That’s a nice reflection (42 Photos)


    #13, Damn girl,you're fit and fabulous.

    • Womb_Raider

      And her bathroom is tidy. Some of these other gals need to take a lesson. But more importantly, she's a hard 10. Don't think I can cover that spread.

      • HOOK_the_LEGEND

        Yep, ain't no 'bluff' in that.

    • absure2

      Oh gosh yes! what a wopman

      • guest

        I love wopman…they are awesome!

    • Guesty

      I think that's Jennifer Stano

      • nope

        Jennifer Stano does not have a tattoo on her left side rib cage.

    • Solitaire

      don't forget #20

      That outfit is the shit.

  • Johnny

    #34 GO ROX!!!!!
    #42 moar of Bang McGee Please


    • Johnny


    • Bby1234

      Instagram: chandler_price
      That's her

  • 65massey

    I could see myself working in a Mirror factory, gonna have to look into that. Then when I retire I could sit back and reflect.

  • GeekyTex

    #32 Yay, It makes me happy she understood writing letters on herself backwards makes them look right in the pic when using a mirror! 🙂


    #12,Incredible invention….Boy shorts!

    • _DoC_

      I'm still baffled how they were ever called "boy" shorts and it slightly disturbs me I would be so attracted to anything with a male terminology. We need to petition to call them girl shorts or basically anything other than "boy"

      • HOOK_the_LEGEND

        Agreed, new 'Chive…ism'? Girl shorts,booty boffers, lulu lickers.

        • _DoC_

          I'm giving "lulu lickers" two thumbs up!

      • @DanielEvans24

        Agreed. I've never seen a guy wear them nor do I ever want to.

  • NastyNate

    #9 now its a very happy friday, and #14 curvy like fuck.. :p

    • mapbob

      #14 is Shelby Chesnes, a playboy playmate

  • Blake

    #39 Oh to be that dress

    • FunKiller

      Enough money, you could be that dress. That's Brittni Palmer aka. Riley Steele, apparently she quit the porn industry, now she's just a "dancer" in SD.

      • @DanielEvans24

        You can go to hell! Riley Steele & Brittni Palmer aren't the same person. This girl has nothing on Brittni Palmer.

    • JLW

      Riley Steele?

      • Ballistik

        Yes, Riley Steele. Boom bip

  • boob_cuddler

    #14 ok I feel much better now.

    • heckmantis

      Shelby Chesnes, playboy centerfold, unbelievable

  • BigtotheD

    #1 could have been first but got stuck admiring her, please find! 🙂

  • Bhodi

    #2 Yowzers!

  • askdjh

    Is it bad that I know who #39 is? Oh yeah and #2

    • Bhodi

      only if you don't share.

      • askdjh

        Riley Steele – Actress (wink, wink) / Twitter goddess

        • FunKiller

          X-Porn star…."dancer" now.


      its bad that you are not letting the rest of us know who they are!

      • askdjh

        Don't know #2 she just deserved a mention

        • fact checker

          google says monica lee paige and I tend to agree. nsfw

          • askdjh

            Was really hoping she wasn't a professional. Kinda ruins it

    • The Dude

      No, it makes you male

  • hootie

    #25 Tails always turn me on

    • DJ Davis

      Unless it's like an actual tail right?

      • guest

        like in Avatar?

    • John Bocanegra

      I second that.

  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    I'll take a #1 and a #36 please, hold the attitude, add extra bourbon please

  • Game Blouses

    #29 all day baby!!!

  • C'mon

    Girls are not very creative.. All do the same poses

    • Yerp

      Doesn't matter, hot as hell.

    • Tom?

      Actually they should realize that they have iPhones that shoot video. Stop snapping pics.

  • Cutts

    #29 = Perfection!

  • Patrick

    Thats a better post

  • Nig nig

    Lets get a little skankier ladies…. I know ur not gonna show the goods, but show ur slutty side

  • DDD

    #28 Love Fit women…..

    • DickFister

      Cheeseburgers are your friends …

      • Lukeatmacock

        Diabetes is not ….

  • CanadianPiper

    #2 I…I didn't make it past her.

  • John

    #27 reflection of perfection! damn!

  • CFCL22

    #3 #9 #29 all perfect

  • DDD

    #11 Sexy as Hell

    • assman

      a real piece of ass

    • Steve

      Damn near perfect……. MOAR PLEASE

    • Big Perm


    • techno_viking

      Ass on the sink is my new favorite pose…

    • fyuk

      eatin a sink with your ass is sexy?

    • shoggoths


  • AverageJohnnie

    aahhhhhh thanks for the great friday pick me up CHIVE

  • TheYesMan25

    #7 and the daily YES!! Goes to you. Well deserved!

    • Unfkngblvbl

      Dem heels!

    • Seattleite

      Deliciously spankable…

    • ken


    • DuncanIdaho33

      Perfection! You could crack an egg on her calves.

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