The Melbourne Cup is really just a drinking game on a massive scale (36 Photos)

  • fucked

    …and not a single attractive female attended.

    • Green Moon

      They went to my place before they got that drunk!! A good time was had by all.

    • AmBush_Steve

      Damn you for making me go back and try and prove you wrong. Unfortunately I couldn't.

      Well done sir. Well done.

    • thenomadadventures

      what I've learned about Australia – the attractive females are AMAZING attractive – unfortunately they're few and far between – it's like finding a unicorn….



      • fucked

        I didn't know your vocabulary expanded past non-existing links

    • Dan

      Duh, why do you think the men were drinking!

    • m_ad_04m_ax_

      #21 though

  • Greg

    Looks like every chick there was buuuuusted

  • Shabooms

    #19 Reason #5,289 why I love those crazy kangaroo eating folk!

    • thenomadadventures

      i can buy kangaroo at a market in downtown Toronto – and it's DELICIOUS!!!

    • Emily

      No one eats kangaroo.. Ew!

  • tdog

    #19 is that what they mean by "down under"

  • twd22285

    Are there no chairs?!

    • arcstarq

      Not near the track. It's kinda standing room only.

    • @megantalks

      In a word, no.

  • MacTheWrite



    • rob

      Somebody please buy the girl in the green shoes a razor

  • tv_paul

    #33 I've kilt an man for less

  • tv_paul

    #17 Worst ventriloquist act ever.

    • MOAR


    • f u

      worst chive commentator ever

      • tv_paul

        Sorry, I can't read troll.

    • har

      why arent they kissing like the couple above them?

  • Spanky

    Was there several years ago. A 1 1/2 week party ending with a national holiday.

    • arcstarq

      *State holiday.

      • Mick Taylor

        Technically correct, but the whole nation stops for the race.

  • WheelieChair

    RIP Dave On Wheels!!

  • KeepinCalm

    #10 Only hottie in the bunch

    • crustybubblechunks

      Don't be fooled, it's the boobs

  • Meh

    #8 looks natural

    • Tom

      SJP has really put on weight.

  • This guy

    Where the f*ck are people getting these horse heads? What's the deali yo

  • (secretly white)

    White people…

  • Livin' Legend

    #33 It takes a real man to stage dive in a kilt.

    Or at least a real confident man.

  • Dominic

    Anyone else caption these photos with an Australian accent?

    • Greg

      As long as it's a "Strine" accent and not the kiwi/english amalgamation that so many Americans put on when attempting to sound Aussie…lol

  • Just sayin'

    Hungry womenz down there, aren't they?…
    Looks like a gong show.

  • thenomadadventures

    #5 – thinks he's gonna get luck later – in reality she'll be passed out in the cab on the way home

    – to the rest of you – you're all the kind of people that will look down on society with a thumb in your a$$ all holier than thou…..then make asses out of yourself and call it a good time…. – hope for humanity = slipping lower….

    • BostonGeorgo

      You couldnt be more wrong bud. Most of the people here are average joes dressed to the 9's to celebrate the event. I've been here first hand, you should try it and you'll realize what a good time it is.

    • Euroranger

      People having a good time pisses you off?

      KCCO isn't Latin for "feel free to be a sanctimonious judgmental bag of dicks".

      • thenomadadventures

        sorry – forgot we were in Latin class today….but thanks for the lesson – too bad you didn't correct my grammar or spelling too

        • Euroranger

          Yeah, I tend to let little faults like personal hygiene and spelling and grammar go. I realize not all folks are equally raised. However, I do draw the line at odious, repellent personalities. You really should look into that…y'know, considering how we're dispensing advice for how other people should act and feel.

          Seriously, whoever told you that condescension, pretension and general assholeishness was attractive kind of steered you wrong. Good luck with that in the meantime!

          • thenomadadventures

            glass house….people living in them…..throwing stones…..

            kettle….pot calling it black….

            I'm pretty sure there's a saying or 2 in there somewhere that maybe you should pay attention to….

    • DudeMan

      Yeah, so what's your fuckin' point?

  • passwordistaco

    "any damn where you want" – Australian for Trash Can

    • Charlie

      There aren't enough bins in the State to account for all of that mess. its easier to pick it up after everyone is gone

    • Dan

      we need one, because only mericans use the word 'trash'.

  • Smithers25

    This reminds me of Carolina Cup in SC. But with no hot southern sorority girls

  • Loki

    #8 a person in a horse head photobombed by another person in a horse head. Beautiful.

    • TheBAMFinater

      Missed that, thanks for the catch.



  • jokerz4fun

    So much beer….so many lol'z


    G R E T

  • freddy boy

    There was a race somewhere, wasn't there? Or does it even freakin' matter…

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