Sunday seems like a good day for lingerie (32 Photos)

  • The delicious one

    Yummy yummy gumdrops

  • Lala


    • Canada


  • Lala


  • That guy

    Chicks man

  • Guest

    Sunday funday

  • Bee

    #8 makes me want to get into shape, so than maybe I would have a chance with her

    • imyourhuckleberry

      You still wouldn't

      • Jen

        This is true. Lots of guys have great bodies but ugly-ass faces, douchey personalities, small dicks, or all 3 😉

        • You/me

          Still single then?

    • A. Nalbleachor

      She needs a good anal bleaching

    • steve

      Literally thought the exact same thing

    • Guest

      Free advice. Work on increasing the size of your portfolio and thickness of your wallet. That'll draw them in quicker than biceps.

    • sukosd

      You can look how ever you want my friend. Its all about state of mind. That's how you pull woman.

  • Boobman

    #27 total package!!

    • Frostback

      Moar is needed. Oh yes…

    • Solitaire

      Agreed! We need moar of this one.
      also, #4 is a horrible tease, but it'll pass.

      • tralfaz

        DAMN YOU K !

    • itstrue

      I love you my future wife

  • Txchiver

    #2 I do

    • Notknowing

      Will do.

  • Magnus

    Any day is a great day.!

  • TheCanadianGuy

    #8 Good gord that is hot!!
    #20 smack able ass!

    • Anon

      #20 is bibi jones

  • Nasty N8

    #13 and #8
    Gave me a boner

  • boob_cuddler

    #15 yes today is a good day for lingerie.

  • 3hp

    #2 I'm jealous of your husband.

    • Jak

      That's her right hand, not her left

      • CaliChiver

        Are you dyslexic? Or dumb?

        • Her right hand

          She took the picture in the mirror. Therefore, that ring is on her right hand. Please take a minute and think about that.

          • JLW

            But the white lingerie, the garter, and the veil don't make you think she's getting married?

            • Her right hand

              I would agree with the fact she is getting married…or got married…but I felt CaliChiver was a little hasty in calling someone dumb when in fact there is no ring on her left hand. I just get tired of people jumping right to the "you're an idiot" comment before, like you, explaining why the other person might be wrong.

  • Tillman61

    #32 Most impressive – Thank you

    • absure2

      Very pretty lady!

  • NeedleFapper

    #27 is absolutely perfect, in my opinion. Beautiful!

    • foul83

      Very nice. Like the thong hanging in the background too.

  • McGee86

    This post cured my hangover

  • Maxwell

    32 should be my new sugar baby 🙂

  • JJMCali

    #30 please be careful and don't tip over. oh and MOAR

    • Rod


  • Halls

    I'm hung over and I approve this post…. could do with more Redhead though

  • yep

    #2 …. FIND!!!!!

    • GBE

      Looks a bit like Jessie Rogers

    • i think

      jessie rogers

  • CosmicMonkey

    Think she's saying "2 for the price of 1". But that could be wishful thinking ony part.

  • eww

    thanks for the boner chive. Looks like ill be 15 minutes late for my shift at Moes.

    • Terri

      Wash your hands

  • Michael

    #30 YES!!!

  • Glory

    Lingerie Sundays is the perfect name on the perfect day for a perfect post!!! Lets make it a weekly ritual!!!

  • bst

    #15 gets my vote.

    • tralfaz

      Hey, does anyone know where I can see some exclusive funny images?


      Exclusive funny Images :*

      • Wow

        go away.

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