There is something endearing about dorky wedding rings (30 Photos)

Via Buzzfeed

Via Buzzfeed

  • Blackfiveoh

    Nerd love is adorable.

    • Hoof Hearted


  • AssClown

    #2 So the girl asked the guy to get married…

    • Mr_fn_T

      yeah that part was confusing me, too. guess she has been waiting for long enough

      • Frank

        3 weeks is a long time to date. Sometimes a woman just has to make things happen.

    • neelsvanpk

      This one is the sweetest…

    • Mike D

      Hope she did it on leap day

  • HallaKayeCorpus

    So freaking cute!!!! Except for the Harry Potter ring.

  • BradBehavior

    #5 Can you open beers with those rings?

    • bob

      not if you want her to continue wearing hers.

    • Wisti

      They look like $20 rings…IF that…best friend rings for middle schoolers?

  • OhioChiver

    #14 Well thats pretty classy imho.

  • 0331

    #11 is that legal now?

  • tv_paul

    #4 Tough call, his charisma was too low and he has to roll an 8 or better for her to say yes.

  • whale hntr

    #1 i dont know how 'will you be my decepticon?' work out for someone…..

  • maboze1x

    It wasn't too hard to expect this to be the last. 🙂 #30

  • _DoC_

    Pretty cool…even more awesome are the fact these nerds found someone to marry them. I'd call it a win-win.

    • Duuuuuuude

      You know there are a lot of nerd girls too.

  • jbcrazylife

    #8 & #21 Rock!!

  • Tyler P

    #3 #6 #18 #30 All of these kick ass lol

  • Chris

    #17 is the emoticon for a heart….

  • Dan

    #3 If I proposed with this and she said yes but wants a different ring, I would take back my proposal and probably lose faith in myself for ever being inside such a person.

    • Llort

      Zelda fan or not.. that is still an amazing looking ring.

  • Guest

    I'd like to see a Dead Space ring

  • GuntherSquirrel

    #25 just seems like it would be painful if not annoying to wear… Cool concept tho I must say.

  • Madam Geeker

    I love these. Id be very thrilled if my guy asked me with any of these! :O Maybe cut out the DnD one…. but good lord is the Han and Leia is just fantastic!

  • StrongAsMeat

    Now all they have to do is find a girl…

  • Rain

    as long as the Right man asks, the ring doesn't really matter… although a diamond never hurts 😉

    • Woop

      Secretly calls the guy a cheap bastard after he proposes. Right. Wish women would stop peddling bs they don't believe in.

  • @justsayoyvey

    #11 Sheldon Cooper approves

  • Katie O

    #6 & #7 yes and yes

    • oh oh

      sure are sweet

  • Jason 'Moose' Johnson

    #1, ive got the ink hell id wear it haha

  • Cin


  • Dan

    how about a Stargate wedding band? Like this:

  • JoJo

    One could say, the box is smaller then the amount of love inside.

    • myself

      Great, you just made me vomit rainbows.

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