Dave on Wheels responds to the Chivers! (11 Photos)

When Sarah Hill discovered Dave on Wheel's Twitter Page, he had 8 followers. Sarah couldn't believe how insightful and funny the profoundly deaf paraplegic with cerebral palsy was. She friended him, followed by Erin Willett, and Dave's following quickly grew to 800 until I posted this story about Dave yesterday. In less than 24 hours, Dave has eclipsed 7,500 Twitter followers.

It's fascinating how technology has unlocked the genius bottled up in Dave. Dave uses a special computer called Tobii to type, it can read his visual instructions. And then there's Twitter, the vehicle that carries Dave's hilarious insights out to the world. A couple short years ago none of what is happening now would even be possible.

Many of you probably noticed Dave's Twitter Machine was silent for most of the day yesterday until Dave's sister hopped on his Twitter to update the Chivers. Dave had a crucial procedure during the day. On a day when Dave needed positive vibes the most, the Chivers delivered it in spades.

Later in the evening, Dave's Twitter machine sprung to life. He was so appreciative for the support as you'll see below. Dave has some very difficult days ahead of him right now, Chivers. He needs all the support he can get. Yet even after a grueling day, Dave didn't complain one bit. Right until the moment when the nurse turned off the lights, Dave was making jokes.

Dave's Twitter Machine.

For updates on Dave’s condition, follow is sister right here.

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  • A.J.R

    Dave I hope you get better! Stay strong & KCCO Buddy!!

  • abaffuto


    All smiles buddy. KCCO

  • NatenLogansDad

    11,690 Followers as of 11:30 EST KCCO Dave!

  • Alex

    Feel better Dave and KCCO… And Erin, give him a handy already.

  • LostBroncoFan

    chive on dave

  • Ruffio

    Chive on Dave!!! Banarang!

  • Ames

    KCCO Bud. I think October 10 should be Day for Dave!

  • Mike

    We are with you Dave, I hope you feel better soon. KCCO

  • Rick

    Dave's like Barney Stinson… But on wheels!
    Awesome no mather what!

    KCCO Buddy!

  • Mike

    Your true life Hero. Keep doing what your doing

  • Bob

    Great guy and sweet girl.

  • Tadeo

    Chivers, i'm from Venezuela and i really want to send this awesome guy a Vinotinto jersey (our national soccer team), this time maybe our first time qualifying to the fifa World Cup, and it will be awesome if he can share the happiness and the awesomeness of that!!!… i really hope that someone can help me!!! and Keep Calm and Chive on dude from Maracaibo, Venezuela!!

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  • leonthiardt

    What an inspiration! Nothing can get you down man! Following you all the way from South Africa. Thank you so much

  • Not Forgotten

    Copy of his sister's post from October 11, 2012….

    "At 5:33 pm today he passed away at the age of 24, and a few days ago had asked me to post the above if that should that occur. He wrote it on Monday when he was first told he had pneumonia, and although not one to give up easily, he wrote this post to express to everyone who is dear to him how he felt about them…."

    Source: http://daveonwheels.blogspot.co.nz/2012/10/three-

  • Dave On Wings Now

    Dave, You inspired many of us in just the week most of us were introduced to you. Thank you for touching our lives more than we may have touched yours! You have inspired more people around the world than you may have even realized and maybe your job and purpose in this life and since your job may have been completed here you were called up to the big leagues when man upstairs needed a comedian to keep him laughing so he took away your wheels and gave you wings. Keep the jokes coming! #daveonwings

  • Shea

    Wel…Well this is awkward

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