• JimG

    Ill hunt down and kill anyone who says cats are stupid, if u dont have something nice to say then FUCK OFF

    • http://twitter.com/lukeskynski @lukeskynski

      Mac? Is that you?

    • JimG

      Forgot to add Happy Friday and KCCO!

    • MylesofStyles

      Cats are stupid.

      • TMzzz


        • MylesofStyles

          A cat crusader calling someone a faggot – LOL.

    • findMe

      cats are stupid

      • MylesofStyles

        You owe me a beer.

      • TMzzz

        your mom fucks your dog

    • Kodos

      something nice

    • rob

      Cats are not stupid! Dogs are better!!!!!

      • TMzzz

        dogs suck!

    • jbb

      Cat's are stupid. They should have put him done and got a puppy instead.

      • 5280Blazin

        Everyone hates you

    • Kato

      Well, that escalated quickly.

    • RachelleS

      Look how mad you're getting…..

    • Sweaty Bretty

      Cats aren't stupid. You are.

    • fuck cats

      you're probably a cum guzzler

  • bigscreen

    First! Awesome cat

  • Tyler


    • kennedy

      It is hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha p.s. craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Nigel

    For god's sake…Whoever is cutting onions in here, please stop. I'm a man for crying out loud.

    • Kyle

      It is the dust, in my eyes too

    • TommyD

      Since when does crying out loud make you a man? *sniff*

    • Alex

      Sorry, that's my fault. I work at a restaurant and we were cutting onions earlier. I just got hit by those damn onions myself. If Chive were to have a mascot, I'd vote for Oskar.

    • guest

      Stupid alergies.

  • jay


  • De4dwe1ght

    Oskar the blind kitten and klaus. There's a version with a song from smith's cloud on YouTube. Pretty sad. Inspiring as well, considering how well he does without having eyes.

  • MTBronco

    Chive on, little Oskar!

  • Vinnie

    Nice to see people don't shun away the animals that have been neglected by others. Me and my gf have adopted a cat last year with only 3 legs and like Oskar, he is full of life and nothing has slowed him down. Great video chive!

    • Justin

      My wife and I adopted a dog with three legs, and she is just as fast as the rest of our pack. Nobody puts Macy in a corner!

    • newlymrsR

      Actually, from what I've seen they're usually the first ones to be adopted! Everyone's a sucker for an animal with a missing limb, eye, or any sort of disability. Animals bring out the best in people 🙂

  • BamaChivette


  • Lint6

    If you don't let out even a little "d'awwwww" wtching that, you dont' have a heart

  • DunnTastic

    This video is proof that the terrorists have lost…

  • Scooter

    *sniff* dang saw dust *sniff*

  • David

    Definitely made me cry a little. So. Fucking. Adorable.

  • temujin1234

    Very nice.<img src="http://rd.revolvermaps.com/h/m/a/0/fff600/128/0/3nhw3w9wekq.png&quot; alt="." border="0" width="1">

  • shoelessjoe

    I come to the Chive to escape from cat videos.

    • George

      I don't recommend stopping by tomorrow either then. But being they have a post strictly for cats and even a T-shirt, it seems you are in the minority on that view

    • Tim

      Then don't click on the cat videos showlessjoecunt.

    • 5280Blazin

      Fuckin weekday Chiver.

    • KCCOanyway

      We come to the chive to escape whiney people like you…

    • Nicnac

      But obviously not from thumbs down…

  • Jeff Albertson

    Good kitty…

  • Tiber_Septim

    kitty's natural curiosity and playfulness win the day! so freakin cool,

  • BCi

    What is this salty discharge?

    • Yo Yo Ma

      Jizz. More precisely, cat jizz.

    • Renoob

  • ray

    I LOVE Oskar!!!!!!!!

  • mopar_man

    You guys are a bunch of fuckers. First, I scroll through the "Slippery when wet" gallery under this and then I have to watch this super cute video?

  • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

    So damn adorable.

  • captainmalcolm

    Oh man, right in the feels! Chive On little buddy!

  • http://twitter.com/Aowyn77 @Aowyn77

    Kitteh! Great video CHIVE. Now I have a smile on my face 😀

  • Yak Surfer

    Not ashamed to say I laughed and cried.

  • Kodos

    CHIVE, y'all come at me with all this.. I'm feelin' a little emotional right now.. can I just get a hug from you or somethin'?

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