There is no deeper loyalty than a dog and his master (11 Photos)


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    • Guest

      It should be mentioned that the dog found the grave on it's own. It was never taken there during the funeral or after.

      • gmx

        It should be mentioned that you're really gullible.

        • Derek

          It should be mentioned that you're really cynical. Is it unlikely? Sure. Is it plausible? Probably not. But, is it possible? Sure, why not. Dog's have an amazing sense of smell.

          • Ryan

            I agree with what you're saying, but you said it like a moron. "Is it plausible? Probably not. But, is it possible? Sure, why not." doesn't make any sense, if its unlikely but still possible then it is plausible, that's the definition of the word. If you're going to use big words do it right lol

            • Ryan

              never mind, I'm the moron. Too much homework lately. Really wish you could delete these…

              • Braden

                ah, did the old post then google the word to be sure. Always google pre-post!

    • adolph3321

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    • calgary chiver

      wow .. i miss my dog charger as much, see you soon bro,,

  • MigraineBoy

    #1 Dogs are great.

    • Chris

      Capitan was never even brought to the graveyard according to the story

    • BobbaFett

      Let's see your cat Saturday do this.

  • FunKiller

    Reason #436 why dogs are awesome.

    • lol

      fuck of cunt

      • lol

        shit that was not meant for you sorry

        • FunKiller

          I take no offense to your comment, mostly because it didn't make sense….but accept your apology graciously.

  • Verbal_Kint

    No fucking cat would ever do that.

    • fdr

      wanna bet ??? You would strongly disagree if you met my best friend.

      • Bill

        If you died your cat would eat you

        • fdr

          Bill , your a total smuck

          • Verbal_Kint

            *you're* *schmuck*

            • m_ad_04m_ax_

              your family must just shudder when they are obliged to have you over for traditional functions as you continually surpass the douchebag level of trolling an entire website i would have mentioned awkward social funtions with your friends but you probably dont have any do you also troll seniors and injured veterans oh im pretty sure you dont even have a dog and just knew hating on cats would get you all this negative attention btw hope your dog eats you have fun correcting shit

          • MylesofStyles

            fdr, your best friend is a cat.

        • tim

          Lol, More often with dogs.

          In fact, dogs will turn on you when they are starving.

          • bunny

            In fact, human will turn on their dogs when they are starving.

            • do_not_eat_dogs

              In fact, somewhere in China, dogs are being slaughtered for their meat as we speak.

              • Frank

                Zero fucks given.

              • Orukal

                Somewhere in the United States, cows are being slaughtered and divided up into creative and delicious ways. As we type.

            • Frank

              So dogs are just as bad as humans? Sounds about right.

              • Tim


                Dogs even eat you before you are dead. People with diabetes have had their feet eaten off by their own dogs, because they have no nerves to feel it happen.

                At least I'd cook the dog first.

                • guest

                  The dog was eating dead tissue off his foot

                  • Frank

                    Maybe as an appetizer before eating the rest of the toes and foot?

                    And yeah, It has happened more than once.

                  • Tim

                    Excerpt from a village ravaged by influenza:

                    In the Bristol Bay region, whole villages were devastated and in one place every person had died while the ferocious dogs, having finished their ghoulish work, ran wild. A relief vessel came to that place and the sailors had to shoot the dogs before they could enter the village, a desolate place indeed and only half gnawed bones lying about on the ground told the story.

                    • CompuNerd

                      Yeah, because dogs eating corpses due to starvation, with nobody around to care for them, isn't normal animal behavior at all.

                    • Frank

                      They didn't always wait until they were dead.

                      I guess you missed the point that someone thought your cat would eat you but your dog wouldn't.

      • Fuck the cat.

        Cats are too small to kill their owner for the most part so that statistic is ridiculous… also Dogs can be trained to detect cancer in humans so that right there is enough to tell you they're fucking brilliant. Cats shit in a box….. I hate your cat… When you leave the room I try to get it.

        • Tim

          Dogs eat the cat shit.

          I shoot dogs on my farm. If they even get close to my fence. Neighbors hate me, but fuck them, don't let your dog roam free or get out of your house. Boom.

          But I shoot barn cats too.

          • Tim'saDick

            you know you're a redneck when….

            • Tim

              You know your a latte sipping liberal when…

          • jbkjdabska

            I jerk off on your fence while you and your cousin sleep together.

          • Cole

            Seek help you crazy serial killer wanna-be

    • H-Town

      An Alzheimer's patient I lived next door to had a cat that kept him company in the final years of his life. After he passed away, the cat refused to get up from his old wheelchair. And you could tell the cat was super depressed, not eating or moving.

      • Verbal_Kint

        pics, or it didn't happen…

        • JSJ

          Your a fucking idiot. Cats do this as well. Dogs are great, yes, but cats are too.

          • JSJ

            You're* damn auto correct!

          • Verbal_Kint


    • Youraidiot

      I just knew some idiot is going to bring cats into this. Who gives a fucking shit. Enjoy the fucking story and the pics you stupid mongoloid

      • Verbal_Kint


        • leyoudontlesay

          you don't fucking say???

          • Verbal_Kint


            • leyoudontlesay

              I le hope you le learned your le lesson then lel

              • Verbal_Kint


                • leyoudontlesay

                  Your le welcome lel

      • heywood jablowme

        mongoloid… lol… I thought I was the only one who used that anymore.

        • Meyer

          No, heywood jablowme could be though

    • Kit kat

      You so called dog people are fucking stupid. Cat people love there cats but don't go out of there way to trash dogs. They love dogs just as much. I personally prefer a cat cause dogs are to needy but I still love dogs and this post is awesome. So if you don't like cats then fuk you…

      • Verbal_Kint

        *because* or *'cause*, also *fuck*

        • Frank

          Someone should tell that stupid dog the guy ain't asleep. LOL.

        • Jen

          you forgot "their"

          • Verbal_Kint

            damn… missed one. Thanks!

            • jay

              also missed too not to

              • Verbal_Kint

                I just ignored that one. We need to cut cat people a little slack..
                Okay, yeah. I missed it…

      • jninjk

        Completely contradicted your argument…

    • Frank

      Exactly, when the owner died, a cat could feed and care for itself.

      • Verbal_Kint

        Thank for supporting my point. I appreciate it.

        • Frank

          An animal too stupid to keep itself alive.

          Sums up dogs quite well.

          • Verbal_Kint

            Yeah, wolves, coyotes, dingos, foxes, and african wild dogs have a lot of trouble with that.

            • Frank

              Guess this dog didn't get the memo.

              • Verbal_Kint

                Despite a dogs superior intellect, some of them still can't read.

                • G_Had

                  You might want to consider watching 'Office Space'. Totally worth it. (Or if you know it, not take everything seriously…)

                  • Verbal_Kint

                    Dude, you thought i was serious when I said some dogs can't read?
                    Also, office space is awesome. Seen if probably a dozen times.

                    • Frank


                    • Verbal_Kint

                      Precisely. I should have capitalized my “I” too.

                • Frank

                  I can see why someone of your caliber might consider a dogs intellect superior to your own.

                  • Verbal_Kint

                    that was sad…

                    • Frank

                      I thought it was funny that you consider a dogs intellect superior. But you are right, it's Maybe a little sad too.

                      5 million dog bites a year in North America.
                      I wonder how many cats have torn apart little girls faces/killed their owners/had to be destroyed because of the danger they pose.

                      But really, it's not their fault. They are just dumb animals, as any owner of one can attest.

                    • Verbal_Kint

                      Let it go, Frank. Let it go…

                    • Frank

                      You were the one trolling. I just wanted to play too.

                    • Verbal_Kint

                      My first troll on the chive and I have to say, it was fun as hell… Surprised it lasted as long as it did.

                    • Awe yeah

                      Bravo sir bravo…..

                    • Troll on fag

                      But seriously verbal the ki in kint should be a cu if you catch my drift 😉

                    • Verbal_Kint

                      Verbal_Cunt… Huh. Kinda has a nice ring to it…

                    • Verbal_Kint

                      Thank you kind sir..

                    • Tim

                      I just shot a dog that wandered on my farm.

                      I probably wouldn't have but then I thought of this post and got out my .243

                      Don't worry it was quick.

                    • Verbal_Kint

                      Pics or it didn't happen. Also, get yourself a 7mag or a .30-06.

                    • Tim

                      Not when you want the pelt.

                    • Verbal_Kint

                      You can still keep the pelt, it just won't be as pretty…

                    • Tim

                      Also I'm not fond of 7mm. Unless you have the proper barrel length, you are wasting powder. More recoil, without any added performance.

                      30-06 : Excellent round, just over kill for any kind of dog.

                    • Verbal_Kint

                      Yeah, you need minimum 24″, but man does it shoot fucking fast flat and long. 26″ is even better. I love my 30-06. For varmint, i like my mini 14 in .223. 243 is better for wind and distance, but i'm usually not shooting that far. Also, i like cheap ammo hence 223 and 30-06 vs 243 and 7mag.

                    • Tim

                      Also you win. I wouldn't shoot my neighbors dog. I'm an asshole, but I don't kill pets without reason.

                      Coyotes tho….

                    • Verbal_Kint

                      I never suspected you were serious. Not for a second. Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

                    • Tim

                      "Back when I was picking beans in Guatemala, we used to make fresh coffee, right off the trees I mean. That was good. This is shit but, hey, I'm in a police station."

                    • Verbal_Kint

                      Awesome quote. I fucking love that move and need to see it again. Never gets old.

                    • Flash


    • Oral Kunt

      I just got done pooping and I wiped with these new wet BH wipers…what were you saying verbal_cunt?

    • Hypper

      Cats are cool in their own way.

  • sfb101

    A little bit of both Bob. Beautiful and sad.

  • TheWizardofWoz

    This is why dogs are better than cats. Well, this and a whole whack of other reasons, but, yunno. 🙂

    • Frank

      Yeah, dogs are so stupid that they are easily manipulated.

      Easy to use. And stronger for pulling shit around until they get too old and get retired old yeller style.

  • Ram


  • Poito Noir


  • ProfessorJive

    Reminds me of that Futurama episode. Now I feel all these feelings… what is this salty discharge from my eyeballs?!

    • SmokeyTheBear

      The only damn cartoon that ever made me cry. The bastards.

      • Walls

        It was that episode and the other one where Fry finds his four leaf clover by his nephew's grave that made me bawl like a baby.

        • Gradaddy

          Leela: Alcohol makes you stupid.
          Fry: No I'm… doesn't!

    • leyoudontlesay

      Salty discharge? I believe it's called cum

    • boob_cuddler

      I thought I was the only bastard that futurama made tear up. It's a comedy with a huge heart. Just like this dog.

    • bigdeal

      i too, thought i was the only one that episode made cry. the pizza shop and street getting more and more tattered and his fur getting more and more grizzled. omg!! ill never watch that shit again!!

      • Alumni72

        No, not just you, my friend. Both those episodes (the faithful dog, and the four-leaf clover) are the only 2 episodes of a TV show I ever purchased. I made my family watch them and everybody was in tears – and just like this story, that kind of thing is part sad, part beautiful.

  • misschris

    This both breaks my heart and warms my heart. Dogs are wonderful animals.

  • Wood

    Wow, what an incredible story. Thanks Chive!

  • Tramp F. Artesian

    Seriously, how could anyone be a cat person?

    • ched

      women are, WTF does that tell you?…..

      Nuff Said.

      • gmx

        So says "Forever Alone"

      • StevieB

        What, all of them? That is highly statistically improbable.

  • SmokeyTheBear

    I hope something loves me that much when I die…

    • Tyler

      What a horrible and selfish thing to say…why would you want someone to go through that? Ego, I'm guessing. Oh…and…you'll be dead, so you won't know how anybody feels about you…

      • socket2me

        lol, how to miss a point

  • Cody Courtney

    Dude, there is something in my eye.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry dude, I've been chopping onions.

  • mike

    I heard of a cat doing this…
    said no one ever

    • Frank

      During the Spanish flu, there were Inuit villages wiped out by their huskies when the people became too sick to fight them off. Babies were eaten first alive and screaming while the parents had to watch too weak to intervene.

      I heard of a cat doing this…
      said no one ever.

      • Frank's Rotten Liver

        During the random plague I made up, I heard of a general blanket statement about dogs, then followed it up with a poorly correlated reference to cats.

        I'm brilliant…
        -over used cliche.

        • Frank

          I'm sorry, is this the internet equivalent to sticking ones fingers in their ears and going : "LALALALALALA I can't hear You!" ?

          Because that's about what it sounds like when you try to say I made up the Spanish Flu Pandemic.

          "In the Bristol Bay region, whole villages were devastated and in one place every person had died while the ferocious dogs, having finished their ghoulish work, ran wild. A relief vessel came to that place and the sailors had to shoot the dogs before they could enter the village, a desolate place indeed and only half gnawed bones lying about on the ground told the story."

          LOL, the truth hurts. Or butt hurts you obviously.

          Filthy (dumb) animals.

      • CompuNerd

        Except it wasn't the dogs that killed the people, it was the Spanish Flu. The dogs ate the corpses because they were starving. Nice job trying to twist the story around in order to sound like a douche, though.


  • Tiber_Septim

    the dog is amazing

    • T-rox

      Don't try so hard, guy.

  • Kyle

    My cat can poop beside its litter box

  • mirou

    ohhh, I was about to cry, it's sad…very impressed

  • 3Monkeys

    Awesome dog is awesome.

  • jreddy23

    #8 Heeellllooooo Ladies.

    • 29er

      I'm not sure if ladies should be plural or not.

      • jreddy23

        Maybe this will help, "Heeellllooooo Ladies." said Dog.

  • VaderWRX

    Gotta hug my dog when I get home.

  • fish

    Allright, wouldja stop with the onion-chopping already?

  • scuzzy19

    As I scrolled through the post my eyes just teared up and I choked up I miss having a dog 😦 this is so awesome in a sad way

  • Dave

    Yes, Hachiko – the famous Akita who waited at a Japanese train station every day for 10 years for his master to come home from work. Get the movi Hachi

    • KatieOKCCO

      I bawled like a baby watching this movie

    • matt

      I watched it per your advice….damn you! 😉

    • Lisa

      This is an AMAZING movie!!! "Hachiko a Dog's Tale"

  • Esperanza Alvarado


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