I gotta get me a goofy girl (50 Photos)

  • Turd F.

    Wow, a girl making a silly face for attention!!! I wish I had 50 of these per week!!!

    • ToadisGOD

      Attention they never give to you… that's why umadbro

      • Turd F.

        Yeah….they're too busy giving it to vacuous idiots who use the phrase "umadbro".

    • pooptard

      i didn't laugh once.

    • alex w.

      These mother fuckers at the chive think they are sooooo creative!!! Here's an idea, why not post dumb ducks who work for a greedy website!" And then post all of y'alls faces! Dumb Cocksuckers!

      • Blow Me

        Ain't that the fucking truth!!

  • danedouche

    I don't like these posts.
    well, maybe #50

    • http://twitter.com/keymasterbacon @keymasterbacon

      Who doesn't like Lights?

    • ChiverMedic

      She is a winner for sure

    • xaMax

      Her name is, legally, Lights. And she is a Canadian musician. And one cute woman…

    • cdngirlsrule

      Cute for sure. And playing that capo really high.

    • Kato

      Well, technically her name was Valerie but she legally changed it to Lights. Saw her perform at the Commodore here in Vancouver way back. She's good. Not my kind of music though.

    • realman

      #7 Why do good looking girls ruin themselves with a freaking nose ring??? Looks so ghetto!!!

  • Hunter

    Is #11 naked under that? We're gonna need moar

    • tv_paul

      Yeah, this is appealing. We'll need a whole bunch more.

      • ChiverMeTimbers

        Hopefully she will Dole out a few more and the Chive will Slip one in a later post. K (as in Potassium)

    • IknowIknow

      I wouldn't wanna see, that face looks busted despite the grain

    • http://www.facebook.com/ajaramillo26 Andrea Jaramillo


      • Hunter

        It's you!

    • majorfathead

      They're ALL naked under their clothes!

  • hullo zeeba neighba

    #50 wins everything there ever was.

    • yoyo


    • ThatGuy

      Do want.

    • Mikester

      She looks hot doing a cover of a song by The Who – Just go on youtube and search – "LIGHTS – "Behind Blue Eyes" (Who Cover)"

    • ps86

      this is the last thing i want to see before i die

    • Baz

      "hullo zeeba neighba"

      Good taste, and good to see another Pearls fan. 🙂

    • Canucks_Rule

  • would

    Natural goofiness = sexy

    Forced goofiness = turn off

    Stop trying so hard.

    • tom


    • Drea

      I built a wagon that my cousin's baby hated, so clearly I needed to make it feel better by going for a ride around the house. Sorry you don't like 50 cute girls making faces and being silly, just move on and stop being so mean!

      • ChiverMedic

        Well done! Ha, girls having real fun is always entertaining

        • Meh


          • Meh


        • Surf's Up


      • imdowngetme

        the truth hurts. youre probably one of those girls that tries way too damn hard. just be yourself, theyll eventually accept you.

      • would

        Hey now I didn't say all of these were girls trying to hard. I was just stating my opinion.

        There were a few in here that didn't appear to be forced, yours included. When life gives you babies who don't like the wagon you built, you make the best our of it, right?

        I'm delighted to look at 50 cute girls all day every day – I just get sick of the ones who take a picture of themselves crosseyed and automatically get classified as goofy.

        • http://www.facebook.com/dreacarbone Drea Carbone

          Het, I get it, girls are always trying too hard. I mean, look at the unexplained popularity of the duckface. But they try hard cuz they want you to like them, not be mean to them!
          And life gave the baby a wagon which gave her a bump on her head…so yeah. New toy for me!!!

      • Bum juice

        Drea… That is the dumbest story I have ever heard. Sorry I'm not sorry for not liking girls making faces and being attention whores, all in an effort to be the "goofy" girl the chive has a new addiction too.

        • http://www.facebook.com/dreacarbone Drea Carbone

          Eh. Not trying to impress. Also, sorry your bum has juice.

  • Verbal_Kint

    The vast majority of these seem… forced..

    • http://www.forwearekings.com Grant

      Totally agree…. Not goofy.

  • Dave

    #6 a couple bear cubs in the cave

    • ps86

      i don't see anything, except a bullseye

    • morosz3

      A goofy girl wearing a chivette shirt?
      Mother of god!!!

  • Derk3103

    A goofy girls post with no Megan's what the hell?

    • sl00ts

      Thank god. Those girls are old news.

  • j bone

    Sticking her tongue out to the side in every picture makes a girl goofy? nah not really.

    • ps86

      why not just appreciate it?

      • imdowngetme

        because its stupid.

  • Iso

    #50 made up for all the non-goofy tongue photos (not that I don't like tongue – I just don't see how its goofy).

  • pa'ver

    #18 and a nice one at that…

    • SOhioChiver

      thank you for showing us your goofy side and OBTW Nice ASS! MOAR!

  • ToadisGOD

    #50 is the real hypno-toad!

    All hail the hypno-toad!

  • whyme1973

    #18 Goofy, sexy, and a great booty…you win.

  • http://twitter.com/Nick_Haven @Nick_Haven

    There's like none of these girls in CT. I need me one. Especially if you play guitar. I'm looking at you #50

    • Deep Dish

      Any asshole can strum a couple chords on an acoustic. Give me a chick that can play some Gilmour or Clapton (when he was fucked up and awesome) on an electric guitar and then I'll be in love.

      And to clarify, I'm not saying she's an asshole. I just know way too many girls that claim to play guitar because they can play a few chords.

      • Growl

        Search for "lights" on youtube. She's awesome.

    • FarmBoy

      Sadly she is married. Beau Bokan you lucky bastard!

  • Dylan

    #28 I LOL'd

    • Iso

      Available at Snogtees.
      The Hat – sadly not the girl.

  • Boobs

    Post wedding that is.

    • chivester

      says the bride's husband

    • Denny

      Actually I am the bride's husband, and I can tell you, you never fucked her

  • chet

    love these 🙂

  • Londborg

    #20 Birde is not impressed

    • Londborg



        yeah i'm not impressed that my personal photo from my wedding is on this website without my permission.

    • ps86

      prolly pissed that her bridesmaid looks 20x hotter than she does

      • AB

        The girl with the beer is ex GF's little sister.. i remember taking her out for ice cream when she was like 10…. oh how much can change in ten short years

        • Katie

          Easy Adam

          • andy

            we need more from you katie assuming that is you in the black dress.

            • Boobs

              I agree. More Katie.

          • AB



        Yeah that must be it because she is one of my best friends… i bet that was it….makes sense.

  • tv_paul

    #36 If I said she looks cute would that make me a Pedalphile?

    • ps86


    • Brain Police

      No, it would make you a poor speller…

  • bigcityreem

    Something about a girl biting her tongue is kind of sexy. #1 #29 #33

  • alex

    #17 OH EM GE MORE!

  • lfsg

    the fine difference between goofy and ERMAHGERD PERCTERE

  • tv_paul

    #13 I don't think that's what the meant when they had a 2 for 1 tongue piercing special.

  • turkish

    #17 is adorable

    • Tillman61

      What you said.

  • passwordistaco

    My favorite chic post theChive does! I wouldn't cancel Mind the Gap or anything but…..

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