Young boy loses prosthetic limb during triathlon, Marines carry him to finish (5 HQ Photos)

The boy was 11-year-old Ben Baltz of Valparaiso, Florida. When he was six, Ben was diagnosed with bone cancer in his right leg, his fibula and tibia had to be removed.

Ben walks with a mechanical knee and prosthetic walking leg, which he switches out for a running leg to play sports. On Sunday, Ben competed in the Sea Turtle Kids Triathlon. Ben had completed the 150-yard swim and 4-mile bike ride and half the one-mile run when a screw came loose and his running leg broke in half.

As he lay on the ground Private First Class Matthew Morgan swept the boy up. Surrounded by his fellow Marines, Matthew brought Ben through the rest of the course. Eye witnesses said there was not a dry eye in the crowd. Said his commanding officer,

"(Matthew's) not a very big guy ... he picked that young boy up quick, threw him on his back and ran the rest of the course ... We're pumped. It's great to see what Marines do. They don't leave anybody behind."

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