Catherine Vandareva can kick my ass anytime (25 Photos)

  • tex

    first bitches

    • tex

      cheers cuntz

      • Chris

        I bet that's what you say to your boys in your circle jerk

    • Big Poppa

      first bitches, then bacon?

  • gclark

    Somehow I think if there ever was a chance I ended up with this girl or a girl like her, Id be the one stuck in the kitchen.

    • DemBone

      Somehow I think I would be alright with that!

    • Womb_Raider

      If being stuck in the kitchen lands that smokeshow, I'll be the first to volunteer.

  • oqsig99

    #3 #10 she's simply amazing!

    • 0331

      yes, nice. Does she do porn, sandwiches, or both? That is the important question.

    • HOOK_the_LEGEND

      #3,Yep, she has got a great body.


    #16 #17 #19 she has an unbelievable body…wow

  • Larry

    Damn girl, we can have a lot of fun sparring in the ring together. Then maybe going out for some dinner and icecream, and cuddle in bed.

    • ericblair

      haha Larry is a sociopath.

  • Zen

    I am so confused.

  • A2_tha_MFK

    I think I'm in love, hot girl & fav sport! Yep I'm gone!!!!!

  • yup

    bitch dont kill my vibe

    • Carlos Adrian

      Good song

  • boom!

    kill me now!

  • LeoFails

    I can't even find a video of her fighting… and yet she gets glorified for being a "fighter?"

    • rgh
      • mbns

        That's pretty convincing

        record : 28 fight . 3 lost . 8 ko

        New World WMF Amateur Champion Muay Thai 54kg 2009
        Belarus kickboxing Champion 54kg 2008
        Belarus Muay Thai Champion 54kg 2009

        • Flake

          Yeah, but apparently she is some fake fighter because Douchey McAnger can't find her fights.

  • domin8r

    This seems like a hoax.. no video on youtube and no sign of her on the "World Kickboxing Network" (the belt she's supposedly has).

    • frankie

      she's got proper knee technique, hips forward, foot pointed, and her right thai kick seems ok, but yeah, can't find any videos of her either..

      • frankie

        ok i'm officially convinced she's a fighter. There's a few other photos on other sites that show proper muay thai technique and real skill behind the girl..

    • Stephen Davidson

      Who cares! She's stunning!

    • Guestman

      She's Russian. So search for her name in Russian "екатерина вандарьева" and you'll find videos of her.

  • nikalaj

    hot hot hot

  • J|EN|B

    I would go oh so many rounds!

  • irons


  • Justin Lentz

    #22 yea. She cleans up pretty well

  • PromiseI'mnottrollin


    ummm what's that? 20lb?

    I've taken shits bigger than that.

    bring it

    • mbns

      No, it's 10lbs, says right on the side there. Pre-assembled free weights list the total weight, not the individual plates.

      Although, it's probably closer to 12.5 as I don't know for sure if they account for the bar or not. I would hope so though if they label it as 10.

    • Ohms

      Its not always about heavier weights when you're working out. Especially with chicks who are looking to tone. Or could be last set. Either way, glad you checked out the weight first and not the girl.

    • JITTS

      That's like the crossfit weights that look like they're stacking four 45s on each side when they're really 10s. Seen so many pics with people posing in a clean and press or whatever trying to look tough with 35 pounds. This ends my rant.

  • Chicago carpenter

    #24. Tong po. Tong po

  • Guest

    Fuck off and die spam devil.

  • whyme1973

    #19 Damn! Sexy woman.

  • daaammm

    Im in love

  • Andreas
  • TheBAMFinater


  • Scout72

    #10 is an unreal photo sexy !

  • John

    She can beat my meat anytime

  • Mario

    Sara McMann would kick her ass. Google Sara McMann

    • Jack Burton

      And Ronda Rousy would kick sara mcmann's ass. What you got mario? FUCK YOU! :p

    • Orukal

      Maybe she would…but have you taken a look at McMann? This gallery is about a hot fighter.

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