Anybody remember these old celebrity couples? (31 Photos)


  • Jean K. Jean

    #10 Never heard of them.

    • Jebus

      #6 and Javier Bardem makes three – Kate lurves a spit-roast!

      • Alex

        That is Benecio Del Toro clown.

  • Winston

    #14 well I remember that dress

    • Steamboat Steve

      Trey wore it better.

      • davo

        she could have done with some tits for that dress

  • saucypants

    #20 are clearly aliens in synthetic human bodies. You're not fooling anyone.

    • Ezy

      Nice body language, couldnt stand farther apart and still hold hands..

  • RandomTask09

    #28: That guy dodged a major (crazy head-shaving) bullet there.

    • Chris Crocker


    • Big Poppa

      Why u calling Brittany a guy?


      that was THE power couple of the 90's…every guy loved britney every girl loved timberlake

      • Yuppp

        Take that stupid website out of your replies ass bag.

  • Rhodophon

    #11 Mr. Martin was easily the worst part of Seven.

  • MigraineBoy

    #13 Thank God that's over….

    • hurricanesandy


    • Hrdwood

      I always picture Cartman's hand talking…"Oh Ben…."

      • saltygary

        By far the best South Part episode. "Taco Flavored Kisses"!

    • svp

      All hail Gigli!!

    • nuccabay

      oh ben you are so perky…taco taco!!!

  • RandomTask09

    Dude, Obama or Romney, take it somewhere else. We come to theChive to get away from this stuff.

  • Tiber_Septim

    if you are rich and famous guy, you date only the hottest richest women

    • Big Poppa

      not 'if' 'when' brother

  • Iphone Unlock

    I Like Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman very much.. Love you Both…

    • savagecabbage


      • socalmarti

        Clearly you guys should not be bagging on this guy, he's the one who un-locks your i-phones. 😉

    • Rapist


  • @undefined

    taking about politics is like arguing which way new toilet paper goes, up or down (it's up) no one will persuade the other and everyone just gets mad

  • Scolaighe

    Not quite La Ronde, but close

  • tommy

    R.I.P. Heath. That's cool. No R.I.P. Braittany? That's cruel.

    • England Chivette

      Totally agree!!

    • Hank Hill

      You beat me to this one. Totally agree.

      • Mac the intern

        #29 what about Ryan Philippe ?! His career died long ago you insensitive turds!

  • Dave on Wheels

    Who would i be paired up with? I'm practically a celeb now!

    • Dibo


    • tom foolery

      the suck me dry guy.

      • MiNty fresh

        Rosie Palms

        • Scuba Steve

          'Merica for life. Best troll ever

      • socalmarti

        Ding, ding, ding we have a WINNER!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • rickacha

    #28 I still don't understand how they become celebrities……they are soooo overrated.

    • Bryan Vickers

      The disney channel.

      • Bryan Vickers

        And Justin is hilarious and a cool dude

    • KingTaco

      You ever see Justin on Saturday Night Live? Shit was hilarious

    • Hunting

      That was when Brittany looked incredible… now she's just on the X-factor promoting the shit out of her double chin.

  • southernmost

    Fuck You

  • p1ll

    Recycling celeb STIs 101

  • Alison Lario

    wow those were from a long time ago! they're still at it though

    • Yuppp

      You are hot

  • Head Chef

    Clear favouritism show by the Chive. "RIP, Heath" no love for Brittany Murphy eh?

  • Simon

    I can make a difference in my country, but it won't make fuck all difference to America.

    Please stop abusing your rights and concentrate on being a better person yourself.

  • AveryJoe

    So close to a game of 'seven degrees of Kevin Bacon'

    • tralfaz

      That's what I was thinking, but with herpes.

  • unstablegirl

    #1 Sean Penn is going to punch you for taking that picture.

    • True Story

      he is highly overrated, and his directing is constipated every movie he as ever done. Don't believe me? I'll show you. think of when you are trying to take a dump, but it just wont come out; so you bear down with your stomach muscles. Now, think of what your head and neck feel like while you are doing that. He concentrates so hard on getting his work perfect, that he transmits that feeling into his movies. True story

    • Guse

      90% of people that frequent this site won't get that joke.

    • Big Poppa

      when did Sean Penn date Gaga?
      Green eggs and ham MF

      • Lord Muck

        Keep your fucking nose out the Falklands Penn, you wanker.
        God Save the Queen

        • P90

          True, not only do the residents of the Falklands want to be part of Britain, there have been British people living on the islands since before Argentina was even a country.

  • Dr. J. Fever

    This will rekindle as soon as the dust settles if Chris is as nice a guy as portrayed in the media.

  • Mike

    I like how Heath Ledger gets an RIP….nothing said for Brittany Murphy

  • Scott

    Pretty much Aston and anyone…?

  • poopman

    i figured there was no way january jones could get a job based on her acting skills.

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