It’s still summer in L.A. (50 Photos)

  • boob_cuddler

    #4 needs to eat something. #2 is gorgeous and so is #11 but I also want to see her face.

    • MusclesMarinara

      I find it annoying when people say "she needs to eat something". Most of these girls probably just have fast metabolisms and they probably DO eat a ton of food but can never put on any weight. My girlfriend is a size 0 and she eats more than most of my guy friends. Unless you're talking about models that starve themselves because their agents tell them they are too fat that's a different story.. but for the average skinny chick, that's not always the case.

      • Scandalous

        That's a supermodel.

    • Gradaddy

      #33 needs a samich too

    • Derper

      Pretty sure 11 & 15 are the same girl … so there's your face :p

  • johnnieratliff

    #50 find the one on the left! I need moar!!!

    • Guam_Bomb

      Find all 3

    • joe

      find the ass on the right

    • Sdsu

      All three went/go to SDSU

    • CSheridan12

      agreeeeeeed. i was gonna say the same thing.

  • Hitmen

    #38,Fuck, I would Hit that hard.

    • OU Drew

      I'd hit every single one in this post hard! That is all

    • Marcusnla

      Ashley vickers. Ur welcome.

    • elbie


      o btw she is the same girl as in #30

    • Chris

      So would every other man on planet earth

    • Filbur

      I would give her 16 very forgetful seconds of pleasure, but I'd remember forever!

    • Celtics93

      Number 38 is one of the hottest chicks ever


    Fuck first I need #42 all the way off please!!!!!

  • sohc

    #36…packing bags for MN…

    • mopar_man

      Where's a good strong wind when you need one?

    • don

      surprised to see #22 and #29 arent getting more love.

    • Sharath



      No need to pack, I am already in MN!!

      • Boo

        I read your name as I Love Men

        • Yeah

          That says a lot about you, Boo.

    • MNcold30

      MN representing!!


    Goddammit, I said #42!!!!!!

  • Kyle

    Um wow

  • Fuwangadoo

    I just herped in my derp.

  • biggles

    #6 both of them for me please

    Olsen twins?

    • Macro

      I'll take the one on the right.

    • Bobby Hudson

      can't be the olsen twins. I don't see their noses powdered with coke nor heath ledgers cock hanging from their mouth.


    English motherfucker, do you speak it!!!!! #42 I said.

    • Jack Wagon


    • Samuel Jackson

      And you shall know that I am the lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee…*Bang Bang*

    • Steven Spielburg

      That is 42 you idiot!

  • boob_cuddle

    #4 #5 need to eat something. I'd like to have coffee with #11 and see her face.

  • ChiveOn

    I love LA. #1

    • Kyle

      Yellow bikini – FIND HER

    • Jim

      Can't be from LA. They don't have implants.

    • Kato

      I need names. Can't just leave us hangin like that. Gotta help a brotha out.

  • jdubx

    #12 doesn't get better than that

    • 650

      sorry man, she's got a 9+ body but a sub-5 face – I can only give her a 7 overall

      • woodrow

        butter face

    • Guam_Bomb

      agreed, she can't get better than that…

  • SDSU

    #50 girls from SDSU repping us right

    • Kyle

      SDSU = Students Drink, Students Urinate

      • michaeler

        that was just stupid

    • RobTalk

      how can you tell their from sdsu?

      • SDSU

        I just guessed…. seriously? its Because I recognize them…

  • The_Dude

    Why do I live in Boston again?

    • Ron Swanson

      For the seasons LOL

    • Woody

      Cause you're an arrogant accented asshole (<an alliteration)

      • tralfaz

        the hoppa!

  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    Miami's not too shabby this time of year either

  • Robo

    #16 you win….¥

    • Derpson

      …the hairy bush award

    • Nate

      Hotties top 50, gotta say wow!!!

    • Sam

      Totally natural:) she is the winner.

  • Mike

    That water is to clean for being LA.

    • Born and raised LA

      Yea I think there was maybe 3 or 4 actual Cali beaches in any of those photos. If it were really LA the water would be brown and the beach would be full of mexicans, but that reality doesnt appeal to the masses!

    • Born & Raised LA

      Yea I think there was maybe 3 or 4 actual Cali beaches in any of those photos. If it were really LA the water would be brown and the beach would be full of mexicans

      • TheBetterMan

        LOL, Being from Orange County I have to apologize for the Dbag comment above. The beaches are nice in a lot of places in SoCal, waves are better and more consistent than a lot of places, maybe if you weren't too busy hating on mexicans then you could find some time to go to different beaches, this post isn't about nice looking water, if it were then you would see Florida and other places with clear blue water, but I would prefer hotter chicks than hotter water, maybe chicks aren't your thing though, I've lived in SoCal 30 years and now I live in South Florida, there is a reason why there is a song Wish they all could be California girls.

        • Yeah


        • Surfer Dude

          I think I would have to agree with the other dude. I have lived in So Cal for 30 years too and have been to beaches all over the world, including up and down both sides of the Florida coast. Hardly any of the pics in this post look like California beaches, so the tag is a lie anyway. And people that grew up in the OC (especially the Newport, Laguna area) have such a twisted view of the world and are among the worst people I ever met, especially the girls! There are beautiful women on all parts of the globe, its just most dont come with the stuck up attitude and materialism of so cal girls, in particular the ones from the OC!

  • whale hntr

    #2 i dont think she can see her belly button

    • Jack Wagon

      Thats a good thing, in that circumstance

  • RF3

    Thank you for this post. #6 you're so close, and #38 I might love you

  • Kodos

    Hey you; don't tease like that…. reveal MOAR, please.

    • Nate

      Sexy pic!!!

  • Conreeze

    #38 MOAR!!, who is she again?

    • paws

      Ashley Ann Vickers

    • theBoognish

      ashley ann vickers

  • orion

    and the winner is #30

    • OmahaDude

      I would enjoy having a suckle of the nipple that's showing

  • reggie1610

    #38: That's one healthy dolly.

  • Rob

    #36 sooooclose dammit

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