So this is what passes for a prison in Norway, I guess (14 Photos)

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  • P90

    Almost any major country that exists can put forward a multitude of reasons through either social or technological advancements that the world is better off because of them. Britain for instance has been said by to have 'Invented the modern world' because the majority of world-changing social reforms, inventions, technological firsts and scientific discoveries over the last 200 years have originated in Britain. Now obviously being British that makes me proud but that does not make me blindly spout the 'Britain is best and nobody else's accomplishments matter' bullshit that comes across in your comments, that is not the mindset of a truly 'educated' man .

  • kjwalle

    For those of you thinking you can just sail your pirate ship into Norway and commit crimes to be put in one of our prisons, your wrong. Unless you are a Norwegian citizen you will most likely be sent home to serve your time in your home country. If your country is planning to kill/torture you upon your arrival you will not be sent home, depending on Norways extradition treaty with your country of origin.

  • Deereesh

    oh please. the Massacre of political camp "Breivik" will never get out of jail alive or in time at 21 years.

  • MissVega84

    You know when people say "Man, this place is like a prison" this isn't what they are talking about.

  • baldij

    It's like that because the country has no gangs, no Blacks, no Hispanic and no discontent of their society!

    • Miller0700

      LOL, like those are the only four things that are responsible for crime.

    • Norwegian

      Yeah we do, we got all of the above!

  • mullex

    let's go to sweden…..

  • John

    Impossible to compare America vs. Norway. Norway is a small country that got rich because it sits next to an ocean of oil. Granted, it seems to be doing a good job managing it's extensive resources but this sort of luxury would disappear if they ever run out of that black gold.

  • Jody

    I serve in the US Army as an infantryman. The living quarters we are given, and the opportunities we are eligible for, are not even half as luxurious as what I'm seeing here. Sad that one can do so much for their home country as an upstanding, law abiding citizen and see criminals receiving this five star service. Personally, it probably works tons better than the current US correctional process.

  • james

    coming from a norwegian, prison here is a joke

  • LazyViking

    Prison rape is optional there as well.

  • NCHedonists

    Take a lesson, no attacks on security, in-fighting or attempts at escape. And little difference in what the US spends on inmates.

  • Rich

    Free rent, food, shelter, outdoor recreation? Sounds like a nice retirement home. Where do I sign up?

  • someone
    built like a polarbear, scary dude

  • norrrr

    If they started to record new episodes of Prison Break here… they would call it ''Ikea break''

  • inkstained

    Those prison facilities are helluva lot nicer than my college campus was, and at the time, tuition was one of the highest in the country (US).

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