Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

  • Casey


    • Casey

      Oh and Ryan Paulson is my boy

    • äöü

      follow John .. on wheels

    • foul83

      #30 Jealousy on the far left.

  • Roach87



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  • bErMeNtAl

    #41 still makes me laugh like crazy!

  • Will

    #21 I wonder if the view from the back is as good as from the front???

    • IamAwesome

      There are more photos but I can't remember where I saw them.

      • penguin slayer

        DAMN you sir!

    • Child Please

      Based on the look the guy in the background is giving, I dare say it might be better

  • kellie

    Frglbrgl i love the chive

    • ggg

      Morglbl is a great band.

  • james

    #34 I'd still hit it

    • Clayton Dennis

      As would I.

    • Dr. Fuck That

      I'd like to say that I would, but I'm afraid of where those flies came from.

      • Mdree

        It's a vagina flytrap

    • ifeelstupid

      I can't figure out what the hell that's pointing at….what is it?

      • BSS

        Tunafly catcher. Specifically traps flies that are attracted by the smell of fish.

    • awww yeaaaaah

      Not me! That trap is somewhat of a buzz kill.

  • adam

    #51 no words need to be said just look in awe at how well she made that bed. You may now have a cookie.

    • What_Tha

      Amy Sue Cooper

      • i heart boobs


      • Guest

        Taylor chatley? Maybe?

  • Lisa

    #35 is great. Gotta love red white & blue boxers. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope all 3 of those men have a woman like #58 faithfully waiting for them to come home. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • dirtysteve

      Or a man! Or each other for that matter! maybe it's a non-traditional multi-way relationship?

    • Jasper

      #35 Chubbies for the win.

  • @Trollfric

    #23 I'm a fuckin tree!

  • Guest

    Who the fuck wants to die alone?

    • ...

      All dried up in a desert somewhere??

    • Mike

      All dried up in the desert sun?

      • ...

        Thanks I was wrong

  • jchenabc

    #3 #51 can i just say … there are some fucking BEAUTIFUL people out there !

    • JSJ

      Yes both are stunning!
      #8 would be but she just ruined her body for life

      • Ummm...

        Looks like paint. Not a tattoo.

      • Lee

        Definitely paint. Tattoo colors don't pop that much.

    • chivester

      and when you say people you mean boobs right?

  • 3hp

    #13 I couldn't figure out what kind of kitchen this is for the longest time and then it finally hit me. It's not a kitchen it's a laundry room.

    • Anon

      Sexist jokes.. those never get old. Not like they became unfunny ages ago when they were said 2million times either!

      • savagecabbage

        Bitch please… That kind of talk isn't gonna get me a sandwich any quicker.

    • Hmmm.

      Is sexy and all but workshops are no joke, you can easily get killed or lose something that won't grow back.

      • Wisti

        She's holding a grinder that barely even puts off sparks and is wearing a full cover face guard along with shorts…I suspect she's never used anything in there, her boyfriend just took the picture because she thought it'd be sexy.

        • tralfaz

          ….and she be right.

        • Graham

          I prefer to think of her female lover as having the idea in the first place… just saying

          • Hrdwood

            Would make sense with the grinding theme…

        • Wilmah

          my thoughts exactly, like there's nothing even on the saw horse she's leaning on that she could use the grinder on. she's really just practicing unsafe work habits.

    • chris magee

      forget all that. what the hell is coming out of her ass…. and for that matter what the hell is between the gap…. and for that matter who decided to harpoon this specimen.

  • scoot


  • Awesome-o

    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy.
    -Tom Waits

  • Alex


    • ass

      Clam the fuck down buddy

    • B money

      There's more than booty cheeks hanging out on #58

  • Fletch

    #56 For some reason every time I see this baby the voice in my head reads the caption in H. Jon Benjamin's voice.

    • 40 year old Chiver

      I hear Arthur's voice. Yes..from the 1980's movie. Damn I am too old.

    • guy

      Go home baby, you are drunk.

    • passwordistaco

      "For I am a sinner in the hands of an angry god. Bloody Mary full of vodka, blessed are you among cocktails. Pray for me now at the hour of my death, which I hope is soon. Amen." – Sterling Archer

      I love that show

    • thedude325

      For some reason this baby reminds me of John.

  • lebelge

    #3 #18 #40 ddddddddddaaaaaaayyyyyyaaaaaaaam!

  • Car Ramrod


    Mother of God….

    • Anotherwes

      How'd they steal this image from my dream???

  • EggSauceTed

    #34 Got to keep the flies out of the meth

    • BWaecker

      Wait what exactly is that?

  • N2MotoX

    #51 All day long! Very Tasteful!

  • Tiber_Septim

    #46 Incredible must have Moar!

    • Kato

      Dayana Mendoza. Google is your friend.

  • EggSauceTed

    Just want to leave a comment with #51 in it so I can easily find that picture in the future. fml

    • catmoustache

      You should use Tapiture my friend.

    • peach


  • ๋‚˜ ์ž…๋‹ˆ๋‹ค


    • Matt

      This is not a math quiz.

    • KRS1

      Whoppa Gangnam Style!

    • rogerThat

      #22 TRANSLATION- is that pedobear !!

  • djstout17

    #3 and #21 are amazing. #52 is a total "O face"

  • seatown

    #8 and #18… are awsome.

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