A few simple and sound life hacks to try (43 Photos)


  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #22 and #23 better salutation dont own a fucking cat

  • Guntherj

    Maybe half of these were worth seeing

  • mirou

    thank you

  • Critical Observer

    #17 no keyboard has accented letters on it. more work than it's sometimes worth to go dig up the alternate alphabet routine.

  • Danger

    #18 You can just use a length of garden hose cut down the middle. You don't even need to buy a caribener.

  • Scott P

    #30 …mind…..blown…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/tylerphilipp10 Tyler Philipp

    Bravo Chive, these posts are brilliant.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lutzbell Lornel Mitchell

    I just made the brownies in a mug and mmmmmm they are perfectly delish! Even put a blob of ice cream. Much better than a mug of coffee in the morning!

  • I spy a stoner

    #8 keep hitting that vaporizer pen and coming up with genius ideas

  • Cédrik

    for the brownies, replace olive oil for a non taste oil ( canola will be perfect and super cheap ) and add a few chocolate chip and enjoy ! yummy

  • https://www.facebook.com/bencsulb Benjamin Drury


  • BetweenTheGap


  • BobBX542

    Don't know if this is getting double posted, my internet has been fucking with me all day today, but just in case…

    #13…Don't know where this poster is from, but her in PA, that is the universal sign of, "I'm done drinking and am leaving the bar." You will lose your unfinished beer, and your seat.

  • AggieGirl

    and the chive turns into pintrest….not that im complaining

  • UnsweetC

    #21 will DESTROY your electronics! NEVER use something plugged into a wall- a potential static shock can FRY them!!! They sell canned air for a reason…

  • Rhayzor

    #24 really works! I'll never forget that fateful day when I turned the lock after murdering my entire family in their sleep, setting fire to the cat and sodomizing the goldfish.

  • The other Tim

    #3 – I hope that is not a ten… roll up you cash in tube and insert where?

  • craigmarchphotography

    OH. MY. GOD #30

  • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

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  • http://travel-bug.me/2012/11/05/life-hacks/ LIFE HACKS! | travelbugdotme

    […] A few simple and sound life hacks to try (43 Photos) (thechive.com) […]

  • Diane

    #38 Having been raised on fresh veggies, I have seen too many corn cobs with worms in them. The silk might remove easity, but I have to know a worm was cooked in my corn cob

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    Simple life hacks : theCHIVE

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