Cat Saturday (24 Photos)

  • first


    • äöü

      in wheelchairracing

  • droppin loads!

    #25 this cat has changed my life.

    • kyle

      Who owns this cat lol

    • LeO

      I always look forward to this kitty. He's motivational

    • Justin

      This cat actually belongs to the guy from UP.

    • Mike

      I really love that cat.

    • prpl

      Dog person here but I would strongly consider owning this cat. If only to spend most of my time trying to make it smile

    • Hazel

      Oh my god – me too! me too! I love him soooo much. I lovingly call him Curmudgeon Cat

    • Dee

      I LOVE Grumpy Cat!!!!!! I want a calendar and a t-shirt of him.

  • Fred Flintstone

    How much chive could a chiver chive, if a chiver could chive chive?

    • Bamajess

      all of it

    • Justhadtofinishthis

      A chiver would chive as much chive as a chiver could chive if a chiver could chive chive.

    • tim


    • Jacky NooM

      On monday.

  • Jasmine

    Man, I gotta get the taste of tuna outa my mouth.. . . . wait, where did that hair come from??

    • Guest

      Why were you going down on a skank?

  • arryah

    Must have #24!

  • Kayla

    I've tired to get my cat on cat saturday for a while now, Is my kitty not pretty enough for you chive??

    • TheChiveKing

      No, it's not

    • lakotta

      join the crowd… multiple submissions, only 1 posted.

    • JayMackB

      They simply don't have room… Mac is still drunk today so he put the laser chasing gif in twice.

    • majorfathead

      You sure it's not a dog?

    • Mr. Innuendo

      I'm sure your kitty is plenty pretty…

    • @NorCalChiver

      you have to think about it. they probably get a couple hundred submission, and only post 24 pics. just think about how man sexy chiver pictures they get in…

  • Tom

    #11 Go Pro commercial!

    • mike

      and a cool one at that!

    • DoubleNickelJP

      Beastie Boys music video?

      • Huh

        Yes! Exactly what i was thinking

  • Gallus

    #18 – Ah, yes. I know that expression well. "Humans! What the hell are they up to now?"

    • Owen

      Surely surely you mean mutants

  • clntber_fer

    i know there is a caturday shirt but the chivery should put out an actual mac shirt. i even have an idea for it. fuck the shirt design contest! #3

  • Canucks_Rule

    #13 – imagining the chivette without the sweater.


    #13 that is a beyond beautiful smile, but what's going on with the thumb?

  • Kato

    #9 Made that mistake a long time ago. It was tailor-made too. This kitteh is wise indeed.

  • JayMackB

    Cat Saturday is the only reason I get out of bed in the morning, well Cat Saturday and bacon…

  • Kodos

    Kitty is not impressed.

  • Swizzle dick

    #13 wipe that smug look of your face cat…no need to gloat

  • Tiber_Septim

    #1 hold on bro I am coming to rescue you

  • Mr_liqour_liver

    #25 just got in trouble at work cause i LOL'd a lil too much at this one…classic "i iz having trouble caring about what you think" face

  • King

    We need moar of chivette #13

  • m.c.

    best part about #18 on the dvd is you can hear him kill the cat when the camera pulls away.

  • C.N.

    for the love of god we need to see Moar of #13

  • kmotamed

    #2… lives in da HOOD!
    #13… I'd be smiling too.
    #16… grumpy cat = grinch cat

  • Dr. Evil

    #7 & #9

    For this, you die in your sleep!

  • LaRollo411

    #24 absolutely adorable!

  • nbree

    #25 I don't think I will ever get tired of Grumpy Cat.

    • Byron_Black

      Me neither!

    • Parkview

      To this,#25 says

  • Lefkos

    Puss in Boots brother!

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