An anti-landmine contraption that could save lives (8 Photos)

  • Ifitaintbroke

    There is actually a Bee guy here in our home town that has trained bees to sense the explosives that eventually leak out of the mines. An army test done gave him a 99% effectiveness to detect land mines. I have seen it first hand and am totally blown away, no pun intended, that he can train the bees in such a way. But props to the third world countries for this device.

    • Fred Flintstone


  • DReese

    If he put springs on the poles then it would bounce when it hit a mine.

  • BAMF

    Can't wait for the IED rolling ball design that's coming out next week!

  • tabs

    Its a good idea, but most of the mines mentioned above don't lay in the desert of vast open places. They are in the jungle, or areas of thick vegetation. So it isn't going to solve the problem at all.

    However, yeah its a good idea as i said, but maybe of limited use….

    i would still like to watch one detonating a land mine though haha

  • Marc

    Your going to need 110 million of these plunger wheels to make this a viable solution. Nice try tho

  • Todthebod

    Ok I have an idea that may suck or may not. Remote control car/jeep/vehicle whatever with GPS locator and metal detector. Have it roll over a field and save exact location of metal detection. Have another remote control drone/copter/whatever that can shoot or drop something on the exact location to destroy the mine. That why you don't lose any equipment in the process. I don't know what a lightweight drone could carry that could detonate it. I don't know how much force is needed to detonate a mine.

  • Jeff

    Only need about…..1 billion more of them and the world will be safe

  • huskercub

    Great concept, but how many will you need to find your way across a minefield? 10, 20, 100?

  • Matt C

    BRAVO! I think we've just found next year's Nobel Peace Prize winner.

  • Matt C

    BRAVO! I think we've just found next year's Nobel Peace Prize winner. Seriously.

  • Kevin

    109,999,999 to go!

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  • lol

    thats the dumbest shit ever. what are they planning to do, roll it over every field and then build a new one? and how the fuck does it roll anyway???

  • Trevor

    This seems like it would only be good for 1 land mine.. seems kind of inefficient and cost ineffective.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #4 – so sad there are so many active landmines all over the world.

  • Phreaky

    How about just a very heavy remote controlled car?

  • lols

    it is a fantastic idea. this man deserves the nobel peace price and the EU can kiss my lily white ass

    • lols

      lol prize*
      the EU can still kiss my ass

  • Otter

    Couldn't they just toss a stick of dynamite into the field? The shockwave would trigger all the surrounding mines, I would think.

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