There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (97 Photos)

  • MOAR

    #94 Oh those hips.

    • chiveadmin

      Daily Afternoon Randomness (20 Photos)

    • tonym74


    • MattyDeuce

      my thoughts exactly, I bet she has a GREAT donk too!

    • deadpool

      Soooooooo sexy

    • OMG94

      #94 has to have the LARGEST bee-hind ever seen on thechive. Idk how we cant see it from the front. Gorgeous!!! MOAR!!!

    • Tom

      They don't lie.

    • C_Rock

      #94 is incredible. It would be criminal to not let us see that hump tho!

    • KayMan

      no one is perfect but she's extremely close

    • absure2

      WOW what a woman

  • Paula_

    ^^^Dammit! Yo 'MOAR', how did you get down here so fast? You MUST be …!

    – Fan testimonial: "Im pretty sure that no other website like this has its own version of Paula and the loyal following that equally hates her – Sauk Fox"

    • Yerp

      Gross Paula. Close your legs, I can smell you from here.

    • Danno

      must be? the guy who got his dick stuck in the black hole that is the Chive?

    • tivadoc

      I heard you were dead.

      • Paula_

        Yeah, I get that a lot.

        – name the movie! Name it!

        • geo

          Ripley says it in one of the aliens. Now go fall down a well.

  • savagecabbage

    #34 i'm thinkin her right there

  • Bryan Vickers

    #94 way to go..yum…wow paula get a fkn life

  • Wolfpack Steve

    This is what I look forward to all week!

    • Retard

      Then you must have no idea what porn is…there are other websites ya know??

    • Boo

      Sorry, but I have to piggy back. #91 has to be on the first page of comments. She dominated the chive just a few days ago and is stunning.


    If #36 was FOIL I'd be choosing F and L. Math is useful.

    • Buck

      I'm in!!! 😉

  • Tyrion Lannister

    Oh for all that is Holy, please MOAR!

    • chiveadmin

      Daily Afternoon Randomness (20 Photos)

    • Fog Ducker

      There are some seriously beautiful women in this post. usually I have a clear favourite, but there is a lot of quality in this one.

    • Trav1121

      I can't stop looking at this… Witchcraft must be involved!

  • BaseballRube

    #62 Excellent choice of shirts.

    • blakice

      #86 too. Freddie Kruger was here.

    • Mac Likes Man Meat

      If you look close enough – #44 made a good choice too

  • yessur

    Pardon me, I need to go burp the twins until I pass out

  • Danno

    #70 What's with the cages?

    • zinger

      Looks to be either a bird cage, chinchilla cage, or a midget's sex den

      • SpartyOn81

        I choose to believe it is a midget's sex den

  • Craige

    #10 need to get these pants for the wife…

    • The_Truth

      They only go up to size 10.

    • Hef

      Already bought them for her… She don't wear em for you too?

    • Dick

      You wife is a fat rug muncher. She would not do justice to those pants. Fact

      • Drew

        I really would like to know where to find those for my GF…Any info?

        • Emily

          They're from Victoria's Secret. 🙂

    • DrewBeeDrewBeeDrew

      I need to get that girl for whats in my pants…

    • Wilis

      I want to get in those pants myself!

    • Mrtoevs

      Send pics!

  • JEDI

    moar #10, #37, #73

    • John


    • SOhioChiver

      I agree moar! Nice ass #10
      And MOAR #29 and #84!

    • @undefined

      #73 so hot!

  • Lucky Lucy

    Mac doesn't want to share my bored at work pic I sent him with my good friend BFM3D… It would have gone great in here!! =/

    • Paula_

      Mac is craaaaazy!!1!

      – Fan testimonial: "Well if you want to get technical it wouldn't be a "fan" testimonial if they're talking shit about you, wouldn't it, cock breath? – George Costanza"

    • Sam

      I have sent several pics as well over the last few months and still none are up 😦

    • DrewBeeDrewBeeDrew

      i'll gladly preview them prior to posting if you'd like

    • chiver

      what a novel idea, use some new pictures rather than continuing to repost old pics 🙂

  • Ian.

    #12 your smile, it's awesome, and happy birthday

  • alex

    #30 I Love you

    • DemonL

      You have a shot – i bet she loves a lot of guys back.

  • Jessica Condrey

    #94 has the perfect shape…wow I'm jelly over those hips 😉

    • JMAKK

      Agreed. Bless Her.

    • Kramer

      You're just as pretty as her… Just need a nose job.

    • Jason

      Please stop using the word jelly instead of jealous!

      • Master_Rahl

        holy shit, guess I'm getting old… didn't pick up on the fact that jelly = jealous. Now I can go back to complaining about all the terrible new music the young'ins are listening to 😉

    • djstout17

      Dont listen to that asshole Kramer up there. You are very pretty, I see nothing that needs changing. kcco!

    • Notme

      I made some Jelly over those hips

  • TheDude

    #92 gorgeous. Keep up the good work.

  • fuckyeah

    #13 your perfect moarrrrrr plz

    • chiveadmin

      Daily Afternoon Randomness (20 Photos)

    • tdog

      Just the flat out best looking face on here. How about the rest of the body? MOAR

      • Machew

        I agree, a face that gorgeous has to have a weapons grade body. MOAR please!

    • The_Truth

      The same can't be said for your spelling.

  • reaperACTUAL

    #13 STUNNING! #60 Take care of that leg! You are too fine to be limping around 😉

    • BudHa

      #60 you should probably keep that thing elevated,,,over your head would work

      • ColoradoK

        You're right. It would work..because I can do that. Thanks Pilates 🙂 Maybe that will be the next picture?!

        • SOhioChiver

          YES please!

        • @undefined

          Iwanna wish you well with your heel and wanna ask for moar

    • mick

      oh that pink plaster sorry your out of action I am not limping right now oooooooooooooohhhh

  • scott

    To all of You Very Sex Chivettes…MOAR MOAR MOAR!!!!!! You are all absolutely beautiful.

  • ChiverOnWheels

    #21 Crickey!

    • Eric


      • waltgator

        im with ya! shes hot & moar!!!

    • Hef

      Those could be real and if they are, they're some of the nicest tits I've ever seen.

    • chiveadmin

      Daily Afternoon Randomness (20 Photos)

    • DrGarnicus

      Everything's bigger in Texas!

      • DrGarnicus

        Oops, confuse Aussie with Austin. Oh well. Beer's doing it's job.

    • bubba

      They have the internet in Australia? MOAR!

      • Ross

        no, its 1962 in Australia! moron!


    #13 & #58… Love me a girl in camo…

  • Harry Balasagna

    #94 holy hips

  • pritter72

    I shattered my heel 2 years ago and had to have surgery to rebuild it, so I feel your pain. Good luck with your recovery! KCCO!!

    • ColoradoK

      Oh man it is the worst!! Not conducive to my super active lifestyle 😉 PS THANK YOU!!

  • jbcrazylife

    #4 & #14 are awesome!! MOAR

    • BPete

      I'ld tongue punch that!!

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