To put it mildly, I have a thing for Asian girls (21 Photos)

  • oqsig99

    #1 please find more of her and #8

    • Yeah

      #8 is Amy Fay. That pic is from Bimmerfest 2011.

      • DiamondX

        #1 Angie Varona… Enjoy. She is beautiful.

        • @undefined

          Not even close.

      • John Bocanegra

        Yowsa…thanks for that!

  • goatpunch

    Ok I don't understand how they found so many with big boobs. Most seem natural as well. Not been my experience with the asian girls I've met, though I'm cool with small boobs this is just an anomaly. Could've called this post asian FLBP

  • Clowd

    #47 is flawless

    • Canucks_Rule

      #9 is the same girl. curious who she is.

  • Cary Woods

    i approve of this entire post, but #1 really caught my eye

    • Canucks_Rule

      cuteness level = extreme

    • The Sword

      She must be found!

  • ass lover

    just remember some of these could be guys

  • Matt

    you had me at #2

  • Big Joe

    How many are dudes?

  • Woop

    Look they're men,some of these are not azn, i dont like round faces – i'm so cool. Predictable comments – you're not funny or unique. Enjoy the post people.

  • MikeJames

    Soooo many of these could be dudes. Damn you internet!

  • mike

    #Anyone Pick a number i like them all!!!

  • Davis

    Attn Single Guys! As a married, with 2 kids, man in my 30s…..please enjoy all of the diverse women! Love on all kinds! The Chive has taught me to love Asians, but alas it's too late. Carry on and Chive on

    • Jesus

      It's never too late. Get divorced son!

  • TheBAMFinater

    I like them because BOOBIES.

  • Chalupa Batman

    Exactly what I needed today..

  • Tyler Rauch


  • Fur Sure

    I can't believe this one girl has so many pictures of herself in different outfits!

  • slamber

    #26 be my lesbian life partner.

  • tv_paul

    #31 I don't know why some many seem to get implants that are way to big for them. These two looks fine (hot) just they way they are

  • Observer

    Yes please, to any and all of them

  • Fosfrog

    #2 #10 I am speechless in Asian awe!

  • intmid8or

    #2 asians > redheads?

  • qwgtr

    Wow. She's f@#king adorable!

  • Melkhiordarkblade

    #10 I actually had to pull back from the screen, those guns almost shot me right in the face.

  • heathclif

    #1 jailbait …. ah fuck it who cares drool

    • The Sword

      In China, Too Young is just a name.

  • J-Walk

    Hey Bob! My girlfriend is Asian and she doesn't have boobs like those! F you for rubbing it in… Now excuse me while I rub one out. Jerk.

    • Kristen

      It's funny because you think we believe you have a girlfriend.

    • awhite2020

      If you have a girlfriend why do you have to "rub one out"?

  • Tino

    Best. Post. Ever

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