Celebrity heights that might catch you by surprise (20 Photos)

Via Shine.yahoo

  • Knight dude

    Damn grave shift.

    • Yuuup

      Yea makes ordering chive shirts a bitch

    • professor

      i'm on vacation from my 3rd shift job …and i'm still living at night

      • Zappa

        +1, sorry 🙂

  • Dave on Wheels

    Guess how tall I am without my wheelchair? bet you'll never guess!

    • Andy Valentine

      Minus six imaginary feet?

      • amirite?

        Beat me to it you motorboatin son of a bitch!

  • Andy Valentine

    What the hell did I just bother scrolling through? Someone who was in a film is 5'7"? Does the President know?

  • asdfl


    this is all kinds of ass backwards.

    • asdfl

      actually i take that back. i thought kourtney was the youngest. didn't realize she was the oldest.

      • Sandy

        No she's just the midget. Which is sad since Kim is really short too.

  • Kahless

    Oddly enough yahoo just did a 'story' about this same nonsense last week…

    And since when the hell is 5'7" an 'interesting' height?

    • mfs

      I saw that story too. Is Chive ripping off Yahoo now?

      • fuckinidiots

        didn't see the reference at the bottom, eh?

  • tom

    The heights you listed are not all necessarily TRUE. And the women are wearing heels that probably add 3 inches so you can't really judge by the pics either.

    • Nice to MEET you

      Do you capitalize random words when you speak as well?

      • tom

        Sometimes. You COULD say it is an ACQUIRED skill.

    • ColaChiver

      It's not like they get these measurements when they have their heels on, Darwin.

  • BigManJones

    Aaaaaand, a swing and a miss.

  • iaDF!

    #5 wrong, Jason Priestley is 5'7"
    #14 wrong, Stallone is 5'10"

  • Vanessa K.

    Carmen Electra is 5'2.5".
    Shakira is 4'11".
    Jason Priestley is 5'7".

  • Just sayin'


  • shortiesunite

    Who cares how tall they are or aren't? And for all you shorty haters – it's obvious us shorter people are more talented.

    • Okram

      More talented at making shit. Look at the company you're in pip-squeak.

      • shortiesunite

        The company you're referring to are all millionaires and entertainment icons. FAIL

        • Skinny

          Someone has a "little man" complex. Big truck and Tapout shirt today?

          • shortiesunite

            nope, just brought my big dick with me

            • Skinny

              I'm sure. The top of the fridge still a mystery huh?

              • shortiesunite

                that's what stools are for, silly… U mad bro?

                • Okram

                  Just because of you i have to go beat up a little person today.

                  • shortiesunite

                    I'd love to see you try to beat me up. #alltalknowalk

                    • Skinny

                      Who's mad now?

                    • Shortiesunite

                      Ur mom seems pretty satisfied #shelovemyLONGPOST

                    • Skinny

                      Wow. You posted a mom joke. What else you have for us? Hahaha!

                    • davo

                      the guys a shortie because hes only 11 years old

  • Shawn

    How tall is Hollywood star, John Resig?

  • Nec

    Miss the centimetre unit

  • Dr_StrangePants

    I heard a while back that Shakira was only 4"11
    W/o the heels maybe?

    not that i really care, I just want to request more Shakira GIFs

    • Anotherwes

      True story, can never have enough Shakira GIFs…

  • sternsucks

    i wish the captions were smaller…

    • Skatr

      Font to small. Didn't read…. Fail

      • Mister E

        **too…you fail

  • tv_paul

    #2#4 Both ladies worth the climb.

    • Chris

      can you say 'Photoshop'? Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson are both 5'5"

      • dirtysteve

        Maybe they are the same height, but – heels.

        Women do love themselves some honesty!

    • Matt C

      I'm 5' 9". My Wife is 6' 2". We've been together 21 years. My advice to any guy: don't dismiss the tall gals. Definitely worth it.

      • tv_paul

        A taller women certainly has some angle advantages. BTW, I don't want to offend Selena Gomez because I'd definitely go down for her.

      • Rhein

        The prejudice usually goes in the other direction. I've never seen a guy turn a woman down because she was too tall….women however tend to prefer a gentleman taller than them.

  • Big Joe

    #15 I think is just perspective, Warren is a big guy, and a damn fine musician.

  • TheSimonizer

    #4 Rupert Grint noticeably taller than Daniel?? I wouldn't call 1inch "noticeably taller"

    • Adam

      But did you notice that inch? If so, the statement stands.

      • tv_paul

        I'd take an extra inch any day of the week…anywhere on my body (except my waist or in my case waste?)

        • Just Saying

          that's what she said, dam size queen.

  • http://euroranger.wordpress.com/ Euroranger

    This may be the very first time that I find myself out of all the fucks I don't give.

  • Kasey

    This post made me feel better about being 5'2. Just sayin.

  • simon

    I seriously don't get it, 6'4ish isn't that big right? Or are all 'Mericans pretty small?

  • sticktotheboobies

    this could be a one-off post, and that'd be fine. Who cares how tall anyone is?

  • GFj

    They make a huge deal about being 6' to 6'5". I'm 6'3" and I'm not really that tall. Go stand next to some NBA players if you want to feel short.

    • George

      yeah and tomorrow i should go compare my car at the indy 500…

  • Damien Loki

    #4 *AHEM* I believe the quote is;

    "At first, I was self-conscious about my height, but then I thought. FUCK that, I'm Harry Potter"

  • bigcityreem

    Man, I had no idea Taylor Swift was so tall.

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