like #5

    • liv


  • G_Had

    #9 and #22 could be Christy Mack (NSFW)

    • Ski

      it is Mack

  • https://www.facebook.com/wafflehouse2 Freddie Ray Sturdivant

    N A S T Y

    • Asher

      Says the guy who probably couldn't get any of these women to look at his twice even if he had a third arm growing out of his chest.

      • https://www.facebook.com/wafflehouse2 Freddie Ray Sturdivant

        No, says the guy who doesn't find any of these women attractive. I reckon people aren't allowed to express their opinions without being attack. Its not like I was speaking for everyman. Just expressing my opinion.

        • brandon

          if you dont find women with tattoos attractive why would you scroll through a post on the chive about women with tattoos

          • DUBU2DEATH

            Trolls gon troll

          • https://www.facebook.com/wafflehouse2 Freddie Ray Sturdivant

            I scrolled through because it was a post about women, then seeing tat after tat just made me sick to my stomach.

        • Brett Hall

          You're opinion is shit. It makes you a gay man.

          • Ichive

            First it is Your, second, how does it make him gay?
            YOUR opinion is shit, you can't spell and that makes you fucking stupid.

        • taylor319

          You're being attacked because it says IF you like tattoos.
          Also, your English baffles me.

    • Asher is a gay name

      So because the guy prefers non inked women that instantly makes him hideous? Good logic troll

    • cccc

      You'll find less ink @ HMOTB

    • Steve

      Well it's cool that they have all chosen Barista as their permanent career choice at such a young age. But at least they look hot and have the trendiest "tats" for now…

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