Hurricane Sandy damaged homes but not people’s spirit (35 Photos)

Via Buzzfeed

  • Crusty Foreskin


  • Dan

    Faith in Humanity Restored!

    • Kosta

      My friend and i took two days off from work and went to Ocean City NJ to volunteer with a pick up and an 18 cubic yard dump trailer and helped out 4 old couples clean out what was left of their houses. two were just old one was getting chemo every day and the other broke his hip 3 days ago. its sucks opening a rubbermaid container full of water that has an album titled "our wedding, july 1959" written on it floating around….

  • @Violaceousgirl

    Cheers! Hope everyone is doing well up in the northeast! thats my home town there!

  • N2MotoX

    Keep your head up! My thoughts are with you all who are dealing with my most hated name now!

    …..Sorry, Aunt Sandy and Uncle Dave!

  • Chiver

    Where's the Monday motivation allready !!!!! ?

  • neverfirst:(

    I saw DE on here…holy crap. .DelaWARE?

    • slagthor

      Don't be busting on the Small Wonder.

    • Sam

      Too bad Fenwick can't spell. The beaches here did pretty well though, nothing like NJ.

  • Nikki

    #5 I ❤ LBNY!!

    • will

      Lost the basement and my car on Minnesota's 😦 Long Beach will rebuild!

  • justme

    Love you New York!

  • Alex

    #19 I can't believe this is on here. I'm truly disgusted by this. Why the fuck would you guys post this? There is nothing funny about this. This offends so many people affected by the storm. I'm calling on the chive to please take this down!!!!

    • Guest

      Hey Alex, do you need the number for The Chive, it's 1 800 Get-A-Sense-Of-Humor. If that doesn't work I suggest you try 1 800 Go-Fuck-Yourself or 1 800 Your-Mom-Loves-My-Cock

      • bczu

        I thought it was rude but not enough to make a comment. Rather sit in traffic for a few hours than sit in my house with no power for days. Just got our power back last night….

    • jay

      fuck off

    • AlexLikesCock


    • r1rider

      you've obviously never been to L.A.

      • F U

        You're obviously not affected by sandy

    • mopar_man

      Untwist your panties and continue on with your day elsewhere.

    • Alex

      Obviously none of you fucks know anyone that lost everything and don't even have a home or a car to sit in traffic with. I live in a area greatly affected by sandy. I'm sure if I show my friends who lost everything that picture they'd freak the fuck out. No one in New York or New Jersey would find that funny. FUCK YOU ALL.

      • Sam

        The people who wrote that are in NY, look at the signature. They're just trying to cheer people up by saying NY is better than LA, even when it's in a disaster zone.

      • sqsilver

        If you're in an area so hard hit by Sandy, WTF are you doing on the internet complaining? Get off your ass, get out here, and help people instead of sitting at your computer (which obviously has power since you're here busting the Chive's balls).

        • Alex D

          I'm helping anyway I can. I currently have three families in my house from breezy point that lost their homes. I have an emergency generator connected to my house because I'm an electrician and value the need for electricity, so yes I have power.

    • Cyberfunker

      I agree with Alex on this one. For what I know nobody dies in a traffic jam. As a newyorker I find this very tasteless. And I know californians don't think that way.

      • Alex D

        Thanks cyberfunker. I know all these people bashing me are probably from California or some area not affected. Nice to see there is a fellow New York chiver on here who agrees with me

    • Eric Knudson

      I believe they were giving NYC praise, as in NYC with no power is better than Cali with it. Hence, these Californians are in NY and are not looking to return home because of Sandy, even though it's 72 and sunny with electricity back home. They love New York.

    • Laurie

      Alex, see "thenomadadventures" comment two comments below yours to understand. And take some Midol for heaven's sake, or eat a Snickers, or SOMETHING!

  • Cody Courtney

    i love that so many people gave away free power to charge phones lol

  • thenomadadventures

    #10 #22 and #34 – I love to see others helping out selflessly – cell phones are a primary form of communication in times like these to let family and loved ones know you're ok – to all those that offered free power = it may have seemed simple, but you helped out so many people – faith in humanity restored!

    • Rebecca

      This really makes me happy inside.

  • Jouhker

    Glad to see people kept calm and chived on. A lot of people helping a lot of other people= good stuff.
    I feel very lucky to live in Northern California where crazy shit like this doesn't happen. KCCO!

  • Annelise

    I needed this! Thank you Chive!!!!!!

  • Jimmy

    Definitely. These are typical pick-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps Americans. They will do whatever they can to get back to where they were before Sandy, many in better shape. You can see it there in the NE, you can see it in CA after a bad quake, you can see it in the Midwest after a devastating tornado. Imagine if more of these type of people lived in NO for Katrina. Instead you have people years later sitting around waiting on the government to do everything.

    Don't get me wrong, the govt needs to help, as they are now in the NE. People are using that aide but they are also using their own resources and willpower to overcome.

    • Shockteck

      I am predicting about 40 replies to this…

      • abefrolman

        Really no sense in replying. The news outlets sold the stories that people wanted to hear. Minds are made up. There is no sense trying to change the minds of those that were not here. Something I learned from Katrina: “Grin, bear it, move on” or more appropriately “KCCO.” Comments like this are just a troll's way of trolling!

    • 6_Crack_rocks

      Jimmy wins

  • Hey.Now.HEY.NOW.


  • daveh873

    Chive On NJ/NY. Proud (as always) to live in Jersey.

    • dragon2777

      New Jersian here as well, just got power back today (Monday) after 7 days of no power it was awesome that a bunch of people were giving out free power i totally used it a lot this week.

  • rsjem1979

    Great stuff, fellow New Yorkers (and NJ too).

  • LBIstrong

    The media talks too much about the despair caused by Sandy. Don't get me wrong I've seen the damage in person and it's tragic. But I've been cleaning up my family's house in NJ that was badly flooded, and I've seen so many people helping total strangers. People are driving around giving out coffee and food, or just walking up to people to help clean up. People around here are definitely proving that Sandy can't hold us down. Thanks for the support to all those outside the northeast, it helps remind us to KCCO. LBI is making a comeback.

  • Guest_of_Honor

    Wait, is it free or do I have to smile? 😐


  • moses

    Fuck New York and FUCK New Yorkers!

    • Shepard Wong

      How about FUCK YOU. you trolling ass-wipe

    • Dominic Matteo

      How about you shove a hot fire poker up your ass

    • rsjem1979

      You're just the worst. I feel sorry for you.

    • Mike

      So YOU'RE the asshole who introduced syphilis to our great state!

    • _Moose_

      The solidarity here in NY during periods of crisis is pretty amazing. Your comment is pathetic.

    • meantux

      watch out that karma is a bitch!

    • Bill

      Better yet FUCK YOU ASSHOLE

    • Ben

      I hope you die

    • mike

      I suggest a 9mm enema repeat 14 times

  • Anthony

    #30 Apopolypse would have been funnier 🙂

  • SeanYYC

    Please dont rebuild "Jersey Shore"

  • @LosSaysSwag

    I only hope this new wave of kindness and generosity long outlives the recovery period in New York.

  • Brian

    Keeping Calm and Chiving on i see……this is why i miss the east coast

  • Alisia

    best folder in a long time… MERICA!

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