Please nobody tell these girls how their clothes are supposed to work (31 Photos)

  • wahooo



    #19 doing it sooo right. FTW

    • longshot421

      Agreed. Because bewbs. And abs. Very hot.

    • 650

      is that Nina Dobrev?

    • Big O


    • J_Ace

      Seriously, who is this?!!

  • ...

    #17 Damn.

    • Mally

      this girl needs to be found and made chivette of the week…. for a month

      • resist_boredom

        nothing like a girl in fatigues! MOAR

  • kimohoyo

    #29 is nice. Find her

    • grahham

      shes got some strange looking hands…like kankle hands….but Id still do her.

      • Tdangle

        I think thier called wristbows

    • Slim Jim

      looks like the girl from jersey shore

  • BSmike

    Would give anything to motorboat #27

    • BigOtis

      Whoa!!!! Clean-up in aisle my pants!!!!

    • gabe

      pretty sure that's lucy collet. lots o nudes on the interweb

      • NoodlumNad

        Lucy Collett is correct…just googled both of them this picture came up for Lucy. as for the nudes…yes there were many in the search results. spectacular!

    • James

      It's Eva Amurri Martino. Susan Sarandon's daughter. She is an actress.

      • zackgonick

        I've seen Californication and love Eva Amurri… but I knew these 2 weren't the same people. I think they are both absolutely beautiful though.

    • tim

      Lucy Collet, not Eva Amurri Martino

  • MAC

    #15 #19

    If you don't find her you don't love MERICA. Please MOAR!

    • Kato

      #15 That's Sammy Braddy.

  • Vic

    I could use more of #13 soo hott…

    • Guest

      @keymasterbacon on Twitter

    • @keymasterbacon

      Oh. Okay. Hi then

      • Chiver

        love you !!!

        • @keymasterbacon

          Love you too

          • Vic

            oh yes she is found! hi…

    • 650

      EFF! I forgot about the hoodies today. mother…

  • Guy

    #9 love at first sight. Find!

    • Kevin

      jail bait??? lol

      • Joe


  • Notme

    #1 her clothes are working fine for my need

  • Lucas_Schmidt

    #31MOAR please, great chivette.

  • Andy Valentine

    #18 – Oh my

    • fact


  • Frank

    Sarcastic comment about how these girls really are wearing it RIGHT!

  • Edge

    #25 #28 #30

    Scarves, Keeping Motorboaters Warm For Centuries!

  • I like sandwiches

    #14 is still a 10.

    • TheBAMFinater

      Like the fist of an angry god.

    • Biff

      So why is she still single? Think Justin will tie the knot or is he only after her money?

  • The Dude

    #5. 15 will get you 20

    • Thatguy

      Good thing they aren't 15 then.

      • Crup

        Ok Maybe 16 LOL

    • chivecitybitch

      girl in the middle is like dayummmmm

      • Yazo

        what girl in the middle?

    • Canucks_Rule

      def young'ns.

    • Austinight

      Yeah but all three toether equal well over 20

  • beasty

    Man, I'd like to WEAR that out

    • bst

      I'm pretty sure that's Ariel, a e. European porn star.

      • love reds

        Idk who she is, but she's perfect.

    • chrimzka

      she's got some fur on those legs…

    • L@@kin_4_Mike_Hunt

      You can't WEAR OUT anything that makes it's own lubricant…

    • askandyoureceive

      Her name is Ariel Atelier.

  • TheBAMFinater

    I propose that these clothes are working too well.

  • Livin' Legend

    #21 It's time like this that I remember my Shakespeare:

    "Blow wind, come rack."

    In this case, it works on more than one level.

    • Jabs78

      Aahhh, sunbathing in jail……can't beat it!

  • domichal

    #1, #19, wow, just WOW

    • Relieved

      I'm going to take a hard dump.

    • dlat24

      "wow" makes sense, considering she is the cover pic for

  • morosz3

    They're wearing clothes right.

  • Ishbar

    Who is #3 ??

    • laughing man

      jordan carver

      • Darin

        No, it's Franciose Boufhal. She is unbelievably hot and those things are real. Google her and you'll find out all about…those things.

        • LoganExplosion

          Yep. Francoise Boufhal. THOSE THINGS ARE HUGE!!!

  • Brandon

    Looks like #28 is doing just fine.

    • Kevin

      WHO IS #1???

      • fabio

        Guerlain. Wowgirls. Very VERY NSFW

  • RazorChiver

    Not a bad one in the bunch

    • e pluribus unum

      except #14 never seen what the big deal is about her–not much to look at in the face, body of a 12 year old, all skinny and flat.

      • UncleRoast

        I TOTALLY agree, Unum!

  • Jon

    #9 appears to be wearing that correctly from my point of view

  • Kevin

    WHO IS #1????

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