• Jessica simpson

    James Bond made love at my dad

  • Richard

    Lazenby loses.

  • sean

    Great job!

  • Dave

    That's great! Thanks Chive!

  • myles

    no way moore beats connery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that sucks ass

    • Brian

      Connery dominates them ALL. The one way you can tell if someone is a true James Bond fan, is by asking them who was the best bond. if they say anything other then Sean Connery, slap them in the face for trying to have an opinion

      • fed

        too bad he came back wearing a toupee and having mr. Bean for assistant…

  • Lyra

    Oh come one, everbody knows Sean Connery could kick all of their asses!

  • quailman8907

    and this is just another reason not to use viddler. if only there was this amazing free option for posting videos…a place where all of the videos you post were already uploaded…that would be cool.

  • Dick

    James Bond was a limp wristed pussy. Everything is awesomer. Alec, did you have a cock in your mouth when you posted this?

    • Miyagi

      Don't be a Dic……Oh Wait…Right.

  • Obviously

    Its cause she is an internet prostitute, obviously

  • tazered.ra

    1000 apologies but as a Bond-mix it's incomplete.

    There's no David Niven from 1967's Casino Royale (or Peter Sellers from the same).

  • Lazy Jake

    Bond on Bond violence is never the answer.

  • OhioChiver

    Well done Brad! Excellent mashup. Shaken, not stirred…of course.B)

    • Dick

      It figures someone from Ohio would say something as republican as that

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