Basically, this is the Waldo of cats (13 Photos)

Can you find the elusive cat in every photo??

Via Imgur

  • VCB

    The Slenderman got a cat. How cute.

    • MikeyMate


    • gnocco

      was expecting a 'make you jump' gif near the end.

      • Dr_StrangePants

        This was surprisingly Fun!

    • LouisJW22

      spot on, this is the paranormal entity of cats

  • RYNO!

    Bob, I thought it was Mac's job to bring us cat stories…

  • @nickinwarcal

    Anne Frank cat

  • guest

    cats are so freakin creepy…

  • TKOwned

    That was a surprisingly fun post to go through.

  • creeper

    where is he in #6?

    • guest

      exactly the reason not to buy a cat. they are freeloaders and steal your soul while you sleep.

    • JRP

      in the tube I think

    • Sam

      I think it's behind the ladder looking thing almost straight ahead in the picture

    • elric619

      he's on top of the fence. there is an arrow there to point to him

      • yup

        thats not an arrow. just tip of the tree

      • Cpt. Obvious

        That's the top of the tree, not an arrow.

    • Clint

      I think that's the cats body in the blue tube

    • _LG

      He's in the cat play tube. Hence the white ball o' fluff in the middle of the toy. He's obviously not doing so well at stealth mode in this pic.

      • chicago

        oh i see it.. right next to when are you going to post more pics? beyond your killer looks and body. you have the finest tush and perfectly sculpted long legs that this site has an honor of showing. that's all. a fan.

        • FunKiller

          Wow, that wasn't creepy at all…….

          • chicago

            ^^ LG & FunKiller, others – i'm honestly Sorry if that went too far! humor is a tricky thing.

            cat posts draw in different kind of chivers, I'll save the 'flattery' for girl posts. have a good day.

            vv hey bud, no for both.

        • Bud

          Jesus dude… Do you cut yourself while jerking off to these or what?

        • McGaff

          Are you talking to the cat?!?

        • Alvin

          That escalated quickly.

      • Mike

        hes for sure not in the play tube. You can clearly see that's not fur but something else. Which begs the question… where is he?!?

    • j.c.

      the cat is taking the picture in this one.

  • Brent

    the biggest waste of 3min of my life

    • YOYO

      it took you 3 minutes??

    • JSJ

      No your life was a waste before this.

    • GatOner

      Shut up Brent.

    • The Bacon Chronicles

      That's what she said.

    • @McBeastie666

      Then why did you waste even more time by typing a comment?

  • Lexxy

    i cnt find the cat in all of them! 😡



  • ChukDee

    Creeper Cat

  • JRunner

    Excellent post!

  • fil

    this post is retarded

    • JSJ

      Awww is the cat to hard for you to find???

      • fil

        insert "looking for other pussy" retort here

  • Hara

    iz in ur house creepin on u

  • Croc

    Ok, this was fun. I really enjoyed it, wish there was more. I was cracking up the whole time!

  • JohnnyDingo

    sorry but what on earth is this post, I thought for once there might be a good post about cats. Appears I was wrong.

    • JSJ

      I know your a little slow, but if you look really hard, this post IS about cats!

      • JohnnyDingo

        I know your a little slow, but if you read closely you can tell I knew that.

        • JSJ

          Good comeback bro! ….. Loser troll

    • FunKiller

      "good post about cats." …..really…….is there such a thing?

      • Iso

        It would have been good if the cat was painted red, white and blue and you had to find it in a city scape – but this was just boring.

  • tro

    #9 weirds me out a little bit

    • Irish Chive

      For some reason it reminded me of the clown from IT

    • ps86

      yea, creeper cat

  • yup

    worst post EVER

    • @nickinwarcal

      eat a bag of smashed assholes.

      • yup

        Thanks I just might. It may be more pleasant than trying to find a damn cat on a mobile version of the page.

    • Laurie

      Biggest troll EVER

  • supersport

    Would help if these were HQ pics.

  • _LG

    #8 had me absolutely in hysterics! I would be terrified to sleep at night if that were my cat… that soul-sucking stare is a bit much….

    • Nick F

      This one made me laugh out loud at work too, so creepy!

      • Larry

        Oh my god you have so much in common.

  • thefauqur

    I like the "Find Her" game a lot better..

  • Ander

    I'm sorry but that was the most fun I've had going thru a gallery in a while. Laughed so hard every time I found him.

  • Sarah

    This made me laugh out loud. I love that creepy cat!

  • Him

    Where are the cats tits?

  • twavor

    Sneaky cat is sneaky….
    Not a big fan of cats, either….My dog is, though.

  • CodyPlacher

    Can we please have a weekly cameltoe post? 😦 Pretty please..

    • Beavis

      Cameltoe for president

    • JohnnyDingo

      I second that we can have it on a Saturday instead of cat posts.

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