• http://www.facebook.com/matt.prater.94 Matt Prater

    fuck being first I'm 21 today!

    • mynameis

      Happy birthday dude!

  • Dooples

    Call me crazy, but it looks like they're fake fighting

  • Guest

    Tom Hardy is a complete badass

    • Hugh Jorgan

      Indeed, I assume you have seen Warrior?

      Also if you want to see him being a badass, but also an utterly despicable human being, check out The Take.

      • johnny

        also badass in Bronson!

        • matt

          bronson is where its at can't be a hardy fan without seeing that

    • El_Hefe

      Star Trek Nemesis….

  • AZChiver

    #45 He looks so small.O_o

    • OldJoke

      That's. what. She. Said.

  • wow

    I didn't understand this fight. Batman is supposed to be a master of several martial arts, but all he does is punch Bane in right in his mask. No wonder he lost.

  • louistulley

    Seeing Bane makes me ashamed of my physique. And being ashamed makes me hungry.

  • thrillhouse

    god i am so hard right now

  • Steve

    The was surprisingly easy to masturbate to.

  • Mustakrakish

    Bob, you forgot to show off this little gem.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #38 – tdkr was an ok movie, but nolan is still a genius.

  • russel

    Let's be honest. This fight was pretty damn anti-climatic and a huge let down.

  • tjbennett69

    Any one else want this post in HQ?

  • http://www.humorti.me/index.php/more-behind-the-scenes-shots-this-time-its-the-bane-versus-batman-fight/ More behind the scenes shots, this time it’s the Bane versus Batman fight : Humor Time

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