Friday Dopamine Dump (37 Photos)

  • DAve


    • Dave's Mom

      Great, recess is now over…back to class.

    • Dave's Dad

      I'm sorry your mom is such a worthless whore.


    #28 #37, Ka-Pow

    • Dan

      I need MOAR of #28 like now

      • #28isAbabe

        Who is she? Anyone know?

      • OU Drew

        And boom goes the dynamite

    • Teddy Roxspin

      MOAR of #28! Total smokeshow!

    • Wet_tosti

      It's the fucking Catalina wine mixer! Ka-pow!

    • Mark

      I could use a face for #37

    • Guy
      • ps86

        well done, i owe you a million imaginary dollars

    • ps86

      #28 i would do things to this girl that she would most definitely not want me doing

      • BFMFan

        or… really want you to do. She isn't in that outfit and pose as a prude.

        • NoodlumNad

          i would give this post a thumbs up but 69 seems appropriate.

  • Yerp

    #18 that is superb.

    • Notknowing

      Yup. Who is she..need moar.

      • a guy

        looks like tess taylor

        • a guy with glasses

          no it isn't

      • mopar_man


    • Mr. Milk

      THAT my friends … trouble.

  • Murphy, it's you

    remember when theChive used to be entertaining?

    • Yuppp

      Shut up Murphy

    • Bill

      Remember when people were grateful for the hard work of others and learned to keep their shit head thoughts to them selves.

      Yeah that a was a great time.

      • Paul from the gump

        Hard work? Let's not take things too far Bill.

      • Ben Alouisious W

        Yes, uncredited, watermark-removed hard work. This shit is clickbait only. There's at least 2 somethingawful pictures, and a bunch of those models have websites. Are they mentioned? No.

      • lost in time

        that's the American way. keep your mouth shut and kiss your bitch ass. i have other thoughts, bitch, if your interested.

    • professor

      Robocop should punch you in the face !!!

    • Rob

      its still entertaining at times but it sure does seem to have jumped the shark at times

      • ted

        …especially since their daveonwheels stunt backfired

    • sparker

      remember when you used to have my balls in your mouth?

  • I.want


    • KCCO

      Is Jessica Alba in Into the Blue. You are welcome 🙂

      • its_forge

        Into the Blue, aka Into the Ass, with loving, caressing shots of Alba's supafine backside and lots of Ashley Scott's too

    • hank

      It's Jessica Alba, sir.

    • YOYO

      Jessica Alba, movie into the blue.

      • yum

        echo, echo, echo…..

    • Mark

      It might be Jessica Alba from Into The Blue. Could be wrong

      • Fred Flintstone

        nah dude, it's jessica alba from into the blue.

      • Captain Redundant

        Yeah you idiot. It's Jessica Alba from Into The Blue.

    • ChicO85T

      by far one of the greatest gifs ive ever seen….wow

    • Derby

      One of the greatest films ever made.

      • ps86

        right up there with titanic

    • ps86

      isn't it jessica alba from int…. what's that? oh, joke's over? sorry

    • Cammmon

      the Chive has your back son..

      you're welcome

    • Miss Hobart

      Really? Hip bones and ribs sticking out? My first reaction was "horrid"! Each to their own!

      • its_forge

        She was like 23 when the film was made and your bones tend to show when you stretch and wriggle like that, before you get old and fat like me.

    • Matty

      I met her a couple years ago at Sundance. Extremely nice, and despite being pregers at the time, still very attractive.

  • jim thorton

    haha! I actually remember watching that exact documentary with that polar bear. He swam like 8 miles and found this seal. funny stuff. It was either the most awesome thing I have ever seen or I was really high and it was just pretty good.

    • North

      Did it end badly for the seal? I'm willing to bet it did…

      • Punny isnt it

        He ended up missing the seal, but just bearly. Get it 🙂

        Seriously though, he missed but it was close. David Attenbourough narrorated.

    • quailman8907

      Awesome. Assassin bear.

    • Wim


  • Jeff

    Now all I can think about is Whiskey – damn you chive

  • SuperDanMan4290

    #14, #18, #19, #23, #28 – Yummy. 🙂


    ~SuperDanMan xD

    • Sick350Z

      #19 No jizz on mine thanks

      • SuperDanMan4290

        LOL!! ^

    • Yuppp

      There is really no reason to put SuperDanMan after every single one of your comments. Please don't do that anymore. Thanks.

      • SuperDanMan4290

        Thanks for Exercising your 1st Amendment. The only time I will ever Stop posting my internet name after every 1st comment I type out, it will be the time when I give up on humanity. So far, The Chive has a lot of that and it still gives me hope that the world will be able to fix the shit we pretty much created. Yuppp, just worry about other things than another person sitting in front of a computer typing nonsense. It it's annoying to you…ohh well. If other people want me to stop it…then ill stop after I get 500,000 downvotes on one post…and The Chive is a really big community.

        Have a great day Yuppp, It's Friday! Crack open a cold one and relax.



        • goatpunch

          I just love it because at first I'm all Oh another person who just threw up the pictures of the chicks in a super quick scroll so they could get on the first page, but then I'm all, "wait that was super dan man, oh now this comment is awesome I guess!"

        • Yuppp

          Thanks for your reply.


          Yuppp 🙂

          • moose_nutz

            I see what ya did there.

  • jadedhero1331

    #37 I really wish she was in focus.

    • weldsoft

      Nah, picture is more striking as is!

    • Notme

      I thought is was a picture of a glass of water

  • Sean Santos

    #23 and # 28 made my friday better

  • Andy Valentine

    #18 Happy bloody birthday to me!

  • The Buddha

    where do I get an HD fullscreen version of #33?

    • Drew

      Rent the movie…

    • Electric Boogalo
    • MrMcGregor206

      It's Jessica alba from some shitty Paul walker movie

      • goglass

        Yeah,it was a shit movie…..but she was smokin

  • Boobman

    #37 #28 #18 #9
    Just made my day!!

  • jamie

    #18 Come on CHIVERS, I need a name !!!! MOAR !!!!!!!

  • AboutGorramTime

    #33 Watched that for longer than I'd care to admit.

    • spicey

      needs a burger!

      • CosmoKramerTheAssMan



  • M4jestic

    #18 holy gorgeousness

  • Donkey

    I Love Fridays! Punch me in the face and call me Sally.

    • Yeah

      I can't punch you in the face but I can sure call you Sally….Sally.

  • tv_paul


    • chopper

      "OK, who wins in a game between Ditka and God? Trick question, Ditka IS God!"

      • holyshit

        Who would win, one giant Ditka or lots of little Ditkas?

        • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

          LMAO!! great stuff right there.


          • Boo

            Yes, it was good stuff. You don't need to give your initals though, your name shows up.

            • Yuppp

              Thanks you.

      • tbaynes

        who would win in a fight… Ditka… or a hurricane? But the name of the hurricane is Hurricane Ditka..

    • Chooch

      As a Packer fan, I should hate Ditka. Just can't though.

      "Have you looked into his eyes? Or at his HAIR?!?"

    • Baboocole

      Who would win if the Bears' team bus was in the Indianappolis 500?
      Who's driving the bus?
      Ditka's driving the bus.
      Da Bears.

  • Notknowing

    #37 I must still be hungover…FOCUS! DAMN IT. FOCUS!

  • Verbal_Kint

    #18 I'm not going to mince words here. I want to hump your boobs. Alot.

    • Hrdwood

      Not to be critical dude, but a lot is actually two words. As in: This babe has A LOT of humpable boobage…

      • Verbal_Kint

        Hmm. You'd think I would have figured that out by now. Thanks for the lesson, lern sumpin new every day… 🙂

        • tv_paul

          Would you make an exception for Alotta Fagina?

          • NotGettinAny

            I would make an exception for even Aliddle Fagina…

      • Mac Daddy Chiver

        Actually he was correct, a lot would mean a group of something.

  • DisNinjaSeen

    Find #18, #28, #33!!!

    "Give me your… Bacon?! #15

  • Bdon

    #29 best…costume…ever!

    • CombatCommo


  • cadaver

    #18, sexy pout, gorgeous. Take note all you duckface wannabe's, any chance of a gallery full of lips like these?

    • Pep

      TRUTH. It's all about lips and hips.

      • John Bocanegra

        I'll drink to that.

    • sandy astroglide

      How did you even notice that she has a head?

    • Big Poppa

      la la lala la wait is that a camera wtf? #18

  • Porkins

    How a real man spends a Friday #37

    • weldsoft

      Dressed up in lingerie? No thanks!

  • Justin Cider

    #1 Monkeys used to rock now they just eat your face off.

    • TheDude

      Someone gave them bath salts

    • Hrdwood

      Looks a little like Dave Grohl…

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