It’s hard to blame men caught staring at the hump (36 Photos)

  • hater

    #15. Eeaaasy, Tiger…

    • Hal

      Ready to pounce ha

    • realio

      For every critic of Tiger, I'd love to see their ability to restrain themselves when reality is suddenly washed in fame, blondes, brunettes and cash…verily beyond belief

      How quickly they would emulate those they look askance upon

      As opportunity makes a thief.

      • Just sayin'

        Wise words. Speak up more often realio.

    • TimmyD


    • Child Please

      He's looks like he has to poop

    • Big Poppa

      #12 who's that next to Thierry Henry
      #15 soon! ripe for a photo shop, love Katherine Jenkins

    • Road-Rage

      A lion would never cheat on its mate … but a Tiger Wood !! :p

  • Tiber_Septim

    #34 There was a scientific study that said it was healthy for men to look at breasts. It is the same for a fine female ass as well

    • RealZoo

      We (men) didn't need science to validate that for us.

    • stansux


    • Chiver_Sammy

      There must have been an article on there about the Chive & he couldn't stop reading it.

    • Joontang

      Ahh.. That's what chasin paper means

  • p$d

    everyone looks. we're only human.

  • Haters gonna hate!

    #5 my thought exactly

  • Regulate!

    #36 wow Paula, those black spots really bring out the cow in you.

    • Willy Najera

      Looks like Paula lost some weight…

    • joe shabadoo

      all of Paula's butthurt fans come out even when she doesn't post. haha

  • RealZoo

    #27…She's got jungle fever!!! #31…He's got jungle fever!!!

    • 10thletter

      too bad we cant drop you off in the jungle

  • Jeff Watkins

    #29 wow,really???

  • Anonymous

    #15… that's not fair, he's "adicted" to humps.

  • Meertnnn

    #15 '' Looks familiar…. Kinda…''

  • Danousen

    Pleas find the blonde girl in #13

    • Holmespump

      The one in green, the one in pink, the one in black, the one with the hat, the one with the white top/pink bottom combo, or the one wearing sunglasses?

      • Danousen

        The deam ass hot one! i just see one like that!

  • D.Strawberry

    #20 I hope his view is better than ours

  • wow

    #24 Alessandra Ambrisio, my muse….

    • looking

      oups… Ambrosio…

    • Big D

      Man she is super hot, she looked fit as fuck at the Olympic games Brazilian presentation. Nearly spunked my pants

  • Mike re

    It's good to see you looking at cute girls now tiger #15

  • Mike re

    And who are you #17

  • Ouboet


    Thierry Henry in a Cold War Vet shirt?

    • joe shabadoo

      tons of places sell that shirt, like many other shirts the chive sells

  • Hank442

    #35 Dreaming of fishsticks

    • The dude

      After all, he is a gay fish lol

      • Jeremy Ziegler

        I hate that

      • Juan

        He's thinking of a way to stare at his own ass!

    • Si1entStatic

      He's plotting how he can interrupt the cheerleader mid performance to say, "I'm gonna let you finish but my girl Beyonce has the best ass of the year….."

    • sandy astroglide

      He's also not staring at her ass.

  • elbie

    No one can blame #34 for wanting to read that interesting article about… well nvm

  • John Knolhoff

    #16 is just creepy

    • Luke

      Agreed, not cool chive

    • Jason

      He should have his dick cut off. You're clearly not getting ass if you have to resort to this behavior.

  • John Bocanegra

    I mean…how could it not catch your eye?

  • chopper

    #23 lucky bastard probably got a scholarship to do that…

    • chopper

      damn it, meant #22

    • Bud

      "I still can't believe I spent 15 years sleeping with my mom when I could have had that"

  • IrishInNJ

    #25 Belichick you naughty boy.

  • TPunch

    #10 – former Florida Governor Charlie Crist. Can't make up his mind whether Republican or Democrat but know a good hump when he sees one!

    • REALLY?

      It's Jerry Sandusky being normal.

  • Juan R

    #4 is that A-Rod?

  • Foster

    All of them blameless except #16. Looking should be encouraged, but this is just vile. Grow a spine you twerp.

    • Rod

      Here's a twist: "Find him", he obviously needs to be taught a lesson.

  • jbcrazylife

    #8 Me, when i was young #10 is me when I get old

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