Redheads are sexy and they know it (40 Photos)

  • kote

    #37 so thats what jessica rabbit wears under that sexy red dress

    • B Dub

      That's exactly who I thought she looked like! Stunning.

      • TNchiver

        Haha..same here! First thing i thought of.

        • Justin Cider

          I can't see any more pictures because of my raging boner! All blood has left brain…room spinninggg

    • tv_paul

      I wonder if she's kinky like Jessica rabbit? Maybe a nice game of Patty Cake to start.

    • J_Ace

      Find her stat !

    • Solitaire

      Where's the high res version for my desktop so I can look at it every moment of the day?

    • billyjack13

      She's delicious…..

  • bigd

    #11 Sweet mother of god! Can someone help me get my jaw off the floor?

    • Joburggooner

      Who is that!!!??? Wow, she's beautiful!!!

      • anonymous

        Anna Lutoskin (22) of Hungary

    • Luvredheads

      Have to agree. She is stunning. Please send more pics.

      • Mego

        Yup, definitely MOAR and sorry bigd, first I have to get my jaw back in position.

    • finder

      gina cattanach

    • Clayton

      Dude she looks like shes 15 tops

    • Brian

      Pedobear approves, but just barely.

    • JBB

      OMG. Find Her!

    • mikey

      she's 17

    • The_Truth

      You need to go to jail. She's like 15. Also pale & too skinny.

      Why not go for a woman like #23 #37??

      • NC_KCCO

        or #27 whom is the clear stunner here!

    • PAUL07


    • buckwild666

      You guys must be on some good shit cause when i see that my dick takes cover inside my body #8 is the one deserving praise

  • don meok

    more girls in heels please

  • sledneck600

    Thank you beautiful ladies
    Those eyes are spectacular!!

  • pingpong

    isn't there a redhead mail order bride site that I can add #15 #25 #38 to?

    • Cassandra Boulanger

      depends. how old are you

      • Eric Himes

        Old enough.



  • Tiber_Septim

    #14 #26 #32 Wow, really stunning hot n' sexy

  • RealZoo

    #14 …..FTW!!!

    • Gradaddy

      OMG those legs!!!

  • bill murray rules!

    I just stayed dating my first red head and ask I can say is WOW! love those red heads! Keep them coming chive

    • bill murray rules!

      Oops started dating and all I can say, I hate auto spell but I love red heads

  • B Dub

    Unbelievable post. Thank you Bob. They are all beautiful Chivette's! It's hard to point out just a few as favorites. But, #10, #13, #22 (loving your shirt too, can't wait to get one!)

  • Del

    #31 – OMFG every single girl related post and she's fucking average looking. More than that she has a look of batshit crazy about her and a clear whiff of attention whore.

    • myself

      Well, I can honestly say if she truly is average looking I sure as hell would love to move to your area. I have a feeling that you live in Delusionville population you though.

    • Truth hurts

      How's this.

      Instead of parroting words (e.g., "moar"; "bewbs") and phrases (e.g., "batshit crazy look"; "I have bad news for you"; "that's not the kitchen"), just enjoy the chicks without the Pez Dispenser commentary. What's that? Girls that send in to the Chive like attention? All women do. What other groundbreaking news can you unearth for us? We men like to talk about how great we are. Both are evolutionary adaptations to be noticed and reproduce.

      As for this one being "fucking average looking", I've seen a hell of a lot worse in these parts. So lighten up, kiddo.

      • Rowdy_n_Playful

        Amen Truth!!! After all, if it wasn't for gals who like attention The Chive would probably out out of business. Cause let's face it fellas, we don't really visit this site for Cat Saturday do we. KCCO

        • Lucky Lucy

          Cat Saturday doesn't hurt though… 😉 😉 meow

    • Boobman

      Got my attention!

    • Callum

      I would

    • Noci

      Also not even a redhead….

  • A_Yankova

    only #11 is worth it and stunning

    weak gallery chive…weak…

    • Jeff

      But is she legal?

  • Nick

    #39 Holy shit freckles! Still hot though.

    • N8orius

      Absolutely intriguing!

    • busterbrown

      awesome look

    • chiver

      great look but why'd she do those piercings? She looks like the joker

      • Dr sidaredes

        Why would you do that Karen? That was all the money we had Karen!

    • Notknowing

      THAT is the soul stealing stare, right thr.

    • LawnGuyLand

      Looks so much like my first that I really can't tell!!

    • occam

      fuckin' hot. shit spray through a screen door…

  • Pdidhe

    #30 is amazing. My first post ever on this site Ever! And I am begging for Moar!!!

    • redheadguy

      Very beautiful!! I'd sure like to see Moar!

    • perry

      thirty is so fuckin hot wow. more please

  • Martin

    #4 -cute as!

    • JMAKK

      I picture her with the squeaky but sexy voice.

  • Jeff

    #10 you're quite the beauty.

    • Chris Jungels

      Yes sir she definitely is!

      • ChivetteHeather

        Agree with you both!

        • @TheGreenMalice

          I also agree with you and the ones you agree with.

  • Justin Lentz

    #22 i know this pic is a repost but it deserves the repost. Shes so sexy

  • Sparky

    #35 – wow and can we have more please?

  • Jeff

    #40 Drop dead gorgeous!

    • sammy

      you kiddin'? looks like Clay Mathew's younger brother.

  • Jeff

    #38 I have some wood you can sit on.

    • Notknowing

      SHE is the hottest of this group. WOW! Need moar.

      • Matt

        That is Lucy Daily, she is a porn actress.

        • Paul07

          WELL SIGN ME UP THEN!!!

  • SomeDude

    #39 Holy crap! Who is that? Yowzas.

  • crash25

    Only cutie is #5. Unlikely weak performance, Bob

    • realio

      I see.

      "These aren't the droids you're looking for."

      #6 #27 #23 #37

    • wahrwahr

      agreed. most of these are turrible. just turrible.

      • sammy

        redheads kinda look like dudes. like #2 and #40

    • LawnGuyLand

      #3 No makeup and still gorgeous.

  • Nick Noble

    #38 keep up the good work 😉

  • Jeff

    #20 I see what you did there. Very nice!

  • Mike re

    Goodness gracious #8 who are you?

    • Stefanie Guillaume


      • Notknowing

        Perfect. Please submit MOAR pix.

        • tv_paul

          I concur please submit more pictures.

      • sfb101


      • bdg

        Keep posting,and I'll buy more lotion!!!

  • Dave

    Coming from a guy who's obsessed with red heads, this one definitely comes through as the best one yet. I can't decide my favorites, but pretty sure I've seen #38 somewhere on the internet before…

    • V4Vendetta14

      #38 That is Lucy Daily…and she does nude modeling. Very sexy!!!

      • anus

        dropping a big ole log of poop outta her poopy hole

    • wilfred

      I like girls who poop and let us know they gruntQ

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