Putting the explosive career of Bruce Willis in the spotlight (45 Photos)

There are some notable omissions from this gallery, so feel free to let me know what I missed…

  • Aztek


  • Z_b

    Time for a Bruce Fucking Willis shirt??

    • http://www.pricehound.ro dan

      is bruce fucking willis ?

    • os310

      yippe ky-yeah it is

      • RobyGC

        I dunno, Bruce Yippie Kay Yay MotherFuckin Willis sounds all well and good until you write the damn thing down.
        Maybe as a Hoodie – Up one arm across the back, and down the other. Hm…

        • DrGarnicus

          Well, you wouldn't need to write it on the shirt, just like with the BFM shirts. Once the actual name of the shirt is known, no need to emboss it.

          And yes, Bruce YKYMF Willis works quite nicely!

  • RandomTask09

    #6: Why the hell didn't those planes go to a another airport? There are two more in D.C.

    • brian

      "hey carmine, let me ask you something….. what sets off the metal detectors first? the lead in your ass or the shit in your brains?"

    • theeDICKsmith

      It wasn't in the script, der

    • jaczor

      Because then there would be no movie, duh.

  • Tiber_Septim

    #21 the Fifth Element FTW

    • Anon

      No sir I am a meat popsicle.

    • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

      Greatest movie ever..

    • Needlegun13

      Lilu Dallas Multipass!

      • luka

        Haha. YES good one.

    • SuckaMC

      I could agree…. but Looper is right up there..

    • Rick

      super green!

  • SAChiverSteven

    #16, Pulp Fiction…

    • RobboJohn

      One of my favorite movies ever.

  • Anonymous

    #29 am I the only one that thinks this is horribly photo shopped?

    • TylerDerpen

      Chandler has a giant arm…. Reaching straight for Bruce Willis' penis.

      • hhmm

        Did you refer to him as Chandler because you forgot that his real name is mathew Perry?

        • The truth

          I believe he was refrencing the on going joke in friends that Chandler is gay, hence why he refered to Matthew Perry as Chandler instead of his real name.

          • The Truth

            *referencing, opps

            • the lie


  • thisisram

    What about his movie "The Kid!"

    • Slootis

      Love that movie.

  • K&P

    Willie an' Neesons. Willie straight unbreakable son!

  • That Guy

    The Expendables? or just the second one of those? met him once,Nice guy, blamed his fart on a dog though

  • SLJ

    #16 Does Marcellus Wallace look like a bitch?!

    • peanut3603


      • The Shepherd

        Say what again!

  • chansofresh

    #33 jason statham?

    • SomeBeans

      Nope. Here's your sign

    • Morten Prang Norup

      My initial thought, too… He does indeed look a lot like Statham on that pic, but the jaw "gives" him away.

  • http://cinemaplastique.tumblr.com MigraineBoy

    Man, if you scroll real fast, you can see his hairline creeping back.

    • anonymouse

      his hair is just backing away slowly as he gets more badass

  • Fox

    Lucky number slevin?

    • Fanboy

      Awesome fucking movie!

      • Andy Valentine


    • Teejay

      A great movie!

  • DHF

    He was the voice of Mikey in Look Who's Talking (1989) and Look Who's Talking Too (1990)

    • Silverstone

      True, but I think they mean ones where HE'S IN FRONT of the camera!

  • Casey

    #45 Looper is honestly some of the best work I've seen him do. And it's overall a fucking AMAZING movie.

    • RocketBoots

      Total agreement here. I love his stuff as a whole, but Looper is a whole different level.

  • Andy Valentine

    We need BFW t-shirts, amirite?

  • SumTinWong

    They show Cop Out and not the Last Boyscout?

    • Eric

      Yes they did, #11

  • Latrobechiver

    yippy cai yay Mr.Falcon

    • Claude

      I thought "melon farmer" was a funnier dub.

  • sumonedum

    look again dumbass it's #12

    • sumonedum

      or #11

    • Ryan

      Swing and a miss.

  • brucerules

    still the fucking man, i agree he needs a shirt

  • creance

    Where is Lucky Number Sleven?
    Die Hard 4?

    • http://www.pricehound.ro dan

      die hard 4 #38

  • Grant

    Lucky Number Slevin is missing. It was a great movie and he helped make it so.

  • Brian

    The expendables are missing too…

  • crazydog

    red was an awesome show

  • touchmybigbird

    Four rooms, twelve monkeys, last man standing wins!BFW shirts

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