Mirror Mirror on the web (54 Photos)

  • Blake

    Blow me jayson

    • JSJ

      #2 #31 #47 all wifey material!

      • DTP

        Agreed! Especially #47… Damn that cute body!

  • robsterling

    #52. Oh look, a kitty!

    • Gradaddy

      needs a samich

    • OmahaDude

      clean your room hippie

      • Matt

        Her room is pretty clean, there's just a lot of shit hanging every where as well as spray-painted shit.

    • zer0

      Pretty sure that's a dude.

  • bin


    • nope


  • nope

    #52 i do believe i love you.

    • JMAKK

      If she is of age, which I doubt, her room screams I act like a 13 year old hipster.

      • nope


        • JMAKK

          Shit all over her room, and she has a duck face. PERIOD

          • nope

            you could be talking about my future wife bub. 😛

            • JMAKK

              Touche' good catch then my sir, I never said she wasn't a knockout.

    • yourewelcome

      In the "Tapiture Most Popular Photos" section on the right side of every chive thread…..click the third image in the top row….enjoy!

      • Kyle C.



    #50, #54 Behold Perfection.

    • ScootMagroot

      Nice, but if they were perfection, they wouldn't have needed to pay for new boobies.

      • realio

        Fake boobs make me believe.

      • deadpool

        Indeed but those two still look pretty, pretty good to me.

    • That Guy

      #50 even poops light.

    • Matt

      #50 WOW!!!!!!!!!

      • Guest

        I can't be sure, but that looks like Cindy Margolis

  • BigSchem

    #2 = jaw drop 😮

    • jim

      Please be 18…Please be 18

    • captain obvious

      find her!

    • http://www.realsports247.com RealSports247.com

      2,15,26,39,42,47….bravo!! just pure perfection

    • thisdude

      where was this girl when I went to clemson??

  • ScootMagroot

    #34 Nice cover up!

    • Boobs

      Wheres the before the banner pic?!?!

      • trl87

        I never thought I'd be mad at KCCO.

    • gman0821

      Cant one of you photoshop guys make the KCCO disappear ?

    • Mak

      Damn you strategically put text.

    • Chiver_Sammy

      Couldn't use a smaller font?


    #31 Great body! #53, I have a weakness for short hair. So damn sexy.

    • Bon Rugandy?

      Body karate!

  • pingpong

    #33 I wished it wasn't instagrammed

    • CanadaRules

      needs to lose the nose ring, but otherwise a very beautiful girl.

      • Kyle429

        What nose ring?

      • Guest

        Would also be nice if she didn't look either bored or pissed off.

    • Fog Ducker

      You are beautiful. MOAR please.

  • 3Monkeys

    #13. Great hump, MOAR please.

    #33. Gorgeous! MOAR please. Please. Please.

    • Yuppp

      13 is unreal.

    • Truth

      #13 is PERFECTION

    • 18?!

      #13 has a tight little body. Maybe because she could possibly still be in high school with her school pics on the wall?!

      • Bob


      • nate33uc

        pics on the mirror look nothing like she does now. i think were safe (knock on wood)

        • Astro

          No problem, I have wood

          • J_Ace

            and he can knock on it..

            • vince

              he knocked it for a good minuite

    • 3Monkeys

      What happened to #13? Used to be a cute hump. Now it's a cleavage shot. Hmmm…

      • 18!?

        Ha!! My thoughts exactly! I was suspicious of her and I guess the chive admin was also. She was a hottie…but I guess her high school pics on the wall were a give away

  • fucked

    That can't exist in real life

  • Brian

    #26 The Bears are looking good this year

    • JMAKK

      Meanwhile, her dog starves to death.

    • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

      FIND and MOAR and NEED #26 Gorgeous and the right team! Can't get enough of her!

      • jessed

        DAAAAAA BEARS!!!!!

    • PayHeed

      Sorry, I like my boobs with a minimum of a 1 foot gap between them…

  • Travis

    #6 who put acid in my coffee?

  • That guy

    Them some fine cuts of meat.

  • Chuck Heston

    These photographic images are pertinent to my interests. MOAR would be preferable.

  • Him

    #24 wins because she was looking at pron on the computer in bed.

    • tv_paul

      She has misspelled shellfish on her computer?

    • Weasel

      Actually it might be pron:legacy

      • Him


    • SOhioChiver

      I went to a bigger screen just so I could see what you were talking about…and it didn't help. 😦

  • Burlinator

    #48 Those curves….

    • Iso

      I'd watch a gif of her walking for hours.

    • gman0821

      Took me 10 minutes of staring to notice hello kitty.

    • Jack Burton

      Those jugs!!!

    • Savage308

      aye! would love to explore every inch.

  • N2MotoX

    #13 #31 #50 Is there more where these came from?

    • Holla Holla

      Add #5 to that list please!

    • John

      #50 kinda looks like Sophie Turner

  • MylesofStyles

    #31 Even though it's probably not possible, the cleanliness of her room makes her even sexier.

    • RAB

      Makes me shudder to think of what her car how her car looks. Still… damn.

      • RAB

        How her car must look* wow..

        • duh

          how her car must appear* wow … cars don't have vision

    • chiver

      there's something to be said about how the tidy rooms adds to the appeal of these women 🙂
      #48 #50 #31

      • What_Tha

        Also, boobs.

    • hmm

      I think she's at a hotel, not her home.

      • nbree

        Definitely a hotel.

  • Darren

    #50. Sweet jaysus.

    • juan

      sophie turner!

    • mike

      WTF…No kidding

  • Tyrion Lannister

    Nothing is better than a hand bra . . . just burn it!

    • I'm Awesome

      she's got a rockin body

  • BirdBrain

    #53 is Yumtastic with that hair, and body.

    • RobboJohn

      I'd love moar of that

  • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

    #3 I would love to disappoint you

    • Smelted Pelted

      wtf is the tip jar for???

      • sfb101

        My thought too…

      • SOhioChiver

        I don't know but I'd like to put a dollar in there to find out! #3

    • I'm Awesome

      She looks kinda like Dr. Cuddy from house

    • MylesofStyles

      I'd give her the best three minutes of her life.

  • B Robbins

    Baskin Robbins best flavor is the 31st….

  • opp

    Amazing post chive.

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