• John

    Sheds some new light on this video when u read this article. Found it after I googled the animal

    • YOYO

      i did the exact same thing after i watched this. Fucking terrible what they do to these guys,

      • John

        Yeah another case of people watching videos and not giving a shit about what is happening behind the scenes and what is being hurt.

        Way to go Mac

        • MylesofStyles

          So how old were you guys when you finally came out and told your parents you were gay?

          • Bob

            How old were you when your parents finally realised you were an asshole and abandoned you?

            • MylesofStyles

              I believe I was nine years old. My parents took me for a wagon ride through the Grand Canyon. I remember it being hot as fucking hell, so I kept stealing everyone's drinking water to pour on my balls. My parents stopped at a cave and excitedly told me to run inside to see what wonderful surprises awaited me.

              I leaped off the wagon and ran headlong deep into the cave. I stopped when I realized that I was standing alone in the middle of a cold, dark, emptiness. That's when I heard the sounds of horses galloping in the distance. My parents had abandoned me.

              I fell to one knee and dropped my head in sorrow, feeling the anxiety grow like putrid cancer in the pit of my stomach. As me eyes welled up with tears, I noticed a wrapped parchment on the ground in front of me. I picked it up, unraveled it and read it. It said, "BOB, YOU SILLY FAGGOT, DICKS ARE FOR CHICKS".

              • Chorel


              • Hrdwood

                After years of psychoanalysis, I believe your running into a dark cave only to discover its cold, dark emptiness might explain our struggle as a male species in our unfulfilling sexual experiences with women…. oh, and I also agree that Bob is gay.

                • MylesofStyles

                  Finally, the universe makes sense….and Bob is so gay that when he is asked to give a sperm sample, he farts in a cup.

        • TruthBtold

          And Chivers taking the opportunity to tell ANY chick that they are adorable and they think the loris is "cute" and made them "weepy".


    • Aleksejs

      Some more info:
      YouTube sensation fuelling trade in an endangered species http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/nature/y

      The teeth are removed because the loris, listed as vulnerable to extinction by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, can deliver a toxic bite. Mr Shepherd said: "The creature is then effectively doomed because of infection. Most don't last very long after that."

      • Still Want

        Can't the toxic bite thing be genetically breed out of these otherwise perfect creatures? And couldn't wide spread domestication make them as common as cats & dogs, and thereby ensure they remain off the endangered species list? Plus they could never RUN away…

        Everybody would buy one. It might even turn around the economy.

        (No, I didn't read the article.)

    • Edward

      I think it is here now: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slow_loris

      All five species are listed as either "Vulnerable" or "Endangered" on the IUCN Red List and are threatened by the wildlife trade and habitat loss. Although their habitat is rapidly disappearing and becoming fragmented, making it nearly impossible for slow lorises to disperse between forest fragments, unsustainable demand from the exotic pet trade and traditional medicine has been the greatest cause for their decline. Deep-rooted beliefs about the supernatural powers of slow lorises, such as their purported ability to ward off evil spirits or cure wounds, have popularized their use in traditional medicine. Despite local laws prohibiting trade in slow lorises and slow loris products, as well as protection from international commercial trade under Appendix I, slow lorises are openly sold in animal markets in Southeast Asia and smuggled to other countries, such as Japan. They have also been popularized as pets in viral videos on YouTube. Slow lorises have their teeth cut or pulled out for the pet trade, and often die from infection, blood loss, poor handling, or poor nutrition.

  • pa'ver

    I don't know… there were a few humps this week that would give this a run for it's money…

    • Where to buy?

      Just think of how much pussy you'd pull if you had one of these as a pet.

    • Frank M

      It's like the adorable furry lovechild of Gizmo & Zooey Deschanel.

  • GuntherSquirrel

    Awww! I want one!

    • GuntherSquirrel

      Found out how they become pets… I dont want one anymore 😦

      • DFC

        did the same thing lol..

        • ????

          HOW? what discouraged you?

          • Kim

            They have a poisonous bite. When sold as pets, their teeth are usually pulled out to prevent biting.

      • http://myspace.com/walmartian walter

        This post and your first comment are part of the problem, makes more people want them as pets. Chive should remove this lmo.

  • BigDave

    I'm glad I have a ten year old daughter to show this stuff to so I don't look weird watching this over and over…

    • Duude

      Just don't let anyone CATCH you watching it over and over. "Why no I didn't see that video of thoses cute animals."

  • LuvsHorror

    Yep, adorable.

  • MylesofStyles

    It's acting like it took the last piece of pizza at a party.

  • boob_cuddle


  • ChivetteKellie

    Oh my, I thought my heart was going to explode.

    • Womb_Raider

      Don't worry, plenty of chivers here that would be happy to resuscitate you. Cutest part was the little dude reaching his hand all slow to grab it at the beginning.

      • Too graphic?

        i feel like my penis is about to explode :$

  • The Glockster

    Slow Loris is slow. Watching him slowed my heartbeat to almost nothing.


    is it me or does that thing have opposable thumbs?

    • Dr Goodall

      Yes, it's a primate. Our cousin

  • bigcityreem

    He looks so concerned. If it could talk, it would probably say, "Are you sure I can have this? Are you sure? Well, okay."

    • goglass

      Nah,more like "who took me out my natural habitat and put me in a fuckin cage"

    • Tool

      You'd be concerned, too, if someone ripped you outta your home nad ripped out all of your teeth so that you had no defenses. Oh, but I'm sure those nice people gave it painkillers while they pulled them.
      I'm not a big animal-rights fanatic (salad is what my food eats), but i don't care for torture.

      • bigcityreem

        Wow, I hope that's not what happened. That would be extremely cruel and unnecessary.

  • HotMomma

    So cute! I want one!

  • ol76er

    Just don't feed him after midnight

    • AllanA

      or spill water on him

      • ndkzl

        or let them have teeth..

  • AllTaco

    Those huge sad eyes make me want to apologize to it.

    • The Glockster

      That must be how Obama views foreign nations.

      • You Cockster.

        Before taken out of it's country, this loris worked at Romney's bank.

  • Brent

    I WANT!!!!!

  • Stephan

    Cute (an a bit old), but keeping these animals as pets should not be promoted. Their teeth are pulled out so watery rice is the only thing they can eat. The keepers of these animals should be prosecuted.

    • John

      Yeah not cute. It's extremely sad

    • zimzum

      amen brother, that poor little guy probably got yanked out of a tree somewere

    • Donkey Punch

      I googled for a while hoping this was some sort of rescue. Sadly that's not the case. It really is someone's pet and had its teeth removed.

      Now I'm fucking pissed. At least now I know what these little guys are going through.

    • Jay

      Lets pull his teeth out because he is so vicious! its Bulls$%^ i know cats and dogs that are more vicious than this are we going to start pulling their teeth out too?

      • 994

        They pull the teeth not because it is vicious, but because of a poisonous bite.

  • Name Namerson

    What type of dog is this?? (Borat voice)

  • yup

    I don't know about the rice, but the slow loris looks delicious.

  • Peter

    This isn't cute when you find out the slow loris has his teeth pulled out for people can own them as pets and that they're sold illegally.

    • Dr.Suess


  • Sir Snooty

    Eating food from one's hands is not proper etiquette. It has a spoon in the other hand!!

  • chron247


  • Underbaker

    Did I miss the part of the video where the rice ran out and it turned into a vicious killing machine wielding the fork like a true samurai warrior?

    • Hrdwood

      That's on the Special Edition DVD bonus features… you gotta pay for that.

  • http://www.twitter.com/coralmonster Coral

    Watched this once.. CUTEST THING EVER. Read comments, learned about the torture of these poor animals, watched again, wanted to cry because now I realize how sad the loris looks….

  • dave


    • sweet joe samson

      I died

  • Chris

    Cute, but these guys are an endangered species and it is illegal to keep them as pets.

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