• Scruffy

    Hilarious, and obviously a joke. Why would he tape his facial reaction after he punched the wall? Why would he even get that close to punch it when earlier, he was too scared to even keep the camera on it. C'mon guys. Don't take everything seriously.

  • Salt

    A spider that size, he should have just taken off and nuked it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

  • Green Goblin

    I don't think he took it to extreme measures… Seemed like he killed the spider. And at the end of the day, the fact that the spider is dead, is all that matters. No matter the damage

  • TheRealLomo

    I feel like that was handled appropriately.

  • SoulBlade3

    You think that spider is big, how cute.

  • Thoridin58

    OK, time to repo his Man Card (never been used).

  • cracker

    Apparently they grow two things big in Spokanne. Spiders and pussys.

  • julie454

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  • jpot132

    the fact that you put this video on your website makes me not want to come on here anymore

  • alex

    What a stupid dick.

  • Canucks_Rule

    and boom goes the dynamite.

  • GrantyAC

    Can you say… Smart?

  • Mike

    I kept skipping it forward and then saw the brass knuckles, and said yep thats how hes gonna do it. As soon as he put the hole in the wall, there was going to be something about his mom.

  • Tuna Can Chode

    Wow!! these Chive DB's are so bent on shoving t-shirts down everyone's throats that they're are getting bad at spotting fake videos

  • Marvin

    Love to see his reaction to a full grown camel spider

  • jeff

    fucking newspapers is all their good for is smacking dogs and spiders 50 cents compared to 10 bucks and skills to replace hole in your fucking wall. aye…

  • Josh

    I have to admit this definitely was a good laugh, hahahaha. He kills a spider with brass knucks! How is that not hilarious?

  • olgreybush

    This dude is a pussy, and a dipshit

  • Fred

    What a pussy! Here in Australia that is a normal sized spider. He could have just caught it and gone and released it outside. I wonder how he would be with a huntsmen on his wall.

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