Cyber Monday is officially here! Keep track of the launch times below

murray christmas Cyber Monday is officially here! Keep track of the launch times below

Welcome to an unprecedented day here at theCHIVE. Over the next 10 hours we will be bringing you all of theCHIVE’s most popular designs every hour on the hour, leading up to the maiden voyage of Murray Christmas.

Murray Christmas is here! One of the most anticipated shirts in the history of theCHIVE is finally available RIGHT HERE.

This is a 24-hour presale. We are going to make a genuine effort allow every Chiver and Chivette who wants Murray Christmas to get him. The sooner you order, the faster you will receive your shirt.

Murray Christmas is available RIGHT HERE.

* We cannot guarantee a full 24-hour presale if Murray sells way too fast.

We’re also opening up all of our Cool Shit RIGHT HERE.

The KCCO is available RIGHT HERE.

Yes, we also have KCCO Portable cornhole boards RIGHT HERE.

This will be a big day but once everything is gone, it’s gone. Good luck! Murray Christmas!

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  • Jose

    I finally got mine!!!! Quick question hopefully someone answers me how much does the KCCO hodie cost?

    • SLy_C

      I'm wondering that myself…

    • Ashley

      If you are ever wondering on a price, click on the button to notify you when they are back in stock and it'll tell you the prices! Sorry for the late response.

    • Lucy

      $45. There's still some available in heather black 🙂 good luck

  • nataliemarie

    This thing just keeps popping up about 20% off shipping and won't let me comtinue checking out!!

  • Mike

    Yet again can't get a BFM. Get to the checkout and nothing. So tired of this. Less cat Saturday shirts and maybe more BFM? One would figure with there actually being a shipping discount their supply would be low. Hate to give up those high ship handling fees that are filled by unpaid interns. Shame.

  • IrishIce

    Has anyone seen any "surprise launches"?

    • SLy_C

      Was wondering the same thing…

      • IrishIce

        I did see "The Black we do not speak of". So that's one.

    • Ashley

      They were on facebook..they were the black kcco and the mind the gap.

  • steve-O

    well here goes attempt number 5! let's do thiss!!

  • Otag

    Still waiting for the "laugh" poster…..

  • Alex

    Dear Chive, I'm a student so I can't afford a hoodie today, do you know when you'll have them again after today? They sold out so quick last time and I seriously want one. Like badly!

    • IrishIce

      Where are you a student Alex?

      • Alex

        UK, so shipping and importing will add up to the price quickly (recently got a bill for £45 for a par of shoes I ordered from the States)

        • Murray

          I wouldn't bother Alex, I ordered two Black KCCO T's a few months ago and on top of the price to buy them, then get them shipped, then the import tax, they ended up costing me nearly 90 quid… Not Impressed

  • The Dude

    Canadian KCCO like a boss!! Chive on!

  • emaw

    Man. You guys really need to sell at times that aren't as inconvenient for those of us at work and unable to get online to order. My company has a strict internet policy and by the time lunch or break rolls around, you're sold out.

    • cimi12

      so what time do you think will work that guarantees no one in the world will be at work or asleep?

  • Baddabingyo

    Snagged a Black Hoodie, was able to get it about a minute before the timer reached "0:00". Seems to be some delay with those timers.

  • Kleinbird

    Really? KCCO Hoodie sold out in under 20 seconds? I think it's time theCHIVERY has more in stock at launch time…

    • cimi12

      I'm able to get any colour or size right now… are you sure?

      • unreal

        yeah i have the same problem 20 seconds in… they were gone…

        • IrishIce

          The pages are loading SLOWLY, fully wait until the page loads. At the beginning of each sale today, the items were shown as Sold Out until I waited 15-30 secs for it to load!! I'm on a 100Mbps connection. Keep Calm…….you'll get what you need.

    • Lucy

      Check at this instant, I checked and if you wanted it in heather black then there's some AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW. good luck chiver 🙂

  • Sarahbee

    Just got a kcco 45 min before the release? Is this real life or are they tricking me?

  • John

    Even the Chive is too EXCITED to spell check since "Se may or may not actually have a VERY LIMITED supply of U.S. Military KCCO’s".

  • Todd

    Got this is my email today after signing up for the notification months ago.

    "Bill F*cking Murray 3D is now available to order from theCHIVERY. You asked us to notify you when stock of Bill F*cking Murray 3D would be available for ordering."

    I immediately clicked on the link and get taken to the store….all sold out. A total time span <60sec. Looks like I'll have to buy a knock-off, although I was hoping to get the real deal. 😦

    • hope1323

      KCCO and wait for "the real deal"

  • nax

    waited for the kcco hoodie. wasnt able to one. waited to get an email notification on the availability but didnt get one. im sad.

    • Lucy

      What size and what color did you want? I went to check at this moment and if you wanted the heather black, it shows that IS AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW! good luck chiver 🙂

      • nax

        thank you lucy! got a an email notification from the chivery as well. managed to snag a kcco hoodie! my happiness has reached an all time high today. how did you know i wanted the black heather? so cool. thanks fellow chiver!

  • Meve

    OMg i can't wait to receive my order! KCCO from France^^

  • jesse walker

    Hello everyone. I am a MED Retired ARMY SGT… i would love a military chive shirt… but every time i try, they get sold out. I know its not just military buying them or people buying them for military people. most of them are being picked up by hipsters and frat boys thinking it makes them look cool. some of you need to think about these things. Thank You for your time.

    • Marie-Eve Perez

      you know what if i receive the one i ordered and you still didn't get one i'll sent it to you ,i subscribe to answers to this post keep me informed…

    • IrishIce

      The Chive just listed the rest they have for sale…..NOW!

    • LCR915

      If you're Men's XL and want a sand one, I would be happy to give you mine for $20. I recently lost a lot of weight and I'm going to wait until the next offering of Military KCCO's to get a Large.

  • The_Orange

    Just humor me and sell the damn DAR shirt already!

  • stefansoble

    KCCO Wallet Please and Thank You

    • IrishIce

      I concur……….wallet please!!

  • cimi12


  • ZipZap

    Woot! Two Murray Christmas and a Hoodie!

    I didn't even have to use my AK…I gotta say it was a good day.

    • Jouhker

      How did you get the hoodies? Said they are out on the chivery!

      • ZipZap

        Snagged one right when they went on sale, just didn't post anything about it until now.

  • drasparagus

    WTM'FF? Chive why u no send notifications to my email when my desired attire be back in stock?

  • TheRealRainmaker2112

    Yoga pants & Mind the Chive for the lady! It's going to be a grand holiday of giving AND receiving now! Thanks Chive!

  • RedSoxNationMT

    What a day, wake up, look at clock, 5:58 Mountain, on days off, roll over, go back to sleep…. Wait, Cyber Monday, Chive, 8 Eastern wasn't it?, iPad, Chive links to Chivery, 5:59, Keep Calm, Out of Stock, Reload, XXL, Add to cart, Success! Go back to bed for 1:50, wake up and nab the BFM! Do the 3S (Sh!+, Shower, and Shave) followed by Dexter and Homeland, grab the Yoga pants and Boy shorts (not for me you sick Biebers), eat lunch and then KCCO! At 1:59 I think I better get that Christmas BFM early just in case the Chive blows up the Internets today, It's in the bag! Cinderella story on the Chivery! KCCO Karma was in full effect today. I spent a fortune this week on others, this I give to them to give to me.

  • -ABBY-

    So i went thru the order process for the Keep Calm ordering a large… Got order confirmation that i ordered a small…. So i went thru again and once again i got the same results. So i ended up with 2 Keep Calms that are too small. lol but the good part is that i was successful with an actual large in the Brown Military Keep Calm! It just goes to show what happens when you do Keep Calm and Chive On!

    • MacGyverTime

      Same thing happened to me. Wait for the seconds to run down, refreshed, said medium was available but every time I went to check out it changed to small? Sent an email, haven't heard back. 2 hoodies and one bfm 3d size small otw…… : /

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