• Tiber_Septim

    stupid can't be fixed

    • Hrdwood

      True… but with ping pong paddles, jumper cables and some nipple clamps, you can have a lot of fun trying…

      • Tiber_Septim

        I like how you think, Kudos

  • ti-dop

    Wow never get that 2.20 sec back…

  • TylerDerpen

    What did the spider ever do to him?

    • ps86

      besides keep the bug population down – god forbid…

    • Turd F.

      It probably had a sweeter neck beard.

  • LovetheRedHeads

    I was not expecting that ending…

    • TommyD


  • jOb

    ……and she still lives at home with mom.

    • ps86

      but… he's gonna move… all on his own

    • what

      that's just a pet name for his roommates

  • sfb101

    What a complete wuss! Go cry to mommy, you pussy!

  • xjrich

    got me to laugh.. id like to put my tarantula on this guys face though

    • LuvsHorror

      I have 26 T's, slings to large. This guy is a wimp. That spider wasn't big at all.

  • guest

    Can some one please edit this and have Madonna Like a Virgin playing in the background.

  • ohyou!

    just wait till his father gets home!

    • Addicted to sex

      still waiting for Maury Povich to prove who the father is…

  • Shane

    You guys are getting bad at spotting fake videos 😦

    • ps86

      not fake, just severely retarded

  • Aracnaphobic

    Screw you guys thy bust this guys balls, tht WAS a big mofo spider. At least he could go near it. I would gone to hardware store and bought a can of raid. I can stand spiders, completely aracnaphobic… But the fact he yells "mom" at the end is funny!

    • arachnophobic

      Apparently I can't spell very well either. Haha… I can't* stand spiders ad it's spelt arachnophobic*

      • Derp

        You done yet?

      • And


      • Guest


        • guest

          actually in some countries spelt and spelled are interchangeable forms of the passed tense of "spell"

          • MylesofStyles


          • tic

            The word "spelt" has been added only to some online dictionaries due to popular misspelling of spelled. Spelt is not a word in British English or American English.

            • tic

              Well…it is a word, but is not the past participle of spell.

    • http://kill.em.all evad

      totally agree with u. spiders is not afraid of human

  • Dooples

    I just messed up……..Mom!…..Mom!!…..hysterical

  • joeblow

    this video was so stupid…

  • sam

    I thought he was going to throw his ab lounge (that he clearly never uses)at the spider

  • TubularTom

    Hahaha the anticipation for what he was going to say afterward was killing me. Great facial expression.

  • Livin' Legend

    "Aaaand… I just messed up."

    Me: His mom's going to be pissed.


    Me: Called it.

  • Murph

    If you look really closely, you can see he lives in his parents basement.

    • TommyD

      The neckbeard didn't tip you off?

      • Murph

        Lots of subtle hints leading up to conclusion; The excercise equipment he doesn;t use, the fact that his room is clearly in a basement, the brass knuckles alone, neck beard (as you pointed out), overall cleanliness of the space indicating some sort of mother figure supervising his activity/laundry.

  • TX_Chiver

    Um..idiot. I didn't see a spider, or one worth mentioning. He should move to TX. He'd shit his pants if he saw a tarantula. Lame.

    • bczu

      You call that a spider!

  • http://twitter.com/oplock @oplock

    He's in Spokane. For that reason alone, he should move.

    • Brandon

      Lol whats wrong with Spokane? Great place. Go mobbin' through Spokompton! =P

  • Chad in Wyoming

    That guy could be close to the biggest douchebag I've ever seen.

    • derp

      Then I guess you haven't seen many people.

  • nope


  • bob sucks

    wow another unfunny post… who's it by… BOB go figure

  • Greg

    What a tool

  • Suck

    The Chive knocked it out of the park on this one.

  • Russ T. Shackleford

    I was attacked by a wasp(which I'm allergic to) while in the shower once. So being super smart…I wrapped my hand in a towel to punch him with and when he landed BAM! Of course it had landed on my bathroom window that I shattered completely. That window also faced my neighbors driveway that they were pulling their car into…

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