An anti-landmine contraption that could save lives (8 Photos)

  • Boom Boom

    R.I.P Dave on Wheels.

    • Tex

      Ann Coulter to give the eulogy

    • joe

      LOL 🙂

    • manilovefilmsdylan

      How can people be thumbing this down. That was hilarious timing.

      • saltygary

        I know I want to see a +100 before the end of the day.

        • Mike Hunt

          Agreed, I giggled a decent amount

          • asd

            dave on wheels was a hoax. he was merely a character created by a blogger. google it.

            • Mike Oxlong

              captain obvious

    • Marcus Hall

      Ahahahahaha phenomenal.

    • CincyHere


    • saltygary


  • yam

    It's a shame as a species that we have to do this but great idea!

    • Jimmy Cracked Corn

      3rd world problem, phucket

    • Yup

      The U.S has assisted greatly in the removal landmines around the world and furthermore, have not used landmines in over 20 years.

    • peter

      i'm blown away by this invention

      • Trig

        1 landmine per device? Whose going to go out there and fix it…not kin me!

  • Fco J Asilah

    That would be very difficult to carry in a RUC sack.

  • jim thorton

    landmines are messed up! It is too bad people have to deal with that. This thing is cool though!

  • King

    Looks likes its only good for one mine…

    • saltygary

      They got these mine sweeping tanks that spin chain links into the sand and then they just have to replace the chain after a detonation. They are so expensive I don't think that many are purchased.

    • McBoogerballs

      Yeah but it looks pretty cheap to make (mostly wood and plastic or metal) and it looks as though it's taking a few hits in the photo.

  • N2MotoX

    #2 Can this thing roll around finding who put the mines there to begin with?

    • whatever

      … and carry them back to them?

      <note to self: Never through a grenade with my dog nearby>

      • dave

        Why? Does he follow you through?

    • Hara

      Easy, your crotchety grandad who is so proud.

    • Rie

      Russians in the Cold War, I believe

      • ScubaSteve

        You'd think if even the Russian's gave up on the damn place, left all their shit and went back home…. why the fuck would we want to go there lol No one in the world is trained for that wasteland lol Sorry Afghani's if I offended you, but you're a 3rd world country that will be held back in the 3rd world until your "elders" learn to move on by accepting the future instead of being stuck in their ways so damn much.

  • Unfkngblvbl

    Just watch out for the javelins flying at you at 100mph.

  • beasty

    Man, that thing blew up real good!


    Would stop stories from happening like Taylor Morris! Man deserves his limbs!

  • Idk

    Is putting your website in your name not enough? Spamming it in every comment only decreases the likelihood that anyone will actually check it out.

    • KiamichiBigfoot

      That site gave me Hepatitis C, D, E, and W. 😦

  • Hrdwood

    Will it work at holiday get togethers and family reunions?

  • Alicia

    This is neat-o now someone needs to invent a way to control it and TADA!!

  • NorCalChiver

    So….roll it through a minefield? And then go retrieve it? Am I missing something here? Perhaps my dog Tri-pod can go retrieve it for me…

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      You either leave it there…..or you follow the path it took to retrieve it.

      • grumpy

        and then once it detonates the first landmine, it has to be replaced…by another unit that might not roll along the exact same path. So the path begun by the first unit isn't completed.

    • Hara

      eat paint chips much? Yes, you're obviously missing many things.

  • Adam Runcie

    Hey John,

    I don't know if this is on purpose or not, but your site is getting porn redirects. And no, it's not my computer, as it happens on clean installs on both Windows and Mac, as well as my iPhone and my friends' Android devices.

    I like naked ladies just as much as the next guy, but not from theChive.

    • Gonasiphaherpalitis

      Sure. Blame your addiction's on the Chive.

      • Adam Runcie

        Lmao…love your name, btw.

    • KiamichiBigfoot

      Dude, never get on this site without an AdBlocker or NoScript app. I learned my lesson…twice…about Chiving on a vanilla version of Firefox. There are like 30 scripts running on this page at a time.

      • Hara

        How could you even browse the web without an ad blocker? Seriously. It's like watching tv with ad breaks every fifteen: only for your grandma.

        • KiamichiBigfoot

          I still use bunny ears man.

    • Enoughalready

      Me too for the last week or so. Getting pretty annoying.

    • Okay

      I've had the same problem ..been redirected a few times on my Ipad. Very annoying to say the least.

    • Rojohnson

      Same here as well as full page ads

    • Rawr

      It's pretty fucking annoying (FAP) I mean like completely immature (FAP) I don't understan (FAP) d why anyone would want that to pop (FAP) up!? Please fix this Chive… No it is annoying though.

  • North

    I love the fact that I grew up in a country where I didn't have to worry about losing my life to go grab my soccer ball after it got kicked over a fence. Cool idea. Hope it saves some lives.

    • bennie the jet

      I once bought new PF Flyers when my ball flew the fence- and I pickled the beast.

  • dan O

    Chive Charities grant to the inventor? Have my debit card ready.

    Dan O

    • MylesofStyles

      Done and done. Just pm me the card number and PIN and I'll make sure the money is well appropriated.

  • KRav

    So, it's only effective for a single mine? Seems like a lot to carry around for such minimal results.

    • dub

      Everything has to start somewhere. This was in Afghanistan, invented by a kid. At least they have something to roll with now. With this kind of attention, maybe they'll be able invest in better materials and upgrades for the design.

      Mines are terrible. Better for one big slowly-built wooden structure to get blown up by a mine than a kid or any other person.

      • KRav

        Except they would need hundred to clear a minefield, and would just cause a false confidence, contributing to people thinking the area is safe and getting blown up anyways.

        • dub

          But… at least it's something. 1 mine less in the world is just that, one mine that didn't take a life, and it's a good thing regardless of how you look at it.

          • Just


    • AnyoneForCoffee

      But it is made from very basic materials and it is quite feasible for villages to make many to clear their fields.

      • KRav

        Except how does one know they are all gone?

        • dub

          These kids didn't put the mines there, they just have to deal with them. We'll probably never be rid of all the mines in the world. But hopefully less mines = less death and dismemberment. Law of averages, right?

          • KRav

            I understand your point. However, this is no replacement for clearing operations, and could lead to as many deaths as it could potentially save.

            • dub

              You're right, but there's also no replacement for a button that just detonates or inactivates all of them at once.

              But since those things aren't happening, the locals of these areas have to do what they can with what they have. It's not America. They don't have state and federal agencies that work full time in taking care of these things. They don't have funds or means of starting agencies to do this, especially now. Afghanistan has been war-ravaged for decades now. The struggle for food and clean water and survival are hard enough to endure, not to mention the constant swarm of invaders (known to us as peace keepers and freedom fighters) with guns and explosives.

              It's a different world, man. Give them credit for the steps forward they can make, even if it's a tiny step – at least it's a step in the right direction. Something tells me this kid isn't going to stop – just like that African boy that created a clean water well using a bicycle who is now building them all over the place down there. His design will improve and it will hopefully lead to something better. I'm sure some support (financial and/or moral) would go a long way.

              • dub

                tl;dr my own comment. sorry.

                • KRav

                  Like I said, I understand your point. However, the last thing you want when dealing with mines is a false sense of confidence. But, yes it's a step in the right direction. Hopefully the kid isn't impaled by a bamboo stick when following this thing through a minefield, or blown sky high.

                  • dub

                    Agreed. Lets hug. 🙂

                    • KRav

                      This feels kind of weird, having differing opinions and being able to discuss it rationally on the internet. Can you call me a homo or something?

                    • dub

                      Quit being a fag and hug me.

  • hlzblz

    good initiative, bad idea as mentions in other comments. 1.) this thing is huge and looks like it will be assembled on site, how long does that take? 2.) once it detects and explodes, who takes the hit of the shrapnel (debris everywhere)? 3.) that things became total after one use, mine fields can have anywhere between 10- 1000's of mines in them. I understand its just to make a pathway, so lets make that number 10-100 mines which means constructing 10-100 to 100's of those things just to make a path, which could take who knows how long?

    have fun whoever gets that job!

    • dub

      You have a better solution using the raw materials available to a teenager in Afghanistan?

      • Hara

        It's not "a job" it's so people in countries we've bombed can actually plow their fields and shit.

        • hlzblz

          i understand that but do you think a kid has the money and time to build these things? again great idea but do you think a kid is going to waste one to two hours building it to watch it explode and then build another? i'm not trying to be negative, but just think about. you wouldnt do it and those kids wont either. They arent stupid, give em credit. Granted I would love to watch that thing explode the first 5 times myself and would ecstatic know what the cause is but after that, im out.

      • hlzblz

        i guarantee no teenager after he spends an hour or two putting this together then see it explode will not build another.

        like i said great idea but who is really going to do that? i am sure there is better ways out there.

        • dub

          Not a lazy American…

          You might have a different mindset if you actually lived in a place that was littered with mines…

          • hlzblz

            I'm a Marine. I've been there. I have much feeling and concern for the innocents of those nations and I'm also not lazy but i'm also realistic. To Reiterate, Great Idea, Not realistic.

  • HamptonMike

    What happens when it stops rolling? Do you have to go give it a push? I don't think so, Tim

    • Fish

      Nah, it's designed to be blown around by the wind. Gets real windy around a lot of the minefields.

      • dub

        It wouldn't be a bad idea to have pods of paint in those balls – at least they'd be able to mark "Safer" zones.

  • Gonasiphaherpalitis

    Hey Kyle, went to your site. It sucks, so I just Kept Calm and Chived on.

  • Tex

    Without this invention, we'd be getting stump day

  • hoodrat

    You all have extra chromosomes saying its too big. See the kids holding pieces of it? Its assembled onsite. I want to plant a virtual minefield to keep you downsies from commenting.

    • Mor

      Downsies ? Are you fucking kidding me, I know someone with Down syndrome and he's the sweetest, kindest person I know. If there was a way for you to message me your address I'd come out there and fuck you up. Don't be a coward

      • dub

        Do you think he'd mind being called a downsy?

        Maybe it was slightly offensive, just like any other insult might be, but this wasn't a personal attack on your downs syndromed buddy. Chill out.

      • dub

        "Quit being a queer!"

        "A Queer!? Really? I know a gay guy and if you give me your address blah blah blah."

        • Mor

          Gay people can defend themselves, you're no better than the original person who made this comment.

          • dub

            The original poster did not hurt your friend. He/she has nothing to defend him/herself from…

            Also, welcome to America – this is what we call free speech. It might be offensive. You've been warned.

            • Mor

              I've been warned ? Well now I'm intrigued, please go on with your threat.

              • dub

                Man, you're just all about fighting aren't you?

                Your internet muscles are SOOOO Big!

                Re-read the comment, D-bag, free speech is potentially offensive.

                • Mor

                  I don't like to fight at all actually, I usually never comment or even read them for that fact, I just was confused about this post ad how effective people really think it will be so I scrolled down and saw his comment and that pissed me off.

                  This is between him/her and I, not you. So look at you with your big Internet muscles commenting on something that doesn't involve you.

                  Thanks for the warning though

                  • dub

                    Maybe it was me and I have a thing for changing my name. You're threatening people with no faces. Ghosts. Good luck finding him/her/me and beating us up!

                    • Mor

                      You're quite the coward, now I just feel bad for you.

                      Enjoy your day

                    • Mor

                      Actually quick question, what state are you from ?

                    • dub

                      Are you wanting to know where I was born? Where I grew up? Or where I currently reside?

                      Why don't I just go ahead and scan a copy of my driver's license and email it to you?

                      What's your email address?

                    • Mor

                      It must be a southern or Midwest state or you would have told me right away, there's nothing wrong with that, it's what I assumed.

                      You got your drivers licenses ? Congratulations

                    • dub

                      Clearly you've read the studies on which state populaces provide personal information online.

                      I don't think your jabs translate as humorously into English as you think.

                    • Mor

                      Still not going to tell me ? That's ok, it was worth a shot.

                    • MylesofStyles

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              • Tim

                Are you retarded?

      • hoodrat

        That escalated quickly. You must be a real badass if you have that much confidence in yourself, so ill just let you fume over it and you'll probably take it out on your ugly girlfriend or maybe push your grandma down the stairs

    • Michael

      Ann Coulter? Who hurt you?

  • Guest

    Scary thing is a lot of the landmines were developed and deployed by the biggest country that did NOT sign the Land Mine proliferation act… and guesses as to which country that was?

    Yep the USA.

    • dub

      #1 export: Death.

    • Frank Frankerson

      Russia is the biggest country in size to not sign onto the Land Mine proliferation act. China is the biggest country in population to not sign onto the Land Mind proliferation act. So your claim of the USA is a load of fecal matter. And the following image shows people hurt/killed by land mines around the world, and I ask you to specify which areas were deployed by the US.

      Typical anti-US crap, Guest.

    • Yup

      The U.S is the world leader in land mine removal around the globe, and have never used landmines in 20 years.

      Educate yourself, it makes you look less like someone with a grudge slinging propaganda.

      • Yup

        They have also not manufactured landmines in even longer.

  • GI Joe

    Ok, it looks cheap to make, but how much bamboo grows in Afghanistan? How many mines can it take out??


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