Please nobody tell these girls how their clothes are supposed to work (33 Photos)

  • suck me dry

    all the way off

    • Gus

      Don't tell me what to do.

      • Poop Stain

        what? only that little spurt? that was only a little gay.

    • howaboutyoufuck

      all the way off

      • chief

        just girls unbelievably good at wearing clothes the wrong way

    • ...

      #26 Holy arm hair chewbaca!

    • Adrian
  • guest

    #32… that's just nice…

    • Kodos

      .. looks like the start to a movie..

      • spicey

        looks like shes 15…and im ok with that.

        • guest

          aaaaand how!

        • guest

          how old is 15, really?

        • blah

          She was. That's an old picture from 4chan.

    • Brian

      The video of this chick is tremendous

      • ChivetoSurvive

        liiiink! For the love of it all

    • alex

      Wow u are sexy!

    • MonsMan

      Time to butter the biscuit!

    • ron

      this is nice

  • AB

    #15 holy fuck.

    • MOAR

      Soooo close.

    • FunKiller

      I"m still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor…..I say GOT DAMN!!!!!

    • HumpDan

      I'm just waiting for them to drop. Just a little bit more… please… just give it to me.

    • The_Dood

      Appears to be from some chick that used to post on twitter under the name HattieEdwards_ Apparently she's disappeared. Google image search yields a few censored pics…

      • CuseChiver

        Porn star… Bibi Jones

    • Mike Hunt

      Yeah I love this almost showing the goods trend I'm seeing with the pics these girls are sending in. Shave those beavers ladies!

    • fact

      #12 & #15 Wow…

    • Jim

      Either she has the world's shortest legs or that middle section is photoshopped in.

      • dreez

        I think it has more to do with the camera angle. But then again, who the fuck am I

  • Ivan Navarro

    #5 is doing just fine but i can help if like.

    • BigManJones

      The chive needs to have an 18+ only section. I know they have to be inundated with less-clothed women. I wanna see 'em!

    • scott

      That'll poke your eye out!!

    • trix

      Hollywood tape, Damn you

    • What_Tha

      paola garcia

  • ChiveApprentice

    #23 challenge accepted

    • Jack Wagon

      With pleasure.

    • AssHaterson

      I do what I'm told.

  • j balls


    • Josh


      • j balls

        yeah, you got a problem with that?

        • Josh

          Not at all. It was a good choice. Just trying to help out.

        • ps86

          wow, douchey much?

  • Mrbiggs

    #29 just made my day

    • MOAR

      I need MOAR!

    • heckmantis

      her name is Rosalee Ochoa and she is pretty close to perfect.

    • Bdrizzle

      This made up for my shit Monday

    • Guest

      she worked at the strip club in wendover nevada as a cocktail waitress. got her number she gave me a ride back to my hotel. got out of her truck and never called her. Been kicking myself ever sense

  • CowboyChiver

    #33 Is just funny.

    • Bogus

      This pic is atleast 10+ years old.

    • That guy

      The other thing is hideous looking…should beat it with a stick.

      • Giblets

        I think the other thing is Jennifer Ellison?

    • Ol ding dong

      "You are not a whore..but you ARE wearing a whore's outfit"

      • ThaGnome

        thank you Dave Chappel

    • Landan

      Ebony Gilbert on Left

  • BigSchem

    #5 is the epic tease of epic teases…the shirt's already ripped…and now we play the waiting game

    • parkatola

      The waiting game's boring. Let's play Chutes and Ladders. (Any Simpsons fans out there?)

    • ahmeds



    #15 FIND HER! Must. Have. MOAR

    • mopar_man

      Yes, more of this one would be fantastic. Where are you busty lass? Maybe you could submit a few more for a FLBP too.

      • The_Dood

        This appears to be from some chick that used to post on twitter under the name HattieEdwards_ Apparently she's disappeared. Google image search yields a few censored pics…

        • mopar_man

          Censored? Fuck…

          • Eric

            Its Bibi Jones retired porn star, aka Britney Beth.. or sorry now Britney Maclin, look her up on Twitter shes there.. showing wayyy more than that..

            • F3n1x187

              Not anymore she deleted her twitter two weeks ago, the other accounts are fakes

            • Just curious

              Did she have to retire from porn for testing positive for an incurable std? The way she talked on howard stern, made it sound like she was certain to catch one eventually. Doing up to 5 or 6 random strangers a day with no protection. Hot as hell, but shit, wrap that rascal fucker.

            • SoFlbeachbum

              Bibi and NE Pats TE Gronk are good friends…

  • BigSchem

    I approve sagging pants on women like #15

    • kcco-pgh

      Another inch or so lower, and she'll be showing everyone her cash and prizes.

    • heywood jablome

      pants are sagging cause there aint no meat on those bones. still, got to admit, pretty freaking hot…

  • Thomy G

    #33 Not attractive at all


      Straight up butterface

    • DaddyD

      To you maybe. I would do either of them with pleasure.

      • Forreal

        Daddy d, you must love some fugly skank whores than. Cincinnati Bengal. Good jersey, bad helmet.

  • oclvtrek

    #12 MOAR!!!

    • Zaster

      Yes please

    • deadpool

      Please please

  • Tbert

    God, I really love boobies.

    • MoiAussi

      You spoke my mind! And I'm a girl! (And I'm happy with my c-cup!) :*

  • TheRick

    #30 is simply amazing.

    • AllanA

      Ridiculous body on this one, whoever you're please send MOAR

    • Mike M

      unbelievable, simply stunning

    • AssHaterson

      My scroll wheel broke when I got to this one.

    • Giblets

      Took me a loooong time to make it past that one.

      • deadpool

        Oh yeah. Here as well
        That body!!! and that face!!!!! Wow!
        Moar please 🙂

    • LDS

      find this dime

    • MariJane03

      All good minus that face

      • thorsky

        you're a fucking retard – go back to looking at dudes on The Berry ————–

    • Steve

      She is a Must Find!

    • Yuki

      Madison Ivy – Porn Star

    • Hugh G. Rection

      I love her too! But ladies… what's with all the de-forestation down there? Some of us like you with a little fur! Then again, I like you either way, just saying it would be OK to keep some of it…

  • F3n1x187

    #25 #26 ❤ Calista and Jen

    • loves sammiches

      #3 as well. Hot!

    • Joseph

      I recognized Calista but who is Jen? Got any links to chive postings?

      • zen

        Jen has 2 twitter handles. One is proper— @clechivette.
        the other is hilarious @alwayswright_92

      • F3n1x187

        Crap I should've left that out :S

        • Don't Understand


          • F3n1x187

            Recent spike in douchebag activity, and some stalking on twitter :/

  • SuperiorTo8

    #7 Dear God,
    A slight breeze please.

    • Jedidiah

      Seriously… perfect body,

      • waltgator

        hell yeah!

  • jbcrazylife

    #23 when and where??? & #32 looks like she ready also!!!

  • Bcbigbuds

    Wow…all of you

  • mojoman42

    I'm pretty sure these girls are actually very good at clothes

  • Mike

    I hate having to do this to #6 but GO BLOW, and go buckeyes. As for the other 32, chive on!

    • OmahaDude

      Typical comment for a fan of the hairless nuts…OSU: producing door to door salesmen since 1870

      • wolverine chest fan!

        Hail! To the Victor of this post! Go blue indeed!

      • Gary

        Well said! GO BLUE!


      Man, I go to a Pac 12 school and even I think Ohio fans are annoying.

    • LOLZ


    • WolverineChiver

      You can't spell cocksucker without OSU

    • Chris Young

      what are her tattoos? looks like a couple of ultrasound pics with a rat as the fetus'

  • JayJ

    knock it off chive, youre making my jeans too tight

  • Heater44

    #7, #5…………..find them!!!!!!!

    • AAC

      Can anyone ID these two?

      • Josh

        #7 is Amanda Rae Michaels. I didn't have any luck with #5 sorry!

        • waltgator

          #7 thanks josh you rock!

      • ChurchoftheFonz

        #5 is Brea Lynn

        • Who?

          Her name is Paola Garcia, I went to High School with her.

  • Joe

    # 23 om nom nom nom

  • Dissonant

    #22 Leah Francis… SO HOT!

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