So this is what passes for a prison in Norway, I guess (14 Photos)

Via Gughifassino

  • RandomTask09

    #12: Is she a guard, a prisoner, or a conjugal visit option?

    • ElChippy

      Judging by the pen and shoulder thingys; never can remember the name of them; I'd say she's a guard.

      • RandomTask09

        Was the word: Epaulette?

        • r@f

          Complimentary Female Intercourse Officer

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      And I have my 'Fap Girl Of The Day'.

  • Tiber_Septim

    Looks like a hotel with a work shop and grocery store

    • Dr_StrangePants

      I've lived in colleges more derelict than a prison….mind-fuck

  • Mathias

    Welcome to Scandinavia, my friends. Even in prison, people KCCO.

    • Not Scandanavian

      I really respect how you treat even the worst among you like human beings. It is something we should all try to do.

  • EML

    Poor Breivik.

    • Rafe

      No shit….pretty solid flaw right there.

    • Moog

      I can assure you he's "enjoying" completely different conditions… Also, it is not correct that prisoners can't be for longer than 21 years. The maximum sentence is 21 years, but it can then be extended by for instance 5 or 10 yrs at a time. In some cases you will spend the rest of your life in jail, but this is rare. The Norwegian prison system is based on rehabilitation rather than punishment.

      • chucklesclown

        Correct. 21 years is a maximum sentence, but prisoners who are deemed dangerous may be held indefinitely as preventive detention. When Breivik was given the maximum sentence of 21 years, Norwegian officials made sure to note that his release would almost certainly never happen.

        • Mark

          what is Brievik's prison like? He should be sent to a saudi prison.

          • dhimmi

            I think that was what he was originally trying to prevent wasn't it?

    • SouthernRebel18B

      He's currently being housed at Ila, a far different kind of facility.

  • Hill

    I think what matters is what their government spends on total prisoners per capita, not per prisoner. I would guess far less than the US

    • Haptic

      um, per capita means per person… i think you meant "..spends on total prisoners, not per prisoner."

      • Indeed

        I think he meant how much each citizen ends up paying. Since the US has the highest rate of incarceration in the developed world, we still may end up spending more of our taxes per taxpayer on prisoners.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah… if/when I get laid off, I'm coming here and commiting a crime against some asshole who deserves it. Those "cells" look nicer than my apartment.

          • SouthernRebel18B

            Hahahaha…yeah…and if you're lucky, they'll keep you for 21 years. Wait til you're in your 50's and BOOM.

    • mick0311

      <div class="idc-message" id="idc-comment-msg-div-495433263"><a class="idc-close" title="Click to Close Message" href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(495433263)"><span>Close Message</span> Comment posted. <p class="idc-nomargin"><a class="idc-share-facebook" target="_new" href="; style="text-decoration: none;"><span class="idc-share-inner"><span>Share on Facebook</span></span> or <a href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(495433263)">Close Message Yeah, this shit works when there are fifteen people living in the country. Balloon this shit up to 350 million and see how broke you motherfuckers get.

      • c-dub

        This comment makes no sense.

      • AUSChiver

        Not a valid argument. It's all relative, so, it comes back to the fact that you Americans have a more prisoners per capita than any other country. That is what is making you broke. Not the money spent on each

  • pimpampet

    This is conventional for a prison, it are the prisions in movies (usa?) that are weird.

    • Dandude

      Because the prisons in South America, Central and East Asia are all dandelions and butterflies right?

    • Steve

      Pimp, it really isn't !

      • Chester

        Steve, it really *aren't*, apparently.

    • Rafe

      Conventional by what standards? Rich, solitary northern Euro standards? The vast majority of prisons in the world are wayyy, wayyyy shittier than US prisons

    • Beacon

      That is what happens when you privatise the prison service – that profit margin is more important than anything.
      Why do you think the 3-strike rule is popular?

      • Chaosd

        dude wtf are you talking about. there are very very few privatized prisons and the worst prisons on the planet are run by governments.

        • goobernatorial

          cca runs 60+ facilities in the us, several of which are under investigation for being thinly-veiled thunderdomes.

          • Chaosd

            You crack me up, 60+ of the thousands of prisons in the US is still "very few". Also if it is so "thinly-veiled" then why haven't charges been made? Either the investigators are so stupid that they can't see through the "thin veil" or the truth is you are full of BS. I'm calling BS on the whole "thunderdome" thing.

  • repoman86

    Backup Life Plan: 1) Move to Norway. 2) Commit crimes.

    • dacky2

      Don't joke about that, it has been a real problem. Norway has been working on deportment instead of imprisonment to allay the problem, but for awhile, word was out that you could get a break from your shitty eastern european existence by commiting a small break-in type crime, and stay in the nice hotel for a few months. I've heard of it happening several times in the 10 years I've lived in Norway.

      • mr_brojangles

        I vote joke about it.

        • Needlegun13


      • chill

        lighten up francis

        • SFD

          made my day

      • Fryy

        I didn't know about that going on in Norway but it sounds totally reasonable. Many people around the world pretend to be sick or crazy just to get a bed, 3 daily meals and company, even if they have to be locked in and stranded.

  • Greg

    The recidivism rate there is almost non-existant. How does the US compare?

    • Observationalist

      That's what I figured. The US is notorious for repeat offenders. Our systems create an "Us vs Them" view for prisoners and citizens. There is no incentive to rejoin society in a healthy way.

    • Dan

      The US intentionally causes recidivism to remain high. Once you get out of prison, you'll never get a decent job. Every employer asks if you are a felon, and guess how many will hire you if you say yes?

      • krypto092108

        Canada is no different…

    • Solitaire

      Clearly their prisons focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment as the main goal.
      Its a good idea, but a difficult goal to accomplish in a nation of large population and even larger wealth disparity.

  • Haptic

    Weird, reading this made me seriously consider a life of crime in Norway.

  • jay

    Well, in most countries prisons are just a university for crime. You get sent for a small crime and get out expert on something else.

    So I would say that the money spent is actually an investment for the future. Also it's easier when things are not out of control like most places…

    • BoldNakedGuy

      Indeed, the rate of recidivism is way lower in Norway than anywhere else. But it's a lot of money the U.S. cannot spend, I guess

    • nuccabay

      i went in with a bachelors in marijuana and came out with a doctorate in cocaine

  • Lord Muck

    $185,000 to maintain fridges & TV's per prisoner per year????? Are you sure that's right??? – nice contract if it is, someone's shafting them good & proper…I'll do it for £100,000 a year per prisoner

    • Joe

      I'm sure it's operational costs for the prison, guard salaries, eletrical costs etc divided over the total # of inmates. Sounds more sensational the way they put it.

    • 5eagles

      That's what I thought too…
      Serious question here: Why do they need 340 prison employees for 250 prisoners who have so many liberties?

  • Kahless

    Ok before everyone starts in on America vs Norway –

    Population USA – 311,591,917
    Population Norway – 4,952,000

    Don't try to compare apples to turnips here… Population aside, USA is also 25X LARGER leading to multiple roughly 6 different cultural areas in the USA against Norways… what maybe 2? They also don't let anyone immigrate, they are extremely closed doors compared to the USA.

    Lesson over – #12 was damn hot… if a bit sad looking

    • KiamichiBigfoot

      It would be nice if this kind of prison worked in the USA, but there are waaaay too many other factors, like you've pointed out. Different races, gangs, regions, and then there's the whole rape thing.

    • SGT_Fati

      Thank you Kahless.

    • long johh silver

      we are not closed at all my friend 😉 last year half of Norways populational growth came from immigration. Can USA say the same? no, its not a numbers game, it's precentage. and if i'm not wrong we crush you there.

      might i ad that we belive in rehabilitating our prisoners rather than condem them to a life of crime.

      • Kahless

        When your dealing with such MASSIVELY diverse numbers, % mean less and less the more the differences in whats being discussed.

        When you need to put 100 people in jail its not an issue, when you need to put 100,000 people in jail its entirely different ball game. Sure it should all be sweetness and hugs, but when you get to such absurdly high numbers, logistics laughs in your face.

        • NonBrit

          It would help a bit if we didn't throw 1000% more of our population in prison.

          • Cerb

            753 per 100k citizens in the US compared to 70 per 100k in Norway for reference.

        • Themoreyouknow

          Now go in and see what percentage of those are actual victimless, or non violent crimes….I'm sure the number is staggering….. rapists, murderers and killers make up a small percentage of that number…..we throw people in jail for EVERYTHING.

    • Finfrosk

      Hah, thousands immigrate to Norway every year. That's the reason crime is getting worse here. It's not allowed to say, but it's true.

      • Cerb

        5221 refugees in 2011. Damn, they must have been busy. That's unless you think the students, reunited families and people from the European Economic Area coming to work are involved of course.

    • Observationalist

      The only thing massively different is the attitude. Here in the US we breed an "Us vs Them" mentality into both the prisoners and the citizens. Prisoners have no incentive to rejoin society peacefully. What do we offer them? Nothing. Even after release we require them to check in, take drug tests, restrict their activities, and have them pay fines for years. Employers frown upon hiring them. What motivation do they have to straighten up?

    • Nina

      "They also don't let anyone immigrate, they are extremely closed doors compared to the USA."

      Having lived in Norway for 22 years, knowing a lot of immigrants there, before moving to the US and going through the whole green card process, I can say that this is completely wrong. Norway allows just about anyone to get a citizenship if they've legally lived in the country for five years, you don't need a visa to visit, and it's considered one of the easiest western countries to immigrate to. The US, not so much.

  • Luca

    in Norway, the prison is a place for re-education of people,
    not only a place for punishment as in most "civilized" countries, including Italy or the USA.

    • Hugh

      WOW! Lets send Norway some gang members from southern Cali or Jersey for "re-education".

      • Luca

        actually, some years ago Sweden rented some prison cells to Russia, as the latter had no more place in prisons: I don't know how it ended. But surely, the prisoners had the luck to find themselves in a decent place, eat properly and truly rehabilitate themselves.

        • Chester

          Complimenti, Luca. L'idea della giustizia cambia da paese in paese, no? (Per gentilezza, scusa il mio brutto italiano. Ho studiato la lingua anni, anni fa.)

          • luca

            italiano perfetto direi, non hai fatto alcun errore!

  • Visitohr

    Actually Norway (well, scandinavia) has one of the highest rehab rates of the world, as in, getting out a 'model' citizen.
    Because they arent alienized and have a pretty normal life (instead of being locked up behind bars and surrounded with violence) plus the fact that they can do several educations, they have a much better chance to blend in with the society after release.
    Ofcourse it has downsides, being a relative of a murdervictim it is hard to grasp the killer gets a few years in a hotel like this.

    • @z0phi3l

      You do realize that there are hundreds of self made lawyers and other high level degree types in our prison system? It's all about how you deal with going to prison and what you do for yourself when in

  • JarikCBol

    looks like a creepy mens only community collage.

    • ....

      You should attend. Maybe you could learn to spell college

      • JarikCBol

        it was early, and my brain forgot to spell check my post.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      Grammar aside, I think nailed it.

    • bean508

      Well it is a collage of photos of men on a online community….so i think either way you nailed it!

      • JarikCBol

        I had only just woken up, and my brain forgot to run grammar and spell check routines.

  •,9171,2109777,00.html Let Me Out

    The USA is incarceration nation. Though the USA has only ~5% of world's population, she has ~25% of the world's prison population.

    • Kahless

      And if you want to give people excess freedom, your going to get more nutjobs out of it.

      • Henry IX

        Is there such a thing as "excess freedom"?

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        Don't start with that ridiculous "You get more freedom in the USA" shit.

        Educate yourself on European rights and learn a thing or two.

        • USAAllTheWay

          Psh don't start with that ridiculous euro zone garbage.

          • Luca

            I can hardly imagine a country where people have more freedom than in Norway: they even have the freedom not to work while they educate themselves at any age, and the state will provide them with money and all the services needed; weather aside, it really is an ideal place where to live and work (and you can't imagine how good the average Norvegian woman looks like :-))

            • Hara

              USA!USA!USA! Most dynamic economy in the world! Can't provide our citizens with shit!

              • True Story

                It's not the governments job to parent us. We make our own decisions of how we wish to live our lives. "Can't Provide our citizens with shit." Stop feeling like other people owe you things, it's a much better way to live life.

                • Umbra Fractus

                  I regret that I have but only one thumbs up to give this post.

    • Dan

      Too be fair, China just executes most of the people we put in jail forever.

    • P90

      The US has a higher prison population than any country that has ever existed.

  • That Guy

    Wow! A prison, where having your "salad tossed" actually might mean having a tossed salad. Impressive. if you don't know what I am referring to, google Chris Rock Salad Toss/ed

  • ThePatriot

    you can only be sentenced to 21 years per crime, if you commit multiple murders you can get multiple sentences which can equal a life sentence. I think this is an important fact that the article left out.

    • the norwegian

      False! 21 years is max and you can't get sentenced to 200 years in prison, if you commit 10 murders or something.

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        Mass killers tend to be found 'insane' and *then* are locked up forever.

        There's always a way.

        • Luca

          I hope nobody imagine that breivik will ever leave a prison. I wouldn't suggest that to him…

          • Nina

            Let's be honest, some inmate will use one of those "secured" kitchen knifes and take care of Breivik long before his 21 years are up.

            • Moog

              Will be difficult, since he is kept isolated from the rest of the prisoners, and even eats his meals in his cell.

        • chucklesclown

          Basically. Although in Breivik's case, for example, he was found to be sane. That being said, he'll still likely spend the rest of his life in prison since his sentencing allows for him to be held under preventive detention if he's still considered dangerous at the end of his 21 years. Since he stated that he regretted not being able to kill more people, I imagine any reasonable judge would find him to be a continual threat to society.

  • Wally W.

    The rest of the world is not like the United States.

    • USAAllTheWay

      Yea, the rest of the world just comes whining to our doorstep when something goes wrong.

      • Observationalist

        There are 256 or so countries in the world. Think you need to reanalyze your statement…

      • Truth

        You pathetic, sad, brainwashed idiot.

      • Checkm8u

        You're an idiot. We only help countries where we have something to gain. If we were so great we would have helped countries that truly needed us.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    I went on a visit to a UK maximum security prison a few years back and the facilities were similar.

    Single rooms (not cells!), satellite TV in each, en-suite bathrooms, communal lounges/TV rooms/games rooms, a restaurant-standard kitchen to prepare their own meals, a convenience store, a first-class gym and pool, a workshop to learn new skills, well-equipped classrooms….

    They were definitely living more comfortably than I was at the time!

  • Finfrosk

    We ain't the richest country in the world for nothing! :p

    • kid

      Slavery bro

      • Finfrosk

        Mmm yeees. Slaves, I have three! Nah, just kidding. Just have one. Kidding again! Just have none. Rich country, still a lot of poor people here.

    • Chester

      Per capita, we "ain't" even close.

    • Ben

      The US has more dept per capita than Greece…Just sayin'

  • Stick

    Hey, if that's what really works, do it.
    However, I can't help but feel upset that these criminals are living far better than I could ever hope to live at this point and I've been a law abiding citizen.

    • Observationalist

      See? US isn't "best in the world" at everything. There is a lot of hype and a lot of ignorance about how "good" we have it compared to other countries. We have plenty of great things, but we have plenty of areas that could use improvement as well.

      • LukeSkywalker

        I'd say this is a step down. Prisoners are in prison to be punished for doing something wrong, not a free stay to live better than 3/4 of the world's population. Unless this is for minor crimes that don't violate ethics and morals like too many traffic violations or something, this prison is bullshit.

        • Moog

          …and we've all seen how well that philosophy works in the US.

          Rehabilitating prisoners (instead of just punishing them) is not only better for the prisoners, but also for society. In the long run it also makes a lot more sense economically.

  • dead odb

    The Norway Bomber kill over 70 people at a Communist childrens' camp and will only pull 21 years. That's fucked up.

    • Hassan

      Not quite true. Lifers get a maximum 21 years and when that ends more time can be added, then their situation gets reviewed every 5 years where they either get more time or are released. So Breivik won't actually ever leave prison because they'll just keep adding time to his sentence.

    • Luca

      first of all, it was not a communist camp, but a meeting of socialists: quite different, in case you mind to find out why;
      secondly, I have never seen in my life children playing with politics: with games, with each other, with toys, but never with politics. They were teenagers, and young people, I believe up to 25-30 years of age.

    • Moog

      Full of fail. Not a communist children's camp, and he will never be released.

  • bingo

    Treating people like people. What a silly idea.

    • Observationalist

      I know, right?

    • bingo=idiot

      So, you would call someone who savagely beats and rapes little 5 year old girls a human!???? Fuck no, they are fucking animals

      • mshark

        wow, that escalated rather quickly

      • Miller0700

        But they're still people. And if you want them to truly learn their lesson, then you should treat them as such.

        • Human Rights!


          • Miller0700

            I thought we were talking about people, not cats.


        • Hammurabi

          I would want them to learn their lesson from an angry group of sexually deprived men in an uncomfortable place( not the back of a Volkswagen).
          Smaller crime- petty theft and such, fine. But no rewards to "learn a better way" for being f***ed up.

          • Miller0700

            So to solve a problem with a psychopath is to…torture them…with more psychopaths?

            • ThePatriot

              no the proper way to deal with rapists and pedophiles is to take them out back and shoot them after the trial ends, and even that's too humane for those sick bastards

      • Ken

        all humans are animals, just sayin'

  • BoldNakedGuy

    Of course you can play bass, Token

    • b.r.

      lmao very funny,well played

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