Chivettes bored at work (24 Photos)

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  • Rick

    #12 is assuredly promotable; at least, I would promote her in my division; maybe a two sided with the other 2 facing my window. Never wanted a window there until I had this strange feeling go down my pants when I saw her. The thigh highs and without doubt 3 of her 8 basic parts.

  • Spencur

    # 16 absofuckinlutely stunning

  • Digdug

    #7 ftw…. damn I can not resist the cheesiness….. I'd give her lots of dictation…. ba dum dum…

  • Doug

    My..good…ness. #2

  • ckret

    #1 and #12 holy crap, so nice.

  • thenomadadventures

    #23 for the win – now find her!!

  • Over9000

    I am in the wrong office. I am in an office with 67 other people, 54% of which are women, and we have an office 6 at most. That's like a 4 in the real world.

  • JanelleL



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