Caution: slippery when wet (48 Photos)

  • Harry Balasagna

    #24 is doing it right…

    • Notknowing

      Boing!….SQUISHAAAYYY!……….ya, this works for me.

    • guest

      Who is she – hope there are nude photos of her!

    • Andykan

      I just licked my monitor.

    • bob

      Pamela Quick – I win the internets today

  • poiuy

    Hello Chive team!

    • gust

      why would anyone give this guy thumbs down?

  • Billy

    #28 Want to touch the hiney!

    • Stinky Dog

      Sooo hot…

    • Tell me

      who is #17 ?????

  • AboutGorramTime

    #33 I almost forgive you for wasting all that beer.

    • OmahaDude

      Probably Miller Lite or some other wretched "light" beer not worth drinking. I forgive her.

    • Teddy Roxspin

      I need to drink with this chick!

    • Drex

      Have fun, KCCO from Chile

      • sfb101

        Had fun, Thanks Derx!
        Hope your chillin' in Chile!


    #28,#31,#36,#46 Rock solid ass here…

    • NYCLightsOut


    • Da Nig Nagga


    • Bone feeder

      Blow dat ass up!!

  • wkdfrog

    #21 HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

    • guest

      WOW – who is she?

      • DavidZH

        That, dear guest, is Kate Upton. Google is your companion for the next few hours… 😉

  • N2MotoX

    #21 #38 That's we you never complain about how cold the water is at a swimming pool!

    • JohnnyDingo

      What about when your nutsack shrinks so much it looks like you haven't been through puberty?

      • Slim Jim

        its cool thats when you tell her to warm them up for you

    • Toni


      Audrina Patridge

  • BAM


  • FunKiller

    #40 Hey Violacious, looking……wet!!

    • GlibTongue

      Seriously? This girl needs to go away. Someone is STARVING for attention. Especially if they're posting and submitting pictures to tons of different web-sites. Loyal chivette? Bah.

      I rest my case.

      • Kyle429

        Well, you better pick your case back up, because you're a dumbass. That @AmateurU shout out was to their Twitter account, not the actual website. Go somewhere else with your negativity. We don't need or like it here.

        By the way, how does 2 websites = "tons is different web-sites"? She doesn't have to only submit pics to theCHIVE. Being a loyal Chiver/Chivette is so much more than just submitting pictures.

        • hello?

          Eh, follow her twitter account for 15 minutes, she's BEGGING to be COTW constantly and/or bitching about whatever post she didn't make it into. She does have great boobs and overall a great body but pretty much a butter face. and an annoying one at that.

          • Kyle429

            She hasn't "begged to be COTW" in a long time, and she's not bitching about not making it into a post, she's just saying what posts she did/didn't get posted in. Grow the fuck up.

            • hello?

              a couple of weeks doesn't make for a long time in my book. and yeah, she does bitch about what she does or doesn't make it into. not exactly sure what about my comments caused the 'grow the fuck up' comment from you but if it makes you feel better than here's to ya. dick.

      • FunKiller

        Well…..I still like her boobs, and overall she's not bad to look at.

        • zackgonick

          Agreed. That face and body are top-notch!

      • Hampsterstand

        All I hear is "waah waah waah". They're boobs, and good ones at that. Cry somewhere else.

        • He who shits

          Nah he's right, she's an attention whore and needs to go away. Any girl that bitches about not being COTW as much as this girl (see: her twitter account) does NOT deserve to be COTW..

          She needs to get back in touch with her father, maybe he's ready to give her attention after all these years.

      • @Violaceousgirl

        you know your comments are just getting my more followers right? derp. sometimes i think you are on my side.

        • KBCool

          Feel free to keep posting

        • Skenk

          Well it's certainly not your face that's getting you more followers, that thing is made of straight butter lol

          You're not the only chick in the world with a decent set of tits you know.

          Your father probably misses his daughter during the holiday season, give him a call.

        • Nice

          I'd drop one in you any day for f them

        • And??

          who even've got grat boobs and a rocking body.. I could care less about anything else. I look at you bc you are hot…not bc I want to get to know you..these douches on here must have no life to care past that. It is what it is.

        • Nutterball

          Colder Water next time please!

          Everything looks great and we are always looking forward to MOAR.

    • lucid_eye

      You stir up more controversy than Paula, but hey I just see the same comments every time your picture is up (from the same ass bags. And for those that do not follow this goddess on twitter, she does not bitch or moan at all and you are missing out on some great photos.

      • Kyle429

        Aye! This man speaks the truth!

      • @Violaceousgirl

        yeah i really didn't want to stir up controversy. i just like taking photos and if the chive posts them they post them! i'm not holding a gun to their head. just trying to be creative and appeal to whats popular out there. this is my new hobby and I'm not going to stop no matter what. i love the chive, but whats important to me is taking better pictures each time. just trying to be myself =D

        • lucid_eye

          Keep doing what you love and we will keep drooling with our jaws on the floor.

        • Redhead Lover

          I love you Violaceousgirl! You're favorite Redhead/FLBP Chivette! idk why anyone would ever complain about a beautiful women

  • jaydawg

    #19 Who?! My god! Must find!

    • Mr. Somewhat Awesome

      Takin a guess but I think its Heidi Spencer…

      • Unfkngblvbl

        My last name is Spencer and I take offense. Her dude's first name is Spencer, though…still take offense.

    • kingblc

      its Heidi Montag or something like that. She is a fake plastic reality star person trying to hold onto her 15 minutes. I am sure you can find her all over the web. Give her a year and I am sure she will be in porn too.

      • Gonz

        #41 Denise could take a page from Heidi. Damn shame what having a kid did to her fun bags. Remember how awesome her tits used to be?

        • GuntherSquirrel

          I would rather have Denise any day

        • sandy astroglide

          She had her implants removed. The kid didn't do it.

    • Brad

      That's Heidi Montag. She's all plastic lol

      • Mr. Somewhat Awesome

        +1 so true

    • Jeremy

      Google trashy plastic whore. or Heidi Montag

      • Mattman

        omg I did a google image search for "trashy plastic whore" and she's actually the first picture! That's awesome.

        • Rich

          I had to test this; it's true

      • GuntherSquirrel

        That, is, hilarious!

    • brsox

      thats Heidi Montag…

    • RazorChiver

      Heidi Montag

    • ps86

      Ms. Potato Head

      • busterbrown

        watch the show thats enuff to turn anyone off of her.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Is that Heidi Montag?



    • Jaydawg

      Ew, but she looks good there.

    • Corey

      Heidi montag

  • shetakeshervitamins

    #8 will never drown

  • Mr. Somewhat Awesome

    #3 is just awesome… Damn, take it off already…

    • Eric

      She did, it's Lucy Pinder.

    • Notknowing

      It's a beautiful sight. Made my Friday.

      • Mr. Somewhat Awesome

        Eric…. Thank you sir…. Missed that..There's apparently two reasons why I did!

  • r1rider

    #47 dear lord!

    • Notknowing

      I hope the rest of this gif has a happy ending.

      • NoodlumNad

        For the love of god! who is this?

  • firefighter 21

    #29 mmmmmm MOAR please

    • Tom


      • don

        Veronica vice

  • BRAD

    #13 #27 #34 in love engaged!

  • Kodos

    WaterWorld – The Improved Version

    • Sean

      You have to love our WA chivettes!

  • Just sayin'


    • Kyle429

      If you want moar, follow @Violaceousgirl on Twitter. Trust me, you will want to be there for this weekend. 😉

  • chron247

    This entire post is F'n awesome, especially #3. All except for one, does #5 look like a lady boy to anyone else? Take a closer look.

    • ps86

      yea i have trouble looking at any asian chick the same after hangover 2

      • FreddieMac

        Relax, the lovely asian lady is Risa Yoshiki, a 25 year old Japanese glamour model and actress… and all woman.

        • UncleRoast

          If 'she' is 'all woman,' as you say, then what is that is her bikini bottom? Feces maybe?

    • AnyoneForCoffee


      • chron247

        @AnyoneForCoffee – LMFAO… Finkle and Einhorn!!! That's awesome.

    • bupon

      I think someone's been to Thailand…lol..if she is a Ladyboy she's a good looking one.

  • Burt Reynolds

    I rikey!!

    • Dirk Diggler

      THIS is why every time I have time off from work, I vacation in Asia…

    • mshark

      rub a dub dub…fo ho's in a tub

  • bz1

    #7 & #40 MOAR, please!!!!!!!

    • Kyle429

      #40 is @Violaceousgirl on Twitter. 😀

      • Fritz mcgitz

        Bro she's not gonna fuck you for pimping out her twitter account, so just stop. Her account is just a bunch of bitching about not being COTW anyway

        • Kyle429

          First off, I'm not trying to get in her pants, I'm just trying to be a good friend and help promote her Twitter account. Second, she hasn't even mentioned anything about not being COTW in like a month. Go somewhere else with the negativity, "bro".

          • Fritz mcgitz

            *Be a good friend(zoned)

            Lol who has Internet friends anyway bro?

            • Kyle429

              I might be in the friend zone with her, but at least that's closer than you're ever gonna get, asshole.

      • lucid_eye

        I want to know what kind of depraved closet case cruises through pictures of all of these beautiful women looking for something to bitch about.

  • gameoverjc

    #42 and #43… guess I'm the only one who likes Asians as well? Oh well, more for me ~

    • Bucky Jones

      #42 Jamie Chung is so hot…

      • Good Wood Indy

        Real World actually did something right.

      • Kato

        Go and see Sucker Punch… you won't be disappointed.

    • Dirk Diggler

      You are not alone…

      • Yes


  • LostBroncoFan


  • hfdx

    #28 #34 The lord is good.

  • captainmalcolm

    #2 Had to literally stop to take in this picture. Amazing.
    #26 Love the contrast of B&W and color, and she has ink!
    #40 Why, hello there Violaceous!

    • Levian

      #2 definitely stopped me dead in my tracks. Most gorgeous woman I've seen on the chive yet!

    • UncleRoast

      Agreed about #2

    • Phil

      Susan Coffey

  • stevedampman

    pretty sure I just wet my pants.

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