Dave on Wheels, an inspiration to us all, is using the Twitter Machine properly (20 Photos)

At a glance, David Rose is, specifically, a profoundly deaf quadriplegic due to athetoid/spastic cerebral palsy. But Dave is so much more than his conditions. He's also articulate, hilarious, philosophical, and grateful for every second he has. No matter what life throws at Dave (which is quite a lot these days) he greets it with steadfast humor.

A couple months ago, Erin Willett and Sarah Hill started following Dave's Twitter Machine, DaveonWheels. They've since become close friends. Both Chivettes contacted me and encouraged me to follow Dave,

"He's the epitome of KCCO. This Chiver rocks in ways we can't even conceive."

Dave has amassed quite a following on Twitter. Each day he sends dozens of inspiring Tweets, mostly hilarious quips and personal affirmations to his followers wishing THEM well.

The volume of his correspondence is amazing considering Dave has no control over his arms. Instead he types with his eyes on a specialized computer that reads his visual instructions called a Tobii. Dave types an average of 4 words per minute.

But you'll be amazed what Dave does with those 4 words...

UPDATE: Dave is out of surgery and Tweeting! Dave's Twitter has exploded from 800 followers to 5,400 in just a few short hours. More updates to follow.

I asked Erin if there’s anything we could do for Dave, is there anything he needs? Erin’s response was not what I expected.

“You’re asking the wrong questions, John. You see, Dave doesn’t need us, we need Dave.”

High praise indeed. I’m declaring a National Holiday in your honor today, Dave on Wheels Day. I’ve called the White House and left a recording.

Thanks for everything you are, Dave, you’re making the world a better place 4 words-per-minute at a time.

Dave’s Twitter Machine.

Dave’s personal blog.

  • sam therebel
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  • Jawbone

    "Dave or 'The Professor' as we call him is pure greatness. It makes my day every time he's on the Twitter machine and his blog is fantastic. Chive On Professor"

    The Professor, as we call him…. God, you frat boy faggots are a delight.

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