Devestation in the wake of Hurricane Sandy (57 Photos)

  • hot chivette

    people shouldnt be taking this lightly, making dumb jokes, or photoshopping pictures for drsmatic effect. my neighborhood in ny is destroyed. i lost my home and all sentimental things, some of my neighbors died, and some of my family is still missing. this is a true tragedy

  • Jim

    #41 #47 #50

    Respectively: Wow, the neighborhood where I grew up (my parents still live there), that garage is right across from the high school I went to, and the third picture is fake, from an art installation a while back, not from the hurricane.

  • SJSharks

    More to come according to geologists, in the next years.

  • villanovano

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    Imágenes de cómo Sandy ha hecho de las suyas en Nueva York. Una pasada…

  • sleptbeauties

    This is so hard to see. I live in Maryland,near bmore and DC, where the storm literally spun like a bitch and kept us in her path the whole time. We lost much of our east coast (ocean city) where some of those photos were taken. I have more photos if Chive is interested.
    My heart goes out to those in New York and New jersey. And to all of us who had to deal with this stupid bitch … ❤

  • skuz

    damn this makes me so happy i live no where near any kind of water

  • j. beckwith

    Photo of Time Square is not from Hurricane Sahdy. Shark swimming in street is photoshopped.

  • ElChippy

    I don't see what all the fuss is about. Doesn't look all that bad.

  • Mike Battaglino

    #18 This was a landmark in Manahawkin, NJ right next to Long Beach Island. The shack was the birthplace of a former mayor and it became somewhat of a tourist attraction right before you hit the bridge. Sadly we lost the shack to Sandy, and most of long beach island has taken a lot of damage to the point where the island will not be open for at least nine days according to officials.

  • dawe

    #50 tidiest mcdonalds i've ever seen

  • April C

    Being from Texas…this storm blew my mind. Snow and hurricane do not mix!!

  • Dennis

    I live in Jersey. Shit got crazy. I kept calm, but could not chive on till today. all my friends and family are ok. I've heard some horror stories though

  • Eric225

    #50 is fake (according to Yahoo! News) & #49 is not confirmed.. but still cool as shit.

  • lols

    i would say that all that water would clean out those disgusting subway systems but then i remember how disgusting cities are anyway and am glad i live in a place with a yard and fuck my sister

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