The wait is over. Murray Christmas has arrived!

murray final The wait is over. Murray Christmas has arrived!

Murray Christmas, one of the most anticipated shirts theCHIVE has ever produced, is finally available RIGHT HERE!

We’ve been wearing Murray Christmas around Venice Beach all week and I’ve never seen a more positive reaction to a shirt, it makes everybody smile.

This is a 24-hour presale. We are going to make a genuine effort allow every Chiver and Chivette who wants Murray Christmas to get him. The sooner you order, the faster you will receive your shirt.

Murray Christmas is available RIGHT HERE.

Merry Christmas from everybody here at theCHIVE!

  • WyzardSTi

    Hoodies are all sold out but…

    ….KCCO Black…

    …..just saying…Got mine!

  • Jimmy

    omg i waited by the comp for 2 hours and finished checkout for the hoodie at 1:01PM EST and all men's sizes were already sold out. how many did you have in stock, 2?

    • DC Chiver

      I have to agree, I rarely complain about how crazy launches are even if I am unable to get something but this one was pretty lame. I was checking out at 12:59 with two hoodies and it said both were sold out. I really hope they relaunch or have another go round today because that was pretty bogus.

    • Lucy

      I just checked and there's some available RIGHT NOW. hope that it's in your size 🙂 good luck

  • Jose

    Hey quick question I got a hoodie and a KCCO shirt just wondering how long does it take to ship out?

    • Lucy

      2 days the most? I get my orders a week or 5 days after I snagg mine. 🙂

  • jesse walker

    Hello everyone. I am a MED Retired ARMY SGT… i would love a military chive shirt… but every time i try, they get sold out. I know its not just military buying them or people buying them for military people. most of them are being picked up by hipsters and frat boys thinking it makes them look cool. some of you need to think about these things. Thank You for your time.

    • chiver

      what size would you be?

  • Dayis

    I got two Jimmy you gotta use the I got a green and a black one this time was super quick. I had all the links ready and kept hitting refresh it is crazy because i got all the way to the checkout screen said i need to remove it then just used the link above and magically it went around it and I got one and now got two order confirmation numbers. KCCO

  • Tom

    Man, I wanted a BFM or BFM3D but had watch this morning.

    One day, Chive. One day.

  • jesse walker

    i was in the check out. then boom while you where checking out they sold out.

  • Canucks_Rule

    not buying b/c i have all of these, so good luck to everyone trying!!

  • Peter

    No police officer KCCO? Common Chive, after all the police sacrifice to protect us…

    • CanadianMedic

      And paramedic

  • SLy_C

    That was easy enough….

  • Eddie

    Just picked up a black KCCO shirt!!!

  • adm

    Everytime I go to put a navy 2x ff shirt in my cart it goes to a red small anyone no y

    • cimi12

      wait for the page to 110% finish loading… this way when you switch your size, the backend code will also update before it adds to the cart (the red small is the default shirt).

  • Zanzabar

    These guys are genius marketers. They make like a 50 of a product the first time…. whip up a stir, watch it sell out almost instantly, and then advertise the hell out of that sellout the next time, when it's stocked to the gills. Is it any wonder the last Chive shirt of day is still selling 45 minutes in, because they have a million of em, though would let you think it's a limited supply. Theoretical scarcity………. genius marketing trick.

    • hope1323

      The Chive is much more than just marketing and selling stuff…..KCCO

  • cimi12


  • WyzardSTi

    Murry Christmas to all!

  • Popowich

    RIGHT ON!!! Got myself my first Christmas present of the year!!!

    Murray Fucking Christmas to all and to all a fucking great day!!!!

  • EzZa

    Pretty sure i've spent waaaaay too much money today… Aaaaah just gotta KCCO….!!!!!!

  • Pyklet

    Bill Fucking Murray snagged … LIKE A BOSS!

  • Livin' Legend

    You cheeky dickwaffles! Starting a couple minutes early!

    Saw it coming, got me a Murray Fucking Christmas. Finally, a shirt that'll last the rest of my life because I'll only wear it once or twice a year!

  • ander

    Murray Christmas! My collection is complete!

  • tv_paul

    Good luck everyone. I'll have to pass on this one ( broke) Gotta put the kids in front of the old man's needs. Again good luck.

  • Glenjemin

    Got mine! Murray Christmas to all!

  • dave

    Every order is being changed to "small". I bought an xl, but it says small in my confirmation email. I went back in and tried to do it again. It is changing every order I put in to "small". wtf

    • cimi12

      wait for the entire page to load before switching sizes… every page after the first page would have said small, so make sure you read everything before hitting confirm!!!

    • justwannashirt

      I'm having the same problem, been having it all day, I figured everything else was selling out but if the Murray Christmas' are on presale shouldn't I get to pick any size?

      • Chris

        Same problem for me. I got a small kcco instead a large this am. Emailed about changing order have to send the wrong shirt back when I receive. Dang

  • WyzardSTi

    Hope everyone gets a Murray Christmas! BEFORE Christmas. Not like my Halloween KCCO that came after Halloween… wait a minute…KCCO-ed and realized it wasn't after halloween…just REALLY early for next year! Thanks Chive for a wasted day trying to snag the swag! Got lucky a few times…other times, well, not so much! Have a great one Chivers!

    • cimi12

      ya, I emailed them beforehand asking about that and they said I just have to hope for the best sadly 😦

      • WyzardSTi

        Well…we will continue to hope!

  • @LosSaysSwag

    Gonna be a Murray Christmas indeed.

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