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  • steve

    I think we need an Iron dome/Hamas missile gallery.

    • david

      Why not. We American taxpayers r footing the bill for those.

  • mike

    #55 Finger on the trigger, gun in face

    • loyalchivette27

      I saw the same thing… what an idiot. EPIC FAIL.

  • whyme1973

    #15 #18 #58 Looking good, ladies.
    #47 Packing a couple of fine weapons, there.

  • Rob

    #58…tell her to send MOAR!

    • Oh yeah

      She's good looking but her leg looks tiny in the back like she just got out of a cast

      • Smitty

        Bad angle maybe? or bad shop?

  • Bob H

    #18, What a great tight package. #47, Sorry maam, I'm going to have to frisk you. #48, a BIG OOPs!

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